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Women in Poverty

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National Conference of State Legislatures. Inequality - Poverty rate. Map: How 35 countries compare on child poverty (the U.S. is ranked 34th) 10 films from Africa that will change the way you think about poverty. Famine Today: The Greatest Humanitarian Crisis Since World War II. Teaching with the News April 2017.

Famine Today: The Greatest Humanitarian Crisis Since World War II

Famine Today: The Greatest Humanitarian Crisis Since World War II. The Big Questions Books - Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. The Big Questions Books, a new subseries of Studies in Social Inequality, provides an outlet for cutting-edge commentaries on the causes and consequences of contemporary inequality.

The Big Questions Books - Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality

As the study of inequality becomes ever more specialized, interdisciplinary, and sprawling, there is a growing need for essay-length books that allow scholars to weigh in on relevant debates while freed from the technical requirements of scholarly journal articles and the elaborate documentation of full-length research monographs. What’s in the Dumpster? Exploring Food Waste and Hunger in America. Some 40 percent of the food we produce in the United States is chucked out — and not just moldy bread.

What’s in the Dumpster? Exploring Food Waste and Hunger in America

Peek into dumpsters and garbage bags nationwide, and you’re bound to find food that resembles what you just bought at the supermarket. Alex Barnard has seen it himself. “I’ve never eaten better than when I was dumpster diving,” he says. “Sadly, that’s because of this incredible wealth of waste at every point within the food system.” Barnard, a doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley, spent eight years researching food waste, which included regular dives into dumpsters and foraging in trash bags of major retail chains across New York City. Some bad news about TOMS shoes. Just about every twenty-something knows the name.

Some bad news about TOMS shoes

You can spot TOMS shoes on college campuses across the country, often sported by young, socially minded students. Forget “Teach A Man To Fish” Just Give Him Cash. An American charity is getting ready to test an idea to end global poverty: give poor people cash.

Forget “Teach A Man To Fish” Just Give Him Cash

GiveDirectly has been doing this for a few years already but never on this scale. Later this month, the organization will start a pilot project that aims to give 6,000 Kenyans the equivalent of a month’s salary, every month, for a decade or more. No strings attached. Cash cows - Al Jazeera English. International Voluntourism Guidelines: What Are They and How to Use Them. What we know about voluntourism as an industry and as a community is isn't always clear.

International Voluntourism Guidelines: What Are They and How to Use Them

We know there are pros (travel, learning about yourself and new cultures, etc.) and cons (better ways to help the local community, lack of sustainability) of voluntourism. It's also true that not all volunteer abroad projects are created equal - some are more responsible, sustainable, and conscious of the local community than others. But what makes a project "responsible" and "sustainable"? The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) and the Planeterra Foundation worked together with an international advisory committee to answer the tough questions about voluntourism. Because definitions and standards aren't set in the industry, these two influencing organizations came together to share their knowledge and help improve the industry. Educational Videos Archives - Learning Service. Poverty Home. General Info - Teaching the Millennium Development Goals. Girl Rising. About the Film From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E.

Girl Rising

Girls Education Collaborative. Anne Robinson Wadsworth: Girls Education: Pivot Points and Ripples. They had me at hello and I suppose they would have you too if you were fortunate to go there, to meet them.

Anne Robinson Wadsworth: Girls Education: Pivot Points and Ripples

The girls in Kitenga, Tanzania, like girls in rural villages throughout too many countries seem to have this collective trait of capacity and hope. Unfortunately, that capacity is bounded. My job, with your help, is to unbind that capacity, to help them become the individuals they are meant to be. When a young woman's needs of health and security are met, and she is equipped with the skills and insights to transcend circumstances, she gains the opportunity to realize her fullest potential. Educategirls. Pardada Pardadi Education Society: Girl Child Education & Vocational Training in Uttar Pradesh.

Archana women's centre. India Takes Aim at Poverty With Cash Transfer Program. On Jan. 1, India eliminated a raft of bureaucratic middlemen by depositing government pension and scholarship payments directly into the bank accounts of about 245,000 people in 20 of the nation’s hundreds of districts, in a bid to prevent corrupt state and local officials from diverting much of the money to their own pockets.

India Takes Aim at Poverty With Cash Transfer Program

Hundreds of thousands more people will be added to the program in the coming months. In a country of 1.2 billion, the numbers so far are modest, but some officials and economists see the start of direct payments as revolutionary — a program intended not only to curb corruption but also to serve as a vehicle for lifting countless millions out of poverty altogether. The nation’s finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, described the cash transfer program to Indian news media as a “pioneering and pathbreaking reform” that is a “game changer for governance.”

But one of India’s biggest hurdles is simply figuring out how to distinguish its 1.2 billion citizens. Mr. WOMEN IN WORLD HISTORY. America’s Most Comprehensive Service-Learning Resource. Africa - In Africa, 'Poverty Has a Female Face' The global economic crisis will have a major impact on womenGirls, more than boys, will suffer in areas such as education and infant mortalityThe plight of women must be incorporated in any economic development strategy WASHINGTON, May 15, 2009 – The global economic crisis will drastically reduce African women’s individual incomes as well as the budgets they manage on behalf of their households, with particularly damaging consequences for girls, said Obiageli Ezekwesili, World Bank Vice President for the Africa Region, at a recent conference on the impact of the global economic crisis on women in Africa.

Africa - In Africa, 'Poverty Has a Female Face'

“Poverty has a female face and the global economic downturn will have a significant impact on women as more of them lose jobs and are forced to manage shrinking household incomes,” Ezekwesili said May 8 at the “Women and the Changing Global Outlook” conference organized by the British Embassy in Washington, and the National Geographic Society.

Women And Poverty In The United States: 18 Essential Facts And Statistics. Fact: In 2010 46 million Americans were living in poverty. Fact: Record numbers of Americans living in "extreme poverty" are women. During the Republican National Convention this week and the Democratic National Convention next week, The Huffington Post is hosting three online Shadow Conventions highlighting issues that seem to fall off both parties' radars too easily. Sections across HuffPost are tackling the Drug War, poverty and the seemingly ever-expanding role that money plays in political campaigns. Today we're focusing on poverty in the United States -- an issue that disproportionately impacts households led by women.

Women are more likely to fall below the poverty line than men are for a variety of reasons, some of which you hear discussed more than others. LOOK: 18 Facts About Women And Poverty In The United States. Global Poverty Project. May 02, 2013 poverty, birth mortality, children, environment. U.S. Women Hit Hardest by Poverty, Says Census Report. Helping Women Survivors of War Rebuild Their Lives. Investing in Women. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research — IWPR. United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. International Justice Mission. Helping Women Survivors of War Rebuild Their Lives. Women, Children, Crisis: Trafficking & Child Soldiers. In crisis areas, it is often women and children who suffer most. Countries with underdeveloped economies and countries at war face countless difficulties, but stories of the particular misery faced by women and children are often overlooked - resulting in far-reaching human, social and economic consequences.

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