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I am kriti and I am a Legal advisor at Swarit Advisors private Limited Company. If you want to know more:

Legal Notice, Terms & Condition - Corpbiz. Legal action can only be taken when already notice has been served upon the entity or person you wish to bring to court.

Legal Notice, Terms & Condition - Corpbiz

It is only this method that legalizes producing a matter to court. The intimation given is known as 'legal notice.' A legal notice is, hence, formal notification to a person or an entity, notifying the other party of your purpose to commence legal proceedings against them. Legal notice can serve as a target of negotiations among the parties and save time, effort, and money spent in court cases. This makes the party aware of your complaint. Note on Essentials A legal notice is filed as per 'Section 80 of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908', only in civil cases. Precise statements and facts describing the grievance for which the response is to be taken. A comprehensive brief of the problems that the aggrieved party is facing, combined with what can be done to resolve the issue, needs to be mentioned. 12AA Registration in India - Procedure, Documents, Benefits - Corpbiz. Where a trust or an establishment has been allowed registration under Section 12AA(1)(b) or has acquired registration whenever under Section 12A as it remained before the correction by the Finance (No. 2) Act, 1996, the Principal Commissioner or the Commissioner of Income-tax can drop the registration under the accompanying two sub-sections: Cancellation of Registration of Trust or Institution under Section 12AA(3) the Principal Commissioner or Commissioner in the wake of giving reasonable chance of being heard to the concerned trust or foundation, pass a request under Section 12AA(3) in written cancelling the registration under the accompanying two conditions: the actions of a trust or foundation are not veritable, or; the actions are not being done as per the objects of the trust or foundation.

12AA Registration in India - Procedure, Documents, Benefits - Corpbiz

Health Trade License in India - Eligibility, Documents, Penalty, Fees - Corpbiz. Health Department, the administrative department of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) works on behalf of the government.

Health Trade License in India - Eligibility, Documents, Penalty, Fees - Corpbiz

The purpose of Health Department is to grant licenses in consultation with a piece of advice from other technical advisory departments like Fire Brigade Health, Estate, etc. Considering this, obtaining license from the Health Department before investing in businesses like manufacturing, storage or trade becomes essential. It covers various health-related businesses such as eating house, ice factories, sale of milk and milk products, restaurants, medical shops, manufacturing drugs, etc. Prepaid Wallet License in India - Process, Documents - Corpbiz. Prepaid Payment Instruments, otherwise called PPIs, works as a payment instruments which encourages the products and ventures transactions directed by the shopper, including financial administrations, settlement offices and so forth against the worth put away on such instruments.

Prepaid Wallet License in India - Process, Documents - Corpbiz

The Prepaid Wallet License have risen as a brilliant and helpful strategy for starting cashless exchange in the ongoing occasions where the nation has encountered a ton of money crunch. It is a successful mode of payment that supports transparency, versatility and responsibility. Generally PPIs are also called as e-wallets. Closed Prepaid Payment Instruments or Closed wallets These might be given by any element which may incorporate people, sole-proprietorship, association firms and so forth for the acquisition of goods and services from that element only. Minimum Capital Requirement Other Conditions relating to Capital Requirement. Insurance Broker License in India - Renewal, Fee - Corpbiz.

An Insurance broker license is issued to an expert and qualified individuals or firm acting through its directors or Partners or workers with knowledge on insurance related laws and has sufficient information on insurance items.

Insurance Broker License in India - Renewal, Fee - Corpbiz

They prompt individuals on their insurance need. An insurance broker offers proficient types of assistance to its customer and acts as mediators between an insurance agency and an individual who is searching for buying an insurance policy. Prepaid Wallet License in India - Process, Documents - Corpbiz. Submit Online Application. One gets intellectual property right to creativity carried out by a person or a firm. In case it is unique, the government will grant you the full freedom for your product. It allows you the full right of making, using, selling or importing the merchandise or process and prohibits others from preparing so. The patents in India are administered by the 'Patent Act 1970', and 'Patent Rules 1972'.

How to transfer Trademark to Other. What is the Need of Trademark Assignment Agreement in India?

How to transfer Trademark to Other

It is a legal road that helps in transferring ownership or a trademark or service mark when needed. A transfer of ownership comes into the play when a product or company is being sold or purchased by another person or organization. What are the Types of Trademark Assignment Agreement? USPTO is a federally registered mark that allows you to track the assignment on your trademark Query Site. What are the consequences of not using the Trademark Agreement? Without the Trademark Assignment, there will be a dusky vision on the record who currently owns the mark.

Forbes has valued Google’s trademark at a whopping $44.3 billion, while the Microsoft trademark came in right behind at a value of $42.8 billion. Online CE Certification in India. Registration Procedure for getting CE Certification in India Getting CE Certification involves four main elements: Designing a product that touches relevant standards Making a Technical File Building a Declaration of Conformity Hunt out a professional EC REP to serve as your partner How to Get CE Marking?

Online CE Certification in India

Go through the specific requirement of your product Be aware of the EU requirements for your product Make sure whether your product requires testing by a national body Test your product Assemble technical requirement of your product Affix the CE marking and draft a declaration of conformity Hence, the stairs don't end here; check out the detailed CE certification procedure. BIS Certification in India - Corpbiz. Documents Required for BIS Registration Documents that you need to provide for BIS registration process is divided into two parts: First part talks about the technical information of the products available for lab test.

BIS Certification in India - Corpbiz

The information manufacturer has to submit is the construction details of the product like: PCB Layout Schematic Diagram User Manual Critical Components List In the second part you have to submit the Factory Documents & Information to complete the BIS Application Form and Process, that is, all basic information related to the manufacturing unit:

Certification - Procedure, Benefits, Types - Corpbiz. Documents Required for Online ISO Registration Copy of PAN CardPassport size photographCopy of Adhaar card/Voter IDTwo copies of Sale Purchase Invoice Types of ISO Certificates ISO 9001-Quality Management This certificate sets particular criteria for a quality management.

Certification - Procedure, Benefits, Types - Corpbiz

Although it is not necessary to set any criteria but many organizations choose to use it because it helps in creating customer focus thus creating a market place for the brand. Online Trade License Renewal - Corpbiz. Online Company Registration at Affordable Prices. Private Limited Company Registration in India - Corpbiz. A Private Limited Company is a privately maintained small business existence, which is one of the highly recommended means to start a business in India. The Companies Act 2013 governs private limited company registration in India. While, minimum 2 shareholders are required to start a private company, while the higher limit of members are 200 as per the Companies Act, 2013.

If a private limited company faces financial risk, its shareholders are not subject to sell their personal assets, i.e. they ought to have limited liability. Document Required For OPC Registration. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Nbfc Collaboration. Register Limited Liability Partnership Firm in India. Nowadays, LLP Registration is obtained by various budding entrepreneurs, Law Firms, Auditing Firms, Real Estate Agencies, Financial Advisory Services, Business Consultancies, and Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

Register Limited Liability Partnership Firm in India

Society Registration Online in India. FFMC Licensing Procedure In India. An Analysis of Debentures issued as Collateral Security. Insufficient funds are imperative for any business, whether small or large. Several companies either issue debentures to the public in exchange for money or takes loans from banks by issuing debentures as collateral security. Collateral security implies the supporting security for a credit, which can be realized by the creditor if there is any default in repayment of the original loan.

An Analysis of Debentures issued as Collateral Security. Impact of Merger and Amalgamation on the Banking Sector. The present-day scenario of the banking sector has become nothing but a battlefield. Wherein, every bank strives to overpower the other by forming new financial schemes. The safest way to escape competition is to take shield under Merger and Amalgamation. It is the most effective method of merging two different entities into one entity. Liberalization and other policies enforce the banking sector to break the boundaries of comfort and innovate peculiar ideas.

So, it is the fundamental need for banks to extend their operational activities. Issue and Redemption of Debentures - Problems & Solutions. Shortage of funds is inevitable while running any business regardless of its size. Moreover, a single financial institute cannot suffice the requirement of a large sum of money. Therefore, a company relies upon multiple methods of raising funds rather than clenching onto the traditional lenders like banks. An Insight of Mergers and Acquisitions in Automobile Industry.

The Indian automobile industry is running at the top gear, and it is anticipated to become 3rd largest automotive market worldwide by the year 2026. Presently, the industry manufactures around 25 mn vehicles and exports 3.5 mn vehicles. NIDHI Company Part II In Hindi. Untitled. How to Get Prepare for NBFC License with RBI. Advantages & Process of Nidhi Company Registration. Nidhi companies are regulated under section 406 of Companies Act, 2013. Enforcement of FSS Act and its impact on Food industry - Swarit Advisors. Food contamination is growing at a rapid pace in India and that urges consumers to be more vigilant. Private Security Agency License.

Untitled. IEC Code Online: Process, Eligibility, and Documents. Nowadays, everybody wishes to expand the business globally and generate as much revenue as possible. Undoubtedly, the business world has become quite competitive and hence, the idea of starting the business is quite impressive. But one must ensure that the person holds the required IEC Code, before actually going global. One can easily get IEC Code online.

Partnership Firm Registration Online. The term “Partnership” is although a short and straightforward word but has a strong meaning is attached to it. In the corporate arena, the term partnership refers to a relation or an association between two or more people who decides mutually to establish a business and also to share profits and losses of such business. PREFERENTIAL ALLOTMENT. Nbfc Takeover Aggrement. One Person Company Registration in India. As the name suggests, One Person Company is a company formed by a single person. It’s entirely a new concept introduced by MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) in the Companies Act, 2013.

Earlier, it wasn’t possible for an individual to start an organization alone. However, now, any single person can form a Company as per the provisions of Section 2(62) of Companies Act, 2013. The compliance requirements of an OPC are less compared to other Companies such as Private Limited and Public Limited Companies. The main objective of introducing the concept of One Person Company is to encourage single and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Limited Liability Partnership Registration Online. Micofinance Company Registration process. Advantages & Process of Nidhi Company Registration. What are the different types of Mergers and Acquisitions? - Swarit Advisors. The corporate world is extremely dynamic and evolves in every hour of the day. New technologies engulf old and outdated schemes. Thus, they challenge business models to either incorporate the latest techniques or retreat from the industry. What are the different types of Mergers and Acquisitions? - Swarit Advisors.

Business Plan For Startup. One Person Company Registration in India. GSTIN Number Registration Process & Fees. GST or Goods and Services Tax was introduced by the Prime Minister of India in an attempt to regulate prices throughout the country and remove all state or central Govt. imposed indirect taxes on goods and services by initiating GST registration in India. As per the new GST regulation, businesses whose turnover exceeds Rs 20 lakhs (10Lakhs for North East and hill states) is required to get their GST as a normal taxable person. Untitled. How to Get FFMC License Online. Nbfc License Registration Online. Business Plan for Startup in India Types –Swaritadvisors. A business plan is a detailed, written description of your future business. A plan written today is the strategic source for the smooth & secured functioning of business in the future. It's not essential for a business plan to be always prolonged, detailed, and formal document; it can also be a short and brief action plan depending upon nature, size, and other requirements as per different cases.

Insurance Broker License, Broker Registration Online, Fees & Process India. Peer to Peer Lending License In India. Peer to Peer Lending License In India. Producer Company Registration process. Peer To Peer Lending License Online in India. NBFC Account Aggregators in India - Get Account Aggregator License NBFC. What is Insurance Web Aggregator License. Procedure for NBFC Due Diligence - Get Due Diligence Report of NBFC. Sale and Purchase NBFC, Micro Finance Company India. Payment Bank License in India – Procedure, Eligibility, Features. Payment Bank License in India – Procedure, Eligibility, Features. NBFC Takeover Agreement for Sale. Payment Gateway License Consultant In India. Prepaid Wallet License In India - Prepaid Payment Instruments from RBI. Fssai license. What is Insurance Web Aggregator License. Shares Issued under Preferential Allotment. Mergers and Amalgamation - Definition & Differences.

Step by Step LLP Registration Procedure in India - Incorporation of an LLP. Apply Microfinance Company Registration in India. NBFC Collaboration - Dedicated Accounting and CA support. Partnership firm Registration. How to Get Prepare for NBFC License with RBI. Issue of Debentures - Statutory Provisions for Regulating Issue of Debentures. Company Takeover Procedure in India. Buyback of Shares Procedure - EGM for the approval of Buy-Back of shares.

Nidhi Company Registration Procedure. Mergers and Acquisitions Companies. Compliance for LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Firm. You need to know about Currency Exchange Business Model. Incorporation Of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) - Swarit Advisors. Procedure to the Issue of Bonus Shares - Swarit Advisors. What is the Procedure of FSSAI Online Application in India - Swaritadvisors. What is Co operative Society Registration. Full Fledge Money Changer License in India, FFMC License. What is the process for Co-operative Society Registration in India? GST Migration With Swarit Advisors. NSIC Registration Charges and Procedure in India - Swarit Advisors. Apply for Producer Company Registration. Producer Company Registration. Producer Company Registration Online in India. What is IEC (Import Export Code) License.

Producer Company Compliance in India. Fssai license. What is the Regulatory Framework for FFMC License? - Swarit Advisors. Superior Fraud Risk Management Guide - Swarit Advisors. Process of IEC Registration Online. Take your Business Global with IEC License. A Peek into the Future of NBFCs in India - Swarit Advisors.