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(un)Death and Taxes (un)Death and Taxes This comic is one small step for happle tea and one giant leap for all mankind. That is right, I am talking about the inclusion of Necromancers in web comics. Sure, people toss the word around, some might even include a poorly drawn character that they call a necromancer, but is it really? I submit that these people have failed. That said, I have taken up the mantle of responsibility and given the fans what they clamor for: dudes in capes that create and command the undead.
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New Sequential Art strip. 11th April 2014New Sequential Art strip. 9th April 2014New Sequential Art strip. 1st April 2014New page added to Battle Bunnies. 27th March 2014New Sequential Art strip. Jolly Jack's Collected Curios Jolly Jack's Collected Curios
The Home Of Broken Saints
a softer world: 6 emily Joey and I started making news posts in early 2008, but we didn't have archives for them until now! So I'm going to repost here some of my old links here: Society in Decline:Intrastate Commerce - yet more evidence that the USA (in general) has done a better job holding on to great midcentury signage. Year 2008 in Photographs - the Boston Globe's The Big Picture has a three-part best of series, this is part one. Foodpairing - teaches you how to combine your foods in new ways, AND it has suggestions for substitutions. a softer world: 6
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