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What does an AI Engineer do? AI Engineer is still kind of a new role within the IT sector.

What does an AI Engineer do?

There is still a lot that is unclear about what an AI Engineer does, so we hope to shed some light onto this role in this article! The job profile. AI Engineers: What They Do? “If you want to command a multiyear, seven-figure salary, you used to have only four career options: chief executive officer, banker, celebrity entertainer, or pro athlete.

AI Engineers: What They Do?

Now there’s a fifth — artificial intelligence expert.” — Unknown Imagine a glass with balls. This glass is a field of Computer science knowledge, and balls are various fields: back end, front end development, embedded. One of these balls is artificial intelligence, and it is special because there are other balls inside: machine learning, natural language processing, and a whole slew of other things. Each of these units individually — a powerful force and new opportunities to change any sphere. AI is not only the automation of cognitive work but also a constant development.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in! For many, artificial intelligence seems to exist on the verge of sci-fi movies, but in fact, it has already integrated into our lives. empowers everyone to independently build & operate tech products. Build your next app with CEO Talks about Mobile App Development. Sachin has bootstrapped into a business that has seen $43m in revenue in the last 3 years and 180% profitable growth. CEO Talks about Mobile App Development

He holds a degree in B.Eng from Imperial College London and a degree in Entrepreneurial Master’s Program from MIT. He is an Information Systems Engineer with specialization in Mandarin, Finance, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Computational Maths and Operations research with Game Theory. Sachin is also the mastermind behind the famous “Geeks Dinner” – a 250+ strong community that over the last 7 years has brought together the brightest minds in tech, media (Hollywood and Bollywood), philanthropy, and venture to talk and think about the most pressing issues, challenges, and ideas facing humanity. What’s your job title and what does this involve?

I’m’s Co-founder & Chief Wizard. Where do you work in the app industry and what does the company do? What are the big trends you see in the app market right now? What mobile devices do you use? Key skills needed to become an AI Engineer? Updated on: 19th Nov, 19 371 Views To become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, you need to fulfill the minimum criteria, which I will explain in this blog.

Key skills needed to become an AI Engineer?

However, before that, you must know whether or not AI as a career is suitable for you. Evidently, the global AI market is experiencing a mammoth growth of 154 percent. It is nothing short of a revolution! So, what has fueled this AI revolution? Maturing of Machine LearningThe wide-spread use of Cloud Computing resourcesBetterment of data gathering, storing, and processing methods Watch this Artificial Intelligence video tutorial for beginners: Ask the Expert : Chief Wizard at Ask the Expert: Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard at Joining us for this week’s Ask the Expert is Sachin Dev Duggal, Chief Wizard at

Ask the Expert : Chief Wizard at

Sachin is an innovation-driven entrepreneur who aims to build technology that simplifies users’ lives. In particular, Sachin specialises in finance, distributed systems, software engineering, and computational maths, and more. In this podcast, Sachin begins by outlining why some companies are hesitant to action their app development, particularly in light of the boom of businesses doing so. Then, he delves into why he believes there is such a demand for businesses to have apps today. “As your customer is changing how they buy, it’s imperative that you change how you sell” Sachin Dev Duggal Sachin Dev Duggal “” “” “you’ve got to have a sufficient amount of positive goodwill and energy to survive that time-to-delay” allows people even those without any skills to get customized apps., a human-assisted artificial intelligence platform, said it has secured $29.5 million (about Rs 210 crore) funding led by Lakestar and Jungle Ventures with participation from Softbank's DeepCore. allows people even those without any skills to get customized apps

The funds will be utilised for strengthening engineering operations and customer acquisition, Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder and Chief Wizard of, said. was created so that everyone can build an idea without learning to code, he added. "The capital comes at a time of rapid growth and will propel the platform into the mainstream, allowing 'Builder' to open the door for entire categories of companies that could not consider it before," he said.

Launched in June 2018, has already attracted hundreds of customers across many geographies. Its 'Builder' solution allows people -- even those without technical skills -- to get customised apps built for Android, iOS and other platforms. is a platform that can make software faster, more accessible & less expensive for everyone. is a platform for building bespoke software using AI and a library of building blocks to democratize software development; making it faster, more accessible and less expensive for everyone. is a platform that can make software faster, more accessible & less expensive for everyone

It aspired to democratize software development, making it faster, more accessible and less expensive for everyone. We're using Artificial Intelligence, BOTS and a deep network of trusted vendors to build everyone's personal engineering team helping you build something new as well as operate your stuff on the cloud. A platform that does exactly what an in-house engineering team would do without any of the cost of running and managing one. Build an app, marketplace or something else upto 60% cheaper and 2x the speed; if you've got an idea use our idea builder to spec it out for free or use the platform to build you a platform for at little as $2.5k.