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Radionic Devices

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Spinor. BIOGEOTECH. Antenne de Lecher pliable Cereb : 189,00 €


Tools. Geopathic grid [Safety Zone] Electroculture Les Forces de la Nature au Service de l’Agriculture. Radiesthesie-Pendule-Bague Atlante-Annuaire Esotérique-Géobiologie. The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator with Thomas Joseph Brown. The Tom Bearden Website. In the 1960's and 1970's, in France, Antoine Prioré built and tested electromagnetic healing machines of startling effectiveness.

The Tom Bearden Website

In hundreds and hundreds of strictly controlled tests with laboratory animals, Prioré's machine cured a wide variety of the most difficult kinds of terminal, fatal diseases known today. Funded by millions of dollars, Prioré's machines concretely demonstrated a nearly 100% cure of all kinds of terminal cancers and leukemias, in thousands of rigorous laboratory tests with animals. These results were shown to medical scientists as early as 1960. Supporters and financiers of the Prioré machine included: The Prime Minister of France - Jacques Chaban-Delmas The World Health Organization.

Univers Harmonie: Weber Bio Isis, Vaisseaux Bols Cristal chantants Suisse, Beamers Isis, Dynamiseurs d'eau à vortex, BIOsmoseur, Circuits en Terre Maya, Silice G5 Silicium, Harpe Cristal, Koshi. EMR Labs. Bioresonance Systems and Devices. Bioresonance is one of the oldest electric treatment modalities, developed almost 50 years ago in Germany.

Bioresonance Systems and Devices

One of the main premises of Bioresonance technology that has not changed since its beginnings is that there are harmful frequencies in the body that can be neutralized by measuring them and feeding their inversed form back to the body... neutralized by measuring them and feeding their inversed form back to the body... Just like today Noise-reduction headphones work. Eagle Research LLC. Rife frequency list. To search for a frequency, click on" Edit" in the top left hand corner of your browser, then click on "Find", enter your ailment and hit "find next', this will show you a number of frequencies, write them down or cut and paste to your note pad, then click on "find next' do this until the "finished searching the document" sign pops up..

rife frequency list

Royal Raymond Rife Imagine, for a moment, that you have spent more than two decades in painfully laborious research-- that you have discovered an incredibly simple, electronic approach to curing literally every disease on the planet caused by viruses and bacteria . Indeed, it is a discovery that would end the pain and suffering of countless millions and change life on Earth forever. Certainly, the medical world would rush to embrace you with every imaginable accolade and financial reward imaginable. L.I.F.E. System - BIREGS.

Bioenergetic analysis and regulation – with the LIFE System of Biregs!

L.I.F.E. System - BIREGS

The L.I.F.E. System is a frequency analysis system (Medical Class IIa) with TÜV Süd certified as a medical product. In Germany it is sold according to the norm DIN EN ISO 13485: 2003 Quality Management. Technological and medical systems like the LIFE System allow a functional analysis of bioresonance, reflecting the structure and the interaction of human body organs back to your environment. Physioscan - Accueil. Le PhysioScan est un appareil qui procède des nanotechnologies ondulatoires dont le but est d’investiguer et de corriger les champs vibratoires d’informations subtiles (ondes ELF) émis par l’organisme humain en passant par le cerveau (en anglais : brain-machine interfaces) Cette technologie de pointe repose sur des travaux scientifiques russes et la mise en application des lois mathématiques de la fameuse « théorie du chaos » et des « systèmes dynamiques non linéaires » (NLS).

Physioscan - Accueil

Elle intègre également des technologies issues de la physique quantique, initialement développées (au moyen des méthodes de biofeedback et de biorésonance) pour le suivi sanitaire des missions aérospatiales. Formation de qualité : Chaque praticien faisant l'acquisition d'un PhysioScan de la Sté PhysioQuanta reçoit la garantie d'être initié à la pratique, aux ressources et aux subtilités de l'appareil. Il reçoit ainsi une formation basique, complète, professionnelle et entièrement gratuite. Home. TrueRife Instruments. Dr. Rife's True Original Frequencies. The frequencies found on this page are the frequencies you need to know when looking to purchase a frequency generator.

Dr. Rife's True Original Frequencies

Dr. Rife’s true original frequencies found on this page are not based on supposition, but hard evidence, gathered from all the known Rife documents and the actual analyzing of three original Rife machines that have been found. It is interesting to note that the frequencies stayed the same with all the instruments. It was only the method of producing the frequencies which changed from the Rife Ray #4 to the Rife Ray #5.

After reading this page you will want to read "Dr. Below in the first chart are Dr. The Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument was designed and built in the summer of 1936 by Philip Hoyland who was Dr. Dr. Below in the second chart are Dr. Vastu Store.


LecherAntenne. Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification » Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification. Dane Wigington How big does the climate engineering elephant in the room need to be before it can no longer be hidden in plain site?

Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification » Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification

How much more historical proof do we need of the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare before the denial of the masses crumbles? When will populations around the globe bring to justice all those responsible for the ongoing and rapidly worsening worldwide weather warfare assault?