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Just doing his thing. 6yhAuKq.jpg (2073×2764) 5nebwKA.jpg (1235×1268) D1mmzjg.gif (259×239) UareGO0.jpg (424×595) qM69v0L.jpg (2016×1344) A Squirrel and his flower. W9LtjLk.png (500×305) Glass-frog.jpg (450×577) Something we'd all do well to remember. UWxFT.jpg (403×325) FirearmFacts.png (600×831) Dust magnified 22 million times. aPaXy.jpg (960×720) Omx5c.jpg 3,648×2,736 pixels. Duck in a cup. My friend bought this painting in Venice. MwIvz.jpg 459×445 pixels. MzH6Z.jpg 1200×897 pixels. eZh3O.gif 363×500 pixels. k0pv0.jpg 2400×1507 pixels. IUek6.gif 391×237 pixels. BLzvj.jpg 2272×1704 pixels. Wir51.jpg 564×604 pixels. The simple image sharer. Rare Images from History. GU8Gc.jpg 500×332 pixels. Psychedelic Reindeer. _lqk2n0MCXj1qh96peo1_500.jpg 500×643 pixels.

Amazingly done "Trapped nature" photo. M5bSM.png 499×338 pixels. Ew6kA.jpg 595×566 pixels. yOTXf.jpg 550×412 pixels. Mlk3x.jpg 500×543 pixels. ZcZuK.png 455×562 pixels. 2JtGL.jpg 720×450 pixels. BPtO1.jpg 656×822 pixels. Tf5Ye.jpg 990×706 pixels. _l0oi3lXoai1qzya49o1_1280.jpg 958×512 pixels. f9k09.jpg 607×456 pixels. 0C6ld.png 640×318 pixels. kEf7i.jpg 2022×1510 pixels. Bt4Bh.jpg 640×476 pixels.

DYPFZ.jpg 515×475 pixels. 7BoFc.jpg 485×611 pixels. HolhF.jpg 720×540 pixels. nWQan.jpg 491×327 pixels. hUZQC.gif 600×600 pixels. The simple image sharer. 9uur6Yk9rHOGpVLUsDyUpiY.jpg 720×540 pixels. 0Rk1J.jpg 604×453 pixels. EbZIK.jpg 533×800 pixels. ITL5i.jpg 600×900 pixels. Gpudv.jpg 640×426 pixels. Share photos and videos on Twitter. 1v0fG.jpg 900×617 pixels. c6B2d.jpg 1920×1080 pixels. 6Png1.jpg 600×439 pixels. Rysunek satyryczny Pawła Kuczyńskiego. ZoPZR.jpg 640×424 pixels.

_levobbVIbb1qamsluo1_500.jpg 500×375 pixels. WFFR0.jpg 500×500 pixels. Ux9Ao.jpg 1700×2338 pixels. Snow Under A Microscope. “Every little girl has got the galaxy inside her/ funny how we always told the very same tales.” Akira The Don, We Are Not alone “No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun.” Nas, No Idea’s Original These are all images of snowflakes, under varying degrees of magnification. I have been collecting them for a few years now, and they never fail to amaze and inspire me. When, on ‘We Are Not Alone’, I say, “Every little girl has got the galaxy inside her,” I mean it literally, as well as figuratively. If you have any to add, please leave them in the comments. FyGm2.jpg 2904×1944 pixels. 7MO68.jpg 570×703 pixels. _lcwlngupYo1qcqorzo1_400.jpg 400×400 pixels. "3D-граффити" Если у вас есть карандаши, то необязательно что-то рисовать.


Можно проявить фантазию, как это сделал Dalton Ghetti: первым делом он конечно же сделал алфавит: Теперь можно печатать тексты :) А дальше - понеслась: 8jWaB.jpg 662×1000 pixels. RveZA.jpg 720×540 pixels. Ngb76.jpg 700×528 pixels. NsyQp.jpg 990×651 pixels. Ten6b.jpg 1600×1200 pixels. Iwuvx.gif 1516×1327 pixels. _l64gugH5V31qazk2fo1_500.jpg 500×334 pixels. xQksu.jpg 640×485 pixels. EwNuW.jpg 450×600 pixels. 9EiCb.jpg 400×400 pixels. Dux15.jpg 400×600 pixels.