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I am an SEO Executive at Corpbiz in Noida. Corpbiz is a technology-driven platform providing all sorts of legal services like MSME Registration, IEC Registration, EPF Registration, RERA Registration, etc. Source:

OPC Registration. NSIC Certificate in India. NSIC Registration Process Enterprises engaged in manufacture or service providers having registered under MSME or have Udyog Aadhar Registration are eligible to get registered under NSIC.

NSIC Certificate in India

RERA Registration. LLP Company Registration. Limited Liability Partnership is a type of partnership firm which is more preferred by entrepreneur.

LLP Company Registration

It is the easiest form of business structure with the benefit of limited liability. LLP registration gives freedom to partners to form a partnership structure where the liability of each partner is limited to the amount they contribute into the business. Limited liability partnership firm registration means that if the partnership fails, creditors cannot ask for partner’s personal property or income.

LLPs or Limited Liability Partnership is a type of business structure which offers extra benefits in comparison to partnership firm. It provides limited liability to its partners at a very nominal compliance costs. In short, LLP is a separate legal entity from its member that has the power to extend all its assets keeping the liabilities of partners limited. Delhi Pollution Control Committee License. Delhi Pollution Control Committee is responsible to issue a license called “DPCC license”.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee License

DPCC is governed and regulated by ministry of Environment & Forests & climate change. DPCC is a kind of no objection certificate which government issues to make sure that the existing business or proposed business model are not causing any harm to the environment and will not affect it in the near future as well. With the different changes in the method for living or Development or Capacity improvement or Production procedure or setting up in industries, the Entrepreneurs are required to acquire first the "No objection" Certificate from the Board as recommended by the Law. Under u/s 25/26 of the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 government has made it compulsory that no person has the right to establish any industry or involve in any sort of treatment and disposal of the waste without having DPCC consent.

DPCC has its reality since 1991 and is independent body. Public Limited Company Registration in India. Public limited companies enjoy all the rights of a corporate entity with limited liabilities and it is an ideal choice for the small and medium scale enterprises who wish to raise the equity capital from the general public.

Public Limited Company Registration in India

Below we are going to provides full knowledge of the features, procedure and document requirement for Public Company Registration. Just like other companies, Public Limited Company is also registered as per the rules and regulations of the Companies Act, 2013. A public Company enjoys the benefits of limited liabilities for its members and has rights to sell its shares for raising the capital of the company. It can be incorporated with a minimum number of three directors and has more stringent rules and regulations as compared to a Pvt. SSI Registration. MSMEs or Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises contribute primarily to the socio-economic development of the country.

SSI Registration

MSMEs are governed by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in India and are also required to be registered under the MSMED or Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act to avail benefits. NSIC Registration. Company Registration. Private Limited Company Registration. Get NBFC License in India. Types of NBFCs NBFCs are classified into two types: On the basis of liabilities All NBFCs – ND whose asset size is Rs. 500 Crore and more as per the last audited balance sheet is considered as Systemically Important NBFC (NBFC-ND-SI).

Get NBFC License in India

Asset size of the group companies to be clubbed NBFC-ND-SI has to follow the policies prescribed by RBI mandatorily and exempt from Credit Concentration Norms. NBFC-ND-Non SI is exempt from observing Prudential Norms, 2015 (except Annual Certificate) NBFC License. NBFC Online Registration. ESI Registration Benefits. Legal Metrology Act registration. Measurement plays a crucial role in the trade practices.

Legal Metrology Act registration

It is the demand of the effective trade to be transparent and create a balance between the traders and consumers. Reduces Transaction Costs Often revising poor measurement practice proves costly and time consuming. They affect both the businesses and consumers. In fact initiating legal action against a trader who shows the audacity of breaking the measurement laws is also high priced. Supporting Trade Legal Metrology Act is responsible to control any unlawful and unfair trade practices. Collecting Government Revenue Government collects its revenue through excise duties imposed on products produced, sold, imported and exported and also via taxes levied on measurement. Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board NOC. Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board is a legal organization which was formed to implement environmental laws and rules within the administration of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board NOC

The board was first formed on 31st February 1975 under the Water Prevention and Control of Pollution Act but it was later named as UP Pollution Control Board. UPPCB manages, control, and implement other acts as well that are correlated with the environment. These Acts include: 1Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act,1981 2Water Prevention and Control of Pollution Cess Act, 1977 3Environment Protection Act, 1986. Fire Department NOC delhi. With the growth in the infrastructural sector, there has been a rise in fraudulent practices in the purchase of property due to a flexible legal system.

Fire Department NOC delhi

The ever-growing level of fraudulent practices in the property purchase has made the Government alert by initiating the steps such as mandating Fire Department NOC, proper scrutinizing of documents in cases of a property deal, etc. to discourage such practices. Incidence happened back in 2011 that witnessed about 90 people injured when there was fire broke out happened in one of the hospitals in Kolkata along with damages in 11 hospitals and schools have pushed the government to take strict actions to ensure the safety of common public and therefore fire NOC from concerned state fire department was made compulsory. In this write-up, you will learn in detail about the Fire NOC and its applicability. Fire Department NOC- An Overview Checklist for obtaining NOC from the Fire Department a) Pre-Construction Requirements.

SSI Registration. IEC Code Registration Process. To be a part of import export business in India it is necessary to get your IEC registration done.

IEC Code Registration Process

Once it is done it remains valid for the lifetime of the business or the proprietor.IEC registration can be done online by visiting Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) website. Here is the step by step guide of IEC registration: Step 1: Visit DGFT Website Go to DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) site or snap on There's a possibility for 'Quick Links' at the left half of the page. One Person Company Registration. LLP Company Registration. Proprietorship Registration. A sole proprietorship is a type of enterprise in which business is owned and managed by an individual. In a sole proprietorship business there is no legal difference between the owner and the business. To put it in another way a sole proprietorship is not a legal entity. An owner is responsible for clearing off the debts of business.

The sole proprietorship is a preferable and popular business form. It is simple and easy to form at nominal cost. A sole proprietorship is a convenient and simplified way to commence a business in India. Some common examples of proprietorship business is shops such as chemist, saloons, grocery, etc. Proprietorship Registration. Shop Establishment Company Registration. Registration Procedure of Shop and Establishment License Any commercial establishment/shop has to apply for the license to the chief inspector of the respective area within 30 days of commencement of business activities.

It is applied through a prescribed form that requires some important information such as the name of the respective employee, name and address of establishment, number of employees in the establishment and category of the proposed establishment and some other details varying from one state to another. One Person Company Registration. Legal Metrology Act Registration. Limited Liability Partnership Firm. Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board NOC. Import Export Code Registration. Public Limited Company Registration. FDA Certification. Essential requirements for Obtaining FDA Certification FDA Certification depends on the type of product one is marketing in the United States.

All kinds of products do not require the Certification of FDA. Below are the details of what products need FDA Certification. For Food The food products do not require FDA Certification. GMP Certification in India. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, the term is used globally for managing the control and management of manufacturing, testing and overall quality of pharmaceutical products. It defines certain guidelines that talks about the quality assurance approach. GMP certification ensures that products are produced following the quality standard norms.

GMP certification deals with issues like documentation, record keeping, personnel qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification, sanitation, complaint handling, and process validation. GMP requirements are not peculiar in any sense instead they are open ended and easy to implement also these requirements give liberty to the manufacturer to decide individually how to efficiently implement the necessary controls.

The main purpose of Goods Manufacturing Practice is to reduce the amount of risk involved in the production of pharmaceutical items. Is GMP necessary if there is a quality control laboratory? Procedure for Factory License. Sole Proprietorship Registration. SSI Registration. EPF Certification. Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) License. FIEO Registration Fees. Fire Department NOC Delhi. ESIC Registration Online. Online Farmer Company Formation. Online CE Certification in India. Online PSARA License. ISO Registration Online. Renewal of Factory License. Private Security Agency License. Apply for Online Retail Drug License.

IEC Registration. RERA Agent Registration Online. LLP Company Registration. IEC Code Registration Process. Shop Establishment License. Pvt Ltd Company Registration Online. A Private Limited Company is a privately maintained small business existence, which is one of the highly recommended means to start a business in India. Public Limited Company Registration in Delhi. Farmer Producer Company Registration Fees. Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration Process. Online Partnership Firm Registration in India. One Person Company Registration Fees. LLP Registration in India. PVT LTD Company Registration. Get FDA Certification. Procedure for Factory License. ESIC Registration Online. NSIC Certificate Benefits. RERA Registration. EPF Certification. IEC Code Registration. MSME Registration in Delhi. Private Limited Company Annual Compliance. Closing a Limited Liability Partnership Procedure. Winding Private Limited Company in India.

Private Limited to Public Limited Company in India. Legal Metrology Act Registration. Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company. Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board NOC. Delhi Pollution Control Committee. Fire NOC. FIEO Registration Fees. ESI Registration in India. NSIC Registration in India. Online RERA Registration. PF Registration. Change in object clause of Private Limited Company. Fire NOC. ESI Registration in India. NSIC Registration Procedure. Online RERA Registration. Online SSI Registration. EPF Certification.

Import Export Code Registration. Service Level Agreement. Removal of Director. Appointment and Resignation of Director. Change in object clause of Private Limited Company. Event Based Compliances in A Company. Annual Filing For LLP. MSME Registration. IEC Registration. Microfinance Company Registration. Annual Compliance of a Private Limited Company.