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In society because we have to be. Collaborative Cross Media Entertainment Development Platform. Scott Walker – Transmedia Groups/Events. Reading and Writing Transmedia. We have told stories to each other since the dawn of human history.

Reading and Writing Transmedia

We instinctively organize our thoughts as stories. Well-crafted stories engage us, inform us, inspire us and – long after first hearing them – resonate with us. Stories have always carried messages and meaning for us long before writing, radio, film, television, or the internet helped us tell them. The core elements of story never change – character, plot, settings and obstacles to be overcome – but the ways in which we tell stories continue to evolve. The new media that surrounds us as educators and as learners has forced us to pay attention to, and to change, how education is conceived. Given my own interests in digital writing, I am always on the look out for "what's next" in terms of theories and technologies that we might see in schools. - Effectiveness metrics of online content in real-time. Hecube - 3wdoc - HTML5, Démo, Webdoc, webdocumentaire, JQuery, vidéo, photo, création, narration. MIT Convergence Culture Consortium. This summer, select 2010/2011 C3 research memos and white papers willl be made publicly available.

MIT Convergence Culture Consortium

Now available for download from the C3/FOE website: Learning To Share: The Relational Logics of Media Franchising Derek Johnson (University of North Texas) Consulting Researcher for the Convergence Culture Consortium Download the executive summary or the entire research memo. Executive Summary In the contemporary media environment, it has become increasingly commonplace—and commonsense—to refer to successful, long-running intellectual properties as “franchises.”

Such posts contribute to an overall popular understanding of the media franchise as the result of ongoing management of a property across time and various markets, corroborating the perceptions of industry insiders like Disney’s Robert Iger, who similarly defines franchise as “something that creates value across multiple businesses and across multiple territories over a long period of time” (Siklos 2009). Key Findings.


Narrative_design. Production. Case Studies. News. Storytelling Part 1: Change of Storytelling. Transmedia Practice, Christy Dena. Evolutionary Entertainment: A 5-stage Development Process for Transmedia Projects. The key to creating a great transmedia project is to see it as a living, breathing, evolving entity.

Evolutionary Entertainment: A 5-stage Development Process for Transmedia Projects

Even though my preference is always to plan rather than wing it, trying to find all the pieces of the puzzle from the start can be exhausting, demoralizing and may later prove to be misplaced. Right now all media and entertainment experiences are built on shifting sands: better not to be locked in to one particular set of ideas if you don’t have to be. The figure below expands on the transmedia business model to incorporate the idea of “evolutionary entertainment” – that is, entertainment that evolves. It evolves with time, technology, audience preferences, financing and your story.

Adopting this approach will keep you open to new opportunities. Evolutionary Approach to Transmedia Entertainment Not only do I suggest that the “live” transmedia project evolves but also that it’s possible to use this evolutionary approach to development. Five Stage Development Process Stage 1: Story. Case Study: Embracing the Audience - Iron Sky & Star Wreck. Transmedia. Everything is a remix Kirby Ferguson vit à Brooklyn.


IL écrit, monte et réalise des courts métrages. Il nous fait rire. Mais pour parler des questions juridiques autour d d’oeuvres créatives, il prend un ton plus sérieux mais toujours efficace. Créer, s’inspire, recréer. Top 10 – articles sur le transmedia Bon, de la lecture, de la lecture! Highrise – étude de cas. Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins. The Beautiful Art of Japanese Web Design –