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AmmattiWiki. Teaching Educational Games Resources - OpenContent Wiki. Wiki anyone? Reflections on an information literacy class wiki. Free Book Summaries. MindTouch - MindTouch. Home of Tiki Groupware/CMS : HomePage. Wikia-haku julki reilun viikon päästä / Data. Seed Wiki. WikiMatrix. Sosiaalinen media. Making the Case for a Wiki. Printer-friendly version Send to friend Emma Tonkin examines wikis and considers the feasibility of their deployment - and the danger of the 'tumbleweed' syndrome.

Making the Case for a Wiki

Introduction: What is a Wiki? Software use cases are necessarily incomplete, a failing which seems to intensify in reverse proportion to the degree of simplicity in the software in question. Complex software responds to a given set of requirements, simple software as a partial solution to a much broader problem set. Wikimedia Foundation. Tieteeessä tapahtuu vol 24, No 7 (2007) WikiMindMap.

Wikispaces. PBwiki - Peanut Butter Wiki. Scholarpedia. Citizendium. Wiki - Create a free wiki. Many looks. No code required. Library 2.0 in 15 minutes a day - Library Instruction Wiki.