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Thailand-Reisebericht: "Der Anfang" Hallo, nach diversen Katalogreisen ( meisten AL ) sind wir im letzten Urlaub mächtig auf die Nase gefallen.

Thailand-Reisebericht: "Der Anfang"

Da kamen wir auf die Idee, einmal eine Reise selbst zu organisieren und mit dem Rucksack Thailand zu erkunden. Unsere Vorbereitungen haben schon angefangen und wir wollen Euch auch an den Vorbereitungen und dann natürlich auch an der Reise teilhaben lassen !!!! Gruß bibo Angefangen hat alles im März 2010, als wir in unserem "All inclusive" Hotel in Tunesien auf der Liege am Pool lagen und ich so an einer Palme vorbei in den Himmel starrte.

Wir haben die letzten Jahre unserem Hobby, dem Buggy, gewidmet. Das heißt.....45 Tage am Stück Urlaub und nicht arbeiten. Aber wo ich da so rumliege und die Sonne genieße, denke ich an die Worte unseres Tätowierers "Shorty", der vor kurzem aus einem 4 Wochen Urlaub in Thailand zurück kam und meinte: "...das ist da so geil, dass ich da für immer leben könnte". Explore Thailand with Travel Blogger Richard Barrow. Thai Fiction in Translation. Art in Southeast Asia. Somtow's World. Zashnain @bedlamfury. Written from heart. A rural road, in the depths of a province that I am unfamiliar with.

Written from heart

Pathum Thani. Imposing highways, leading to narrow roads, and how I remember the small dusty town, somewhat a taint of resemblance of Phnom Penh, though not quite. The escape, away from Bangkok, was thankfully rejuvenating. The nap, a couple of hours in the moving vehicle, prepared me for the “rural” province. Relaxing, despite the signs of the dry season in these parts. Thailand. This week, Jotman's Fox News Award* goes to CNN for its special investigation into something called “food stamp fraud.”


Essentially, that's when impoverished Americans use their food stamps (these days a government-issued debit card) to pay for stuff that’s not food-related groceries. Some people use the cards to buy cigarettes, alcohol and — according to the CNN report -- condoms. (Can't have the government making it possible for poor Americans to practice birth control!). The grocery store sometimes gets a kick-back for misuse of the card. Most other developed countries, of course, don't force low income people to suffer the indignity of "food stamps. " Anyway, the small store owner that CNN investigated — his store may have processed $3 million in questionable purchases — got arrested. But this story had a really tragic ending. As much as anything, what's disturbing about the report was its timing. Living in Thailand: Too much fun off the tourist track. Koh Talu There are several types of expats in Thailand, the corporate employees in Bangkok and the already wealthy who come to live a life that’s even grander then they could afford from wherever they came.

Living in Thailand: Too much fun off the tourist track

They exist in a world of TV reality, sequestered in gated compounds of luxury villas, served by live in maids, chauffeured around the city to well covered events in Mercedes. In a country with a staggering rate of poverty they vacation at exclusive resorts on privately owned islands, these are the expats the government loves. Then there are the pensioned retirees; hordes of aged men from Europe, England, Australia and America come to live their days out measuring their retirements glass by glass of cheap beer.

They are often married to Thai women from poor backgrounds and set up in their home villages elevating the entire extended family to a level of modest upper middle class. But there’s another much smaller group, foreigners who live in the land of smiles by their wits.