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5 Methods for Social Leadership: Try Reverse Mentoring. I’ve been thinking a lot about global leadership applications for social learning lately.

5 Methods for Social Leadership: Try Reverse Mentoring

I spend a portion of my time helping companies and leaders hire and retain the very best and most applicable talent based on personality and skill set so this is a topic on my mind literally on a weekly basis. I have run into a recurrent trending theme in the past few years – reverse mentoring. It’s no secret there are greater numbers of older workers in the workplace right now; many baby boomers have evaporated retirement funds due to the recession, which means fewer career positions for recent graduates.

Nevertheless, times are always changing in the world of work, new workers are entering the workplace with much different expectations for leaders and team culture. They may be less willing to play the game of climbing the corporate ladder and more convinced skipping rungs is the new norm as they navigate the management ranks. Study: The Benefits of Mentoring First-Year Teachers. Being a first-year teacher can be challenging, but a 2011 study published in the Review of Educational Research sheds light on how teacher support, guidance, orientation, and mentoring programs (collectively known as induction) can help.

Study: The Benefits of Mentoring First-Year Teachers

Researchers examined 15 empirical studies that looked at teacher commitment and retention, teacher classroom instructional practices, and student achievement. Overall, they found broad benefits for providing new teachers with support: it helps prevent burnout, can increase job satisfaction, and can lead to higher gains in student achievement. Research Cited: Jones, Ingersoll, R. M., & Strong, M. (2011). The 4 Types of Mentors You Need in Your Life to Succeed. It's September, which means a whole new class of graduates--as Prince once sang--is getting "through this thing called life.

The 4 Types of Mentors You Need in Your Life to Succeed

" That means along the way, you'll need a little help from some friends. These friends are your mentors and you never know when you'll meet them. You just do. Any successful person will tell you he or she did not get there without the advice and counsel of other wiser men and women. Mentoring tips: how mentor and mentee can make the most of it. As a professional development tool, mentoring is an effective means of moving people on and supporting them in their career aspirations.

Mentoring tips: how mentor and mentee can make the most of it

Over the past few years we've seen the launch of a number of high profile schemes that promote and offer mentoring services: some act as a broker between potential mentors and aspiring entrepreneurs, such as the Mentorsme scheme; others offer resources, for example Nesta's peer programme. Mentoring, however, is not a magic wand; it's not a simple steps-to-success programme.

The process needs careful management to ensure everyone involved gets the most out of the opportunity. Here are five tips for doing just that. Choosing the right person. News Releases. The Benefits of Mentoring Thursday, February 13, 2014 - Watch Mass Mentoring Partnership's Marty Martinez and MENTOR's David Shapiro featured on NECN talking about The Mentoring Effect.

News Releases

MENTOR Board of Directors Expands Adding Two New Members Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - Boston, MA — MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors. Katy Hollister, Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte Tax LLP, and Dr. Kent Pekel, President and CEO of Search Institute, bring a rich breadth of private, public and nonprofit sector experience to the organization’s growing board. President Obama Proclaims January 2014 National Mentoring Month Wednesday, January 01, 2014 - Washington, DC — President Barack Obama launched 2014 by declaring January National Mentoring Month through a presidential proclamation. TEDxSanJoseCA - Phil Cousineau - Mentorship ... Passing the Torch. Schools Are Using Classroom Coaches To Keep Up With The Common Core. This piece comes to us courtesy of EdSource, where it was originally published.

Schools Are Using Classroom Coaches To Keep Up With The Common Core

To break down the isolation that many teachers experience in their classrooms, California schools are using instructional coaches as a key tool to help teachers adapt their instruction to implement the Common Core standards in math and English language arts. AH___Headshot. Why Mentorship Matters. Big Think Mentor. The Top 4 Qualities of Great Mentors. The Top 4 Qualities of Great Mentors 4 qualities of great mentors: #1.

The Top 4 Qualities of Great Mentors

Humility: The guide isn’t the star of the show. Fight the urge toward self-importance. Knowledge puffs up. Successful mentors aren’t superior to anyone. Humility levels relationships. Benefits of a mentor. A mentor is a person with more experience in business, or simply in life, who can help an entrepreneur hone her or his abilities and advise him or her on navigating new challenges.

Benefits of a mentor

A mentor can be a boon to an entrepreneur in a broad range of scenarios, whether they provide pointers on business strategy, bolster your networking efforts or act as confidantes when your work-life balance gets out of whack. But the first thing you need to know when seeking out a mentor is what you’re looking for from the arrangement. The Real Reason New College Grads Can’t Get Hired. It’s because college kids today can’t do math, one line of reasoning goes.

The Real Reason New College Grads Can’t Get Hired

Or they don’t know science. Or they’re clueless about technology, aside from their myriad social-media profiles. These are all good theories, but the problem with the unemployability of these young adults goes way beyond a lack of STEM skills. Internships. Ethical Principles for Youth Mentoring Relationships - Quality in Action Webinar, May 2010. Cross-Age Peer Mentoring - Research In Action Webinar Series, August 2009.

Mentoring the Next Generation: Michael Benko at TEDxOU. Self-esteem and hopelessness as predictors of emotional difficulties: A cross-sectional study among adolescents in Kosovo - ResearchGate. Intergenerational mentoring. E-mentoring. Hope and resiliency. The best teachers and professors resemble parental figures: They provide their students with emotional mentorship.

Learning Practices & Tips. Feed Your Head (Lifelong Learning) Principle-Centered Learning Environment. Distinguished Educator Community - Accoun...