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Grade 11 Language and Literature

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The%20Great%20Gatsby. Narrative Structure of “The Great Gatsby” Narrative Structure of “The Great Gatsby” The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald, with the combination of its form and content, as an ideal work of modern narrative art, fully provides the Fitzgerald’s effort for the improvement of traditional narrative steps and techniques.

Narrative Structure of “The Great Gatsby”

By using the unique and new narrative techniques the Fitzgerald creates remarkable effects to reinforce the specific creative charm and draw attention to the content concept of novel. This research paper explores the narrative steps and techniques in novel “The Great Gatsby” in terms of “I” as witness, the shift of the author’s position and the transgression to concentrate on the distinct and special techniques. The novel “The Great Gatsby” is about American dreams. A youngster from the Middle Western American, named as Nick Carrawlly, left home for East American to live. In the start of novel, we ascertain that people are familiar who Gatsby is, that he lives near to our other characters and that he has a lot of money. Colorslide. Linton Kwesi Johnson is a UK-based dub poet of Jamaican descent.


Click here to listen to him perform “Story”. While you listen, view the lyrics here. it is a haad awt ti mawstah yu noe dis smilin an skinin yu teet wen yu awt sweel-up soh till yu feel it a goh bus wen yu cyan fine di rime fi fit di beat wen yu cyan fine di ansah fi di puzzle complete 1. Try translating the verse above into conventional English. 2. Turning Data into Art. The Role of Advertising. Apparently No One Noticed What This Woman Was Staring at When They Chose Her for Their Label. IOC Essay Demo. Ioc guidelines revised. The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald. THINK about: Essential Questions Here are some EQs to serve as a starting point for our discussion on GG.

The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

You will be researching your EQ in great depth and will be giving a 5 minute presentation on your topic in class. Be creative in designing your presentation (don’t bore us) and be sure to include all relevant findings and opinions to help guide us to a deeper understanding of the material. Group 1: What is great about Gatsby? How many different people would see him as great and why? Is Gatsby a hero or an anti-hero? Group 2: What do we need to know about the historical/social context of the book? Group 3: Find a map of the area and look at the shape of it? Group 4: The narrator….what exactly is his role? Group 5: Daisy….Gatsby’s obsession with her. Group 6: The sub plot: Myrtle and Tom . Group 7: Love story? Does America belong to the Gatsbys of this world or the Toms of this world: in Nick’s opinion, Fitzgerald’s opinion, your opinion? Englishphan / A1 Literature. Year 13 English A1 Literature Practice IOCs and my comments: Amanda's Mock IOC on the first page of Gatsby, a low 7: AmandaIOC.mp3 My score: 4,8,8,4.

englishphan / A1 Literature

Christina's Mock IOC on Gatsby, same score: 4/5,8,8/7,4. A blog for Mr. Harper's English and Media classes. The country that blends endangered frogs - BBC News. Peru is one of the most biodiverse nations on earth.

The country that blends endangered frogs - BBC News

Its weird and wonderful wildlife makes it a hotspot for the illegal trade in live animals - and the country's ecological police are struggling to cope. Some readers may find parts of this story disturbing. On a counter at the popular Mayorista market in Lima, stand two small, glass aquariums, containing dozens of toads and frogs. The frogs are from the Andes mountains, and some of the species are endangered. The stallholder works quickly, taking orders from a stream of customers who perch on stools or stand watching her work. Making a "frog shake" takes a few minutes.

"It's very good for anaemia and for chest complaints," says a customer. The amphibian "smoothie" originated among indigenous communities in the Andes, but its popularity has spread. A couple approach the stall with a small lidded, plastic box. In Peru it is illegal to sell, transport or profit from wildlife. It is live trafficking that causes most concern. All My NY Times Posts For English Language Learners – Linked With Descriptions. I’ve been writing posts for The New York Times Learning Network for three years on teaching English Language Learners, and that adds-up to a lot of posts!

All My NY Times Posts For English Language Learners – Linked With Descriptions

Many include online student interactives and all include multiple teaching ideas. I thought readers would find it helpful if I put links to them all together, along with short descriptions. And, as I post new ones, I’ll add them here, too… Ideas for E.L.L.s | Celebrating the End of the School Year is the topic of this post. Ideas for E.L.L.s | Teaching and Learning About Work and Careers is, I think, a particularly useful and expansive one.