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51bd3e17d9127e24db001798._w.1280_h.1280_s.fit_.JPEG (JPEG Image, 540 × 807 pixels) Eva_kosmas_flores_kitchen_1.jpg (JPEG Image, 700 × 919 pixels) 51bce3ddd9127e25340011dd._w.540_s.fit_.jpg (JPEG Image, 540 × 810 pixels) Mia's "Sweet Dreams" Log Cabin & Vintage Camper — House Tour. Name: Mia Cefkin Location: Franklin, North Carolina Size: 1,600 square feet Years lived in: 2 years; Owned A drive down (and up) windy mountain roads past farms, fields, and old country homesteads will bring you to an unexpectedly adorable log cabin; one that fortuitously persuaded Mia and her husband David to leave their urban Florida home of many years for the simple life in North Carolina.

Mia's "Sweet Dreams" Log Cabin & Vintage Camper — House Tour

Realizing they would be able to retire early and also be near to Mia's sister Elise—who also shares her eclectic design style—sealed the deal. When you enter the main living space, you are greeted by a compass medallion painted on the floor, a mark left by the previous owners—a horticulturist and a woodworker who liked to travel and sail around the world. It's now a symbol of Mia's Neverland, or "Sweet Dreams Cabin" as she calls it. A sunroom has features that you might find on a houseboat—hinged storage under the stairs and marine-style windows, making you feel like you are on the water.

See On. A Rural 1800s Barn Becomes a Modern Home. After spending several years living within the concrete confines of Manhattan, designer Bill Hovard began to get the itch that befalls many a longterm New Yorker—the desire to uproot to greener, quieter pastures.

A Rural 1800s Barn Becomes a Modern Home

In 2002, Bill began his search by drawing a 90-mile radius around the city and eventually followed the country’s siren call to the quiet town of South Kortright, NY. Nestled deep within the Catskills, South Kortright features breathtaking mountain views, hillsides filled with grazing livestock, and the zen-like comfort that can only be found when one travels beyond the realm of cellphone reception. Although Bill had originally envisioned settling in a Federal-style farmhouse, his path led him to a derelict, but charming, 19th century barn. Buy or DIY: 12 Creative Wood Headboards. Messy Cool: 15 Bohemian Kitchens. Bedroom Photos (22 of 1474) How I turned my studio apartment into a one bedroom.

It has been six whole fly-by months since I’ve been living in this apartment, and I’ve reached the point where it feels like a complete space.

How I turned my studio apartment into a one bedroom

Not finished! Never finished, but cohesive without many corners that are works in progress. We had a snow day recently, and I used the time to clean, cook and putter around the house, so it was also the perfect opportunity to take some pictures of the space as a whole. To start, let’s take a trip back. (You’ll have to excuse the camera phone pictures, it was all that I had at the time!) When you walked in the front door, you were able to look straight across the main room into the kitchen: The far wall on the left was the fireplace: And the right wall was a blank space: Here is the view looking into the bathroom: And looking towards the front door from the kitchen: After painting everything except the white bathroom, my next project in the space was also the biggest one, and solved two separate and crucial challenges I faced with a studio apartment.

Brick, Stone, Wood and Concrete: 15 Beautiful, Rustic Kitchens. Who says a kitchen has to be cold and clinical? With elements of rough wood, stone, concrete, and brick, these kitchens exude an irresistible rustic warmth. 1. Earthenware dishes, pots and pans, those wood shelves — all make for a lovely palette of textures in this kitchen from Country Living . 2 & 3. A concrete countertop provides a nice counterpoint to rough-hewn beams. Nuevo Estilo via Delight by Design . 4. 6. 7. FOUNDATION. Dorm Style: A Vintage Look for Under $250.

House Crashing: Breezy & Bright. House Crashing: Breezy & Bright Who’s ready for another house crashing adventure?

House Crashing: Breezy & Bright

This is a house in Roswell, Georgia that we dropped in on – and it’s a beaut. Julie, the owner, is also one of the ladies behind Milk & Honey Home, and it’s so inspiring to see how she pairs colors and patterns in her own home (while squeezing in some great budget-friendly ideas). We’re so thankful that she let us snoop around and share the pics! So without further ado… let’s barge in and make ourselves at home. The foyer just beyond the front door was spectacular. I’m telling you. But wait, I forgot to introduce you to Julie. To the left of the foyer was a dramatic sitting room with black walls and tons of pretty layered texture.

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