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​How Bodybuilder Julian Smith Sculpted the World’s Most Impressive Quads. There's simply no more impressive muscle group on the human physique than a well-developed set of quads.

​How Bodybuilder Julian Smith Sculpted the World’s Most Impressive Quads

Not only can you rock mid-thigh shorts like a boss, but strong quads protect the knees and are crucial to athletic performance. The best way to work your quads is through knee-dominant exercises like squats and lunges. But lots of people squat and lunge and still don't have a fraction of the quad-acity that Julian exhibits. So we went to the source for some fitspiration to find out which specific movements have helped Julian to solve the quad-ractic equation.

Tip: Fix Your Jacked Up Feet. What You Need to Know About Your Feet The plantar surface of the foot is one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

Tip: Fix Your Jacked Up Feet

It's made up of multiple layers of local intrinsic musculature, along with neural vasculature in this region. Your feet provide the perfect opportunity to alleviate pain and dysfunction locally AND up the chain into the legs, pelvis, and even the spinal column. The Rock is sharing his kickass bodybuilding workouts for the world to try. Yes, Dwayne Johnson's life is pretty epic.

The Rock is sharing his kickass bodybuilding workouts for the world to try

It's also gotta be totally exhausting. Case in point: His workout routine. After raising eyebrows and getting absolutely jacked with his Hercules and Baywatch workouts, the highest-paid actor in Hollywood has been steadily releasing a new set of workouts for Jumanji, which he's nicknamed #InsideIronParadise, in a series of posts on his Under Armour Record account. (Johnson has teamed up with the apparel company to produce his Project Rock gear.) Ryan Phillippe's total-body workout to burn fat and build lean muscle. Ryan Phillippe and his his longtime personal trainer, Happy Hill, refer to the actor’s training regimen as a “prison-style workout” for both its simplicity and reliance on basic equipment: barbells, dumbbells, and bodyweight moves.

Ryan Phillippe's total-body workout to burn fat and build lean muscle

Phillippe’s “Happy Hour Grind,” a five-times-weekly, 90-minute workout—which encompasses old-school calisthenics, free weights, and a half-hour warmup of sprints on a treadmill or an elliptical—tests both his muscular endurance and trains his entire body. Phillippe doesn't just grind through the motions, though—he has the training know-how to adapt on the fly and to turn his surroundings into a gym, whether that means tearing through dips or incline pushups on a rock, or using a boardwalk railing to work on his abdominals. Wherever the 42-year-old Shooter star trains, maintaining his lean, muscular physique requires consistency and a clean diet. “You get half the results for twice the work [as you get older],” Phillippe says. 8 Stretches That Will Help You Touch Your Toes. Flexibility is one of those things that many people talk about dreamily.

8 Stretches That Will Help You Touch Your Toes

Like, being flexible would be nice, but sigh, it’s just a pipe dream. Except the reality is that, while some people are definitely naturally more flexible than others, if we all just took a few minutes each day to do some stretching, we’d notice improvements. How much exercise is needed to slow down aging? ​​The 12-Move Dumbbell Workout You Can Do Anywhere. Why 25-pounds?

​​The 12-Move Dumbbell Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Because not only is that a good weight for the average guy but it's typically a weight that's available in almost any gym setting (home, commercial, or hotel). Of course, you can adjust the weight up or down based on your current fitness level and equipment access. How do you know if you’re picking the right weight for the full circuit? How to use a foam roller to transform body, posture.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the foam roller, or more specifically, health- and wellness-minded people’s obsession with the foam roller.

How to use a foam roller to transform body, posture

Allow us to introduce you to structural integrative specialist and Goop’s resident alignment guru, Lauren Roxburgh. The woman literally wrote the book on foam-rolling. We’ll let the expert take it from here. Standing taller with good posture can make you feel more confident and look slimmer. Simple But Brutal: The Workout Plan. Smallness is a Disease.

Simple But Brutal: The Workout Plan

Squats are the Cure. Decades ago, the answer to almost every muscle-related question was, "squat. " 15 Minutes and a Kettlebell Are All you Need for a Great Workout - Men's Journal. POPSUGAR Fitness UK. You see so many fitness programs and trainer tips that emphasise the importance of yoga once a week for restorative recovery, but what if (you think) you're not good at yoga?


Or you're just not that into it? Do you need to do yoga? Short answer, yes. And if you don't agree — keep reading. ​This Shoulder Exercise Should Be a Staple In Your Workouts. I first saw this shoulder-friendly exercise back in the day from trainer Ben Bruno.

​This Shoulder Exercise Should Be a Staple In Your Workouts

It uses what's called a "landmine" setup by placing one end of a barbell into either a specialized landmine post (like you can find here at Rogue Fitness) or into a corner of a wall. Then you grab the other end of the barbell to perform a lateral raise or an endless number of other exercises (click here to see 63 landmine exercises). Couch to 5K Running App. The minimal-equipment, quick-hitting 'No Excuses' workout plan. When you “can’t commit” to working out, is it because a) you don’t have time, b) you don’t have enough equipment, or c) both? If you said yes to any of those, it’s time to rethink your routine—and, frankly, lose the excuses. Because the truth is, even if you have only one weight and just a few minutes, you can still get ripped with these kick-ass routines. So next time we test you, let’s hope you have the right answer. How it works. 10 Powerful Chest Exercises For Building Muscle – Selena Mary – Medium.

A powerful-looking upper body starts with a chiseled chest. And there are no better power tools for sculpting your pecs than the 15 workouts that follow. Choose two or three to work into your routine, and for best results, rotate in new movements every 3 or 4 weeks. Squeezing the weights together during a chest press shifts all the stress onto your pectorals. This simple tweak engages them throughout the entire range of motion, which is a key factor in maximizing muscle growth. Do it: Lie on a bench holding a pair of dumbbells with your arms straight above your chest, palms facing together. Home Workout: 20-Minute Bodyweight Routine for Cardio.

There’s no need to suffer through a snoozefest of miles on the dreadmill treadmill just because you think that’s the easiest way to do cardio. News flash: There are plenty of other ways to get your heart pumping that are way more fun (and don’t require a trip to the gym). Take this 20-minute bodyweight workout for example. You might also like. CrossFit-Inspired Challenges: The kettlebell 'oly' AMRAP workout.

There's no denying that CrossFit has popularized Olympic weightlifting moves around the world. A decade ago, only aspiring Olympians spent their Saturday mornings trying to perfect the clean and jerk—now, legions of weekend warriors are doing it. But there's also no denying that traditional Olympic weightlifting moves take huge amounts of practice, mobility, and power. And while getting under the barbell is a good way to practice, it's also a good idea to train these explosive total-body movements with other weights, and with other exercises. Solution?

This kettlebell workout, which hits similar muscle groups while challenging your metabolic conditioning. Workouts That Burn the Most Calories. 1. Fast-paced running oneinchpunch/shutterstock Running is one of the most simple athletic endeavors humans can do, mainly because no equipment is needed—technically not even shoes (though our 21st century living environment calls for them). Running for an hour at 8 mph burns 1,074 calories per hour for a 200-pound person, according to fitness expert Chris Ryan, CSCS, CPT.

Tip: The Deep Lunge Test. A Dumbbell Complex Workout to Build Muscle and Quickly Shed Fat. It happens all too often: You arrive at the gym, foam roller in hand, with your favorite tunes blasting through your headphones, ready to conquer your own "Mount Everest" by hitting new personal records with your Squat or Bench Press—only to find the place packed full of people! Maybe it happens to be a peak time of day, or perhaps everyone in town finally got the memo about the superior benefits of strength training for fat loss compared to cardio. RELATED: Deadlift Complexes: The Secret Exercise for Insane Strength One thing is for certain, however: Your best-laid workout plans just went out the window.

On Flipboard. On Flipboard. The Complete Working Man's Guide to Building a Workout Program. For some folks, working out is like showering - everyday, whether they need it or not, they’re in the gym doing something. However, for others it isn’t always that simple. While I’m sure they maintain good personal hygiene, the gym isn’t always the first thing on their mind. Exercising in Your 40s, 50s, 60s, and Beyond. The Total-Body Muscle Tremor Workout. HIT MASS Program: 3 Day High Intensity Training Split. 3 sets of 10, 4 sets of 12, most training systems out there are what is known as high volume. Understanding the Shoulder and Bulletproofing It From Injury. The Workout I'll Do for Life - Men's Journal.

The 7-week workout plan to add years to your life. The New Pillars of Muscular Development. Why sitting is not the 'new smoking' Sitting has been branded the “new smoking” for its supposed public health risks, especially for people with sit-down office jobs. Over the past 15 years or so sitting has been linked with cancer, heart disease and diabetes and even depression. Put Your Shoulders in Place: Progressive Posture Alignment, Part 3. Tip: Master the Bridge, Feel Awesome. What the Lower Dantian Is and Why It’s Pivotal to Your Training.

On Flipboard. The 13 Best Exercises for Burning Fat. Total Core Training for Lifters. 3 Drills That Strengthen Your Hip Flexors. Instafit: 6-Move Lat Workout. 10 Tips for CrossFit Newbies - CrossFit 816. Five New School and Old School Bodybuilding Workouts. Triathlon Training: Transition Workouts for Swimming to Biking and Biking to Running. The Advanced Piriformis Stretch Is a Great Hip Opener. The best weightlifting advice for men over 40. The Hardest Follow-Along Workout the Men’s Health Fitness Director Has Ever Done.