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blog » Blog Archive » Game of Life text and image generator g blog » Blog Archive » Game of Life text and image generator g I saw this image the other day on Hacker News and Reddit: It’s a Game of Life pattern that prints out “Golly”. Neat, but I wanted my own. After about 5 minutes of playing around with the Golly logo pattern in Golly (a program for experimenting with the Game of Life), I gave up and wrote a program to do it.
The Memory Pool System: Thirty person-years of memory management
Collected Algorithms of the ACM Collected Algorithms of the ACM Collected Algorithms The Collected Algorithms(CALGO) is part of a family of publications produced by the ACM. Background Software associated with papers published in the Transactions on Mathematical Software, as well as other ACM journals are incorporated in CALGO. This software is refereed for originality, accuracy, robustness, completeness, portability, and lasting value.
As a developer who was raised on procedural and object oriented programming languages like C, C++ and Java it took me a while to figure out what people were raving about when it comes to the benefits of functional programming techniques. I always thought closures and higher order functions were words used by snobby kids from MIT and grad students to show how overeducated they were as opposed to programming tools I'd ever find useful. This thinking was additionally fueled by articles like Joel Spolsky's Can Your Programming Language Do This? Functional Programming in C# 3. Functional Programming in C# 3.
CodeKata: Code Kata Background How do you get to be a great musician? It helps to know the theory, and to understand the mechanics of your instrument. CodeKata: Code Kata
Anti-Aliased Line Drawing Anti-Aliased Line Drawing First, let's start with an example to show why we want to use anti-aliased lines. The lines on the left are drawn with something like Bresenham's line algorithm. The lines on the right are drawn with an extended form of Bresenham's which anti-aliases. They are shown both at normal size and 4x zoom.
Graph Visualization Test

List of algorithms

List of algorithms The following is a list of algorithms along with one-line descriptions for each. Combinatorial algorithms[edit] General combinatorial algorithms[edit] Graph algorithms[edit] Graph drawing[edit]
Acknowledgements: This article is based on the work of Peter Sanders and Roman Dementiev. You can find the full source code presented here in their STXXL library (STL library for large data structures), Peter Sanders' paper and the accompanying source code. Warning: If you are of sensitive nature either regarding computer science theory highly practical program optimization then I recommend you to stop reading this article at once. Highly Efficient 4 Way Merging Highly Efficient 4 Way Merging
A More Random Computer Input Controller Ingredients: Gallon of fat free milk 4 boxes of pudding mix (banana flavored) not pictured: 1-2 egg yolks table salt Tools: measuring cup mixing bowl wire whisk large container to hold pudding Follow pudding mix box instructions , whisk for one minute each per pudding box, combine all pudding into the larger container. A More Random Computer Input Controller

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

This web site is hosted by the Software and Systems Division, Information Technology Laboratory, NIST in collaboration with the FASTAR group. Development of this dictionary started in 1998 under the editorship of Paul E. Black. This is a dictionary of algorithms, algorithmic techniques, data structures, archetypal problems, and related definitions. Algorithms include common functions, such as Ackermann's function. Problems include traveling salesman and Byzantine generals. Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures