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London Festival of Photography - INFO - London Festival of Photography. The London Festival of Photography last took place in 2012, since then the charity that ran the festival has closed.

London Festival of Photography - INFO - London Festival of Photography

However, Fotoura has continued many of the projects the Festival started and hope that we can hold another festival in the future. The festival has historically been run for just a few weeks in a given year, but the festival's photography activities carried on all year long. These and similar activities can now be found on Fotoura! Fotoura is an international photography community of photography-related organisations and people interested in photography who self-publish their photography events and information to the Fotoura website and Fotoura App. Paris Photo 2010. Visa pour l'Image Perpignan 2011. LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. Rencontres d'Arles 2010.