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Welcome to the Juice Nut. If you are interested in anti-aging, detoxifying, maintaining radiant health, or discovering what type of juice will heal and protect from just about every ailment, then sit your cells down and enjoy.

Welcome to the Juice Nut

Becoming a juice nut has its benefits. All the nutrients in fruit and vegetables are locked within their fibers. A juicer frees these concentrated nutrients in liquid form so they can be absorbed directly into every cell, requiring minimum digestive effort, flooding your body with a clean source of powerful antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes, many of which are able to perform cellular detoxification. You may not be able to eat five carrots, an apple, two celery stalks, a whole bag of spinach, and a clove of garlic, but you can easily drink them all in a tall glass of liquid nutrients. If you’ve never taken a mouthful of fresh cantaloupe juice, you simply have not lived. 7 Delicious Recipes for Your Leftover Juice Pulp. Juicing is wonderful for your health.

7 Delicious Recipes for Your Leftover Juice Pulp

It’s one of the best ways to add a huge boost of vitamins and nutrients to your diet with very little effort. That being said, juicing can also seem a bit wasteful – especially if you’re an avid juicer. After drinking a glass of freshly made juice, you notice all of the pulp that is left behind. If you don’t add this pulp to your juices, then you probably just throw it out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Curious to know more? Fruit leather is a wonderful use for your juicer pulp. Instead of spending beaucoup bucks at the grocery store, try simply spreading your juicer pulp out evenly on a baking sheet.

If you’ve juiced both veggies and fruits together, then your juicer pulp may be a little dry and tasteless. 3 cups Pulp1/2 cup Flax Meal1/2 cup Almond Flour1 cup Water Go ahead and stir all of the ingredients together then spread the mixture evenly on a baking sheet. Muffins are a wonderful way to reuse your pulp. Aged Sriracha Hot Sauce Recipe. Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Aged Sriracha Hot Sauce Recipe Did you know that the Huy Fong company that makes the beloved “rooster sauce” sells 20 million bottles of its sriracha sauce a year without spending a single dime on advertising?

Aged Sriracha Hot Sauce Recipe

I find the story about David Tran’s success so amazing and can’t even think of another company that can thrive like this without a PR or marketing strategy. While I’ve made many versions of sriracha and hot sauces before, this recipe is the closest homemade version I’ve ever tasted. The secret is a simple fermentation that I learned from Karen Solomon’s brand new book, Asian Pickles. The book is a tribute to “sweet, sour, salty, cured and fermented preserves from Japan, Korea, China, India.” Japan pickled ginger, preserved seaweed, pickled asian pear with lemon, miso pickles. Quick Thai recipes - Thai recipes in 20 minutes - MSN Food. Raw snacks « Explore Raw. Browsing articles in "Raw snacks" If ever there was a perfect recipe out there that combined simplicity, gorgeousness, tastiness and healthfulness in one – this just might be it!

Raw snacks « Explore Raw

I love anything and everything that is tasty and simple. The fact that this dessert/breakfast is… Read More and other chocolatey treats….! Ok. Apricot Granola with Chocolate Orange hearts…! Natural Juice Junkie. Jay Kordich The Father of Juicing. THE juice that ALL juice professionals drink! « Explore Raw. I am often asked – how do you get started..?

THE juice that ALL juice professionals drink! « Explore Raw

It’s ok for you – you’ve been juicing for AGES and you just KNOW what works and what doesn’t! What if I make a rubbish juice? I just don’t know what works well together, what’s a good combination? How will I know if it is going to taste great? Well, if you are worried about taking your first juicy steps then worry no more! I will let you in on a little secret. The ingredients are: carrotsapplesgingerlemon (and sometimes lime!) Yep! You’ve made it? Enjoy! Keeping it juicy & raw PS if you are looking to deepen your knowledge of juicing and raw then why not sign up for Explore Raw Cookery School? Juicing Recipe: Ginger Slammer. I was first introduced to this little bad boy by Jason Vale at his juice academy in 2012.

Juicing Recipe: Ginger Slammer

I used to suffer from really bad hay fever and would regularly take antihistamine tablets to combat the sneezing and itchy eyes and nose. Hay fever is caused by breathing in pollen particles and by pollen getting into the eyes. You can get hay fever at any time from early spring to late summer, depending on which pollen or pollens you’re allergic to.Hay fever is a common allergic condition that affects up to one-in-five people at some point in their life.

Me juicing with Jason Vale at the Juice Academy 2012 Before I started juicing I also used to suffer quite badly with asthma.