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8 common design mistakes that drive visitors crazy. Makeappicon - Generate app icons of all sizes with a click! Explaining the “Details” and “Summary” Elements. Lots of JavaScript libraries are developed to give us additional interactive widgets on websites.

Explaining the “Details” and “Summary” Elements

Equally, HTML5 has also interpreted a number of popular interactive components, making them into native web features. In this post, we are going to look into one such element called <details> (and in doing so the <summary> element) which gives us an interactive widget similar to an accordion. The <details> element can be used anywhere within the scope of the <body>. Csstyle Clean, Simple Styling for the Web. Creating a Collection of CSS3 Animated Pre-loaders. Pre-loaders are a common sight in modern web design.

Creating a Collection of CSS3 Animated Pre-loaders

As users we expect the web to be fast and fluid - we don’t like waiting for things. Pre-loaders offer visual feedback in the event of content being loaded, thereby managing expectations and reducing the chance of a user abandoning your website. Tips for Getting a Web Design from Illustrator into the Browser. Scenario: someone hands you an Illustrator document with their latest web layout and it's your job to convert it into working HTML and CSS.

Tips for Getting a Web Design from Illustrator into the Browser

Let's take a look how you can do that. Note: The aim of this tutorial is not to perfectly recreate the design for web use. Instead, we're going to use it to explore workflows and features within Illustrator which help us to do so. Box Model Demo. All Episodes - A to Z CSS. How To Get Started on Web Design Projects. Articles July 2, 2014 This Infographic, made by the cool kids over at DesignModo teaches us the general flow and structure when it comes to dealing with web design projects.

How To Get Started on Web Design Projects

The `time` Element. The following is a guest post by Ty Strong.

The `time` Element

Ty noticed a curious lack of information on the <time> element here on CSS-Tricks and I agreed. Can't let that happen! Take it away Ty. The <time> element in HTML represents a machine-readable date, time, or duration. It can be useful for creating event scheduling, archiving, and other time-based functions. Website Navigation: 4 Tips for Maximum Usability. Here’s a conversion optimization metaphor for you… If your website were a building, hyperlinks would be the doors.

Website Navigation: 4 Tips for Maximum Usability

What does that mean? You don’t want people to get stuck anywhere on your website. So you should always make sure they know how to get from place to place easily and efficiently. Best Practices for Designing Effective Banner Ads. If you’ve ever been online — which, if you’re reading this, I assume you have — you’ve probably encountered a banner advertisement or two.

Best Practices for Designing Effective Banner Ads

These typically come in the form of a prominent image on the page, although the exact size, positioning and content can differ drastically. Open source HTML5 Charts for your website. Privacy Policy / Terms Of Service Generator. Ten more CSS tricks you may not know. Our article, Ten CSS tricks you may not know has proven to be such a success that we decided it was time to offer you ten more CSS tricks that you may not know. 1.

Ten more CSS tricks you may not know

Block vs. inline level elements Nearly all HTML elements are either block or inline elements. The characteristics of block elements include: How to create CSS style sheets for printing. Learn how to use CSS to make a printed page look as good as your on-screen page.

How to create CSS style sheets for printing

Justin James shows you what he did to make this work for one of his development projects. I've been working on a personal project for some time called Rat Catcher. (You can read about my development work on the project in my 10-part series about the OutSystems Agile Platform.) The end goal of any usage of Rat Catcher is to produce a report, and it occurred to me that users might want to print their reports. 40 Sets of Free Social Media Icons. This post was originally published a few years ago.

40 Sets of Free Social Media Icons

Some of the icon sets showcased in the original post are no longer online, so we’ve updated the post by removing the dead links and outdated icon sets. We’ve added many new icon sets as new social media sites are always popping up and many of the older sets didn’t include icons for sites like Pinterest that are now very popular. Design trends also change over time, and we’ve added links to a number of sets that use a trendy flat style of design. Designers love free icon sets. A complete collection of web safe CSS font stacks. Implementing the Float Label Form Pattern. 5 Design Techniques to Incite User Emotion. By Sylvia MLewis on 03/05/14 at 3:01 pm For years, designers have focused on traditional design factors such as meeting web standards, organizing navigation, choosing layouts and fonts. However, the design world has evolved and inciting user emotion is more possible than ever.

Designers can now create user interfaces that give users a complete experience by not only meeting their needs or presenting them with beautiful aesthetics, but offering them something more that touches their emotion. Here are some ingredients you can use to spice up your UI and deliver an emotional and mind-blowing user experience. Latest 20 Best Color Tools for Web Designers. Web designing is totally a different task from web developing. But there are only a few people who know this fact. Website designing is totally related to the design of the website like colors, fonts, header style, banner designing, footer style and many more things.

Drop shadow for 2 elements preserving the intersection in CSS – Anselm Hannemann – HTML5, CSS, front-end architecture, performance and Digital Publishing. How to Architect a Better Site-Map. The site-map is often the first point in a design process, when all the research and considerations start to form into something tangible; something you can put in front of your client and say “this is the plan”.

The site-map is the architecture, the frame, or at least the foundation, which defines how people see, navigate and experience a system of information, and functionality. So, I’m sure we can all agree, it’s worth getting this right. Site structures can be changed and updated over time, and this is undoubtedly a great opportunity to constantly respond to changing needs. It is important however to properly research and consider your site-map from the outset.

To think about how your content will be grouped and categorised. Implementing the Float Label Form Pattern. Sketch.js Demo. Sizes of iPhone UI Elements. How to detect the current device size and kind Other dimensions common to all screen sizes: Points vs. User interface design for iPhone apps. How to build an app: 25 great tutorials. CSS Shaky Animation. The A-Z of WordPress theme websites. Last year, WordPress was being used to power 72.4 million websites on the Internet. That was around half of all live sites at the time. Of all the websites using a content management system now, 59.8% of them are being run using WordPress. And their market share is continuing to grow! These are crazy stats for one of the greatest and simplest content management systems I’ve ever used.