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Script et plugins Ruby

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CAD addict: SketchUp: List of Plugins. If you are new to Ruby Scripts, check this post on How to Install SketchUp Plugins.

CAD addict: SketchUp: List of Plugins

There are other online resources to find Ruby scripts online. Some of the best online libraries where you can find and download SU Plugins are, as far as I know: CAD addict: SketchUp: List of Plugins. Ruby Tutorial, Learn Ruby for Beginners. 10 STEPS to Learn Ruby Programming — the fast & easy way!

Ruby Tutorial, Learn Ruby for Beginners

“Now I understand what the code is actually doing.” “The instructor takes the time to explain the process and reasoning behind bits of code, providing a way for the students to comprehend what we are learning, we’re not just going through the motions. Proper coding technique is encouraged throughout the lessons. The breaking down and explanation of methods and definitions during the debugging stage was a huge help in actually learning and understanding what the code was doing.” — Tyler Cutler How would YOU handle a programming crisis like this? The phone rings. Ruby to the rescue If you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ll likely choose Ruby as your programming language-of-choice. Ruby is an incredibly powerful and highly scalable object-oriented language for programming web applications.

Leading technology companies, startups, and big names like The New York Times, IBM, NASA, and many, many more use Ruby. Jan 6 - SYCODE Releases 32 SketchUp Data Exchange Plug-Ins. SYCODE Releases 32 SketchUp Data Exchange Plug-Ins PANAJI, GOA, India, Jan 6, 2009 - SYCODE today launched thirty two SketchUp data exchange plug-ins.

Jan 6 - SYCODE Releases 32 SketchUp Data Exchange Plug-Ins

"It is not every day that a company launches thirty two products on a single day. Today is a special day for all of us at SYCODE", explains Deelip Menezes, Founder and CEO of SYCODE. "Without doubt, free Google SketchUp is one of the most popular 3D CAD systems out there. However, despite it's extremely large install base, a minute fraction of CAD vendors have taken the trouble of adding SKP read/write support to their CAD software. WWX Mortise & Tenon Plugin for Sketchup - wudworx. SCF Extensions List « SketchUp Power Tools. Plugins indispensables. Bonsoir,cette question revient très souvent sur les forums.Ma réponse est qu'il n'y pas de bonne liste de plugins indispensables.Comme le dit Pilou, cela dépend de ce que l'on fait avec SketchUp.Il y a des milliers de Plugins pour SketchUp.

Plugins indispensables

Certains même pas connus car écrits par des utilisateurs pour leur besoins spécifiques et qui ne viennent même pas sur les forums Internet ! Si, si j'en connais ! Lorsque j'ai dit cela, on peut comparer nos listes plugins perso.Mais quand, aujourd'hui, demain après demain ? Ma liste change régulièrement.Certains plugins qui me paraissaient indispensables hier ... je ne les utilise plus aujourd'hui.Vraiment pas fûté le gars hein ? Pour être quand même positif, je donne la préférence à certains outils basiques qui devraient faire partie de SketchUp de base.

Il y en a bien d'autres. CAD addict: SketchUp: List of Plugins. Jim's SketchUp [Plugins] Blog. Sketchup Plugin Reviews. SketchUp. PlayUp - Making it Easy to Make Games - WWX Mortise & Tenon Plugin for Sketchup - wudworx.

ModelFunction download SketchUp plugin. [Obsolete] BZ__Animation (divider for flight path) Ruby Tutorial, Learn Ruby for Beginners. Chapter 4 – Using Plugins Effectively. Publish interactive 3D content online. Sketchfab Uploader Plugin for SketchUp – by [as] Upload your SketchUp models to the 3D (WebGL) viewing and sharing website Sketchfab Description I have been looking quite a while now for a way to share interactive 3D content from SketchUp on the web in a way that doesn’t require installing a browser plugin.

Sketchfab Uploader Plugin for SketchUp – by [as]

While there were some Javascript- and Flash-based solutions, none of those appeared to be easy to work with. Other approaches, such as VRML (which was an export option in SketchUp Pro) always required the user to install a plugin. This is where WebGL comes in as a promising technology that is solely based on modern browser technology. (for some colorful eye candy, try this one) This is where Sketchfab comes in. The plugin that you can download and install from this page adds a menu item “Upload to Sketchfab” to the File menu in SketchUp. After uploading your model, you can edit parameters and materials, grab a thumbnail or adjust the default view on the Sketchfab website.

Downloads You can also find this plugin on GitHub. [Obsolete] BZ__Animation (divider for flight path) 3. Scale Tool - SketchUp Sage. Scale about Center Scale about Cener is very useful for selectively scaling model geometry.

3. Scale Tool - SketchUp Sage

On a PC that's Scale + Ctrl, and for a Mac, Scale + Cmd. When Scale is selected, a tool tip about this modifier shows up in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Using Scale about Center allows symmetry to be maintained while adjusting a cylindrical model. And don't miss using Scale with the Cardinal Points. Twisted Scaling about Center All the pictured twisty things above are made the same way - by scaling one or more helices wrapped around a cylinder. Those helices are welded polylines, acting as a single, multi-segmented Entity. Tips: When choosing some initial helix values with the plugin, enter a negative value(s) in the helix plugin dialog box to reverse helical twist. "Twitching ears" It is not particularly important to get all the geometry in the right place when initially blocking out the model. Import/export. Bob's Must have Plugins.

[plugin] Clip or Trim Terrain Mesh (Update) Sam,re: 'Clip or Trim' on MAC, I just went over it all again and on the mac using if key ==16 || 131072#shift PC || MAC,makes it work as I believe you intended. [ is it?]

[plugin] Clip or Trim Terrain Mesh (Update)

Plugins Ruby.