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Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Camera Case. DIY Chainmail Necklace. You’ll need: Start by separating the jump rings into two halves: 175 open and 175 closed.

DIY Chainmail Necklace

Thread three closed jump rings onto an open jump ring. Close the ring. Spread the three rings apart, with the rings looking exactly as shown below. The bottom ring will be the end of the necklace and the top two rings, which are spread open over the middle ring, will be where the chain mail begins. Keeping the rings in place with your forefinger and thumb, take an open jump ring and hook it through the front side of the two rings.

Add 2 closed rings to the open ring and close. Spread the two rings apart in the same way as the first set of rings. DIY Découpage Floral Bag. When H&M asked us to DIY a boho-inspired item for their summer issue, découpage was the first thing that came to mind.

DIY Découpage Floral Bag

Honestly, does it get any better than customizing a simple handbag with a brilliant floral print? DIY CHAIN CAMERA STRAP. Flip-Flop Refashion: Part 1 (Braided Straps. Summer is great.

Flip-Flop Refashion: Part 1 (Braided Straps

And warm. And full of outdoor activities and trips to the pool and random walks around the neighborhood. I love it. And my shoe of choice for these warmer months?? Sandals, of course. So, I saw a tutorial for this flip-flop makeover (great work Mother Huddle), floating around the web…….and the wheels started turning. I decided to just string all of the ideas together and create a whole series. First up? Re-purposing: Tshirts into 5-strand-braided-headbands. I was walking through Target a few weeks ago and noticed this little knit fabric headband that was not just braided together…….but woven.

Re-purposing: Tshirts into 5-strand-braided-headbands

DIY backpack. Supplies: 1 yard of durable fabric I used faux leather for the bottom... 1/2 a yard for the liner. drawstring, anything for closure I always have my hands full with my little boys on each hand.

DIY backpack

Junk in the Trunk. I am so sorry for being so late at getting this posted today. My family has beenenjoying vacation and yesterday took the kids to Silverwood, a theme park in the northwest. They had a blast, let me just tell you. Look how cute they are! Kotiom Blog for Sterling Silver Jewelry & Trend - Here are the Reasons which makes Turquoise Jewelry Stones more Rare and Valuable than Diamonds. With the gold spiderweb matrix and gray, sky blue coloring set into an intricate sterling silver jewelry and feathers engraved along the edegs.

Kotiom Blog for Sterling Silver Jewelry & Trend - Here are the Reasons which makes Turquoise Jewelry Stones more Rare and Valuable than Diamonds

This type of stone jewelry have used from years and is worth hundred of hundreds of dollars, but the story behind this tells that is priceless. It's the short description of this gemstone or of a culture or tradition or other history---Story called by Navajos. The turquoise gemstone is an opaque mineral and, in the chemically it's a hydrous phosphate of the aluminum and copper. Turquoise gemstones colors are green , sky blue to yellow, and its luster are subvitreous. Turquoise stones founded in arid climates like, the Sinai Peninsula, Northwest China, and Iran , American Southwest.

Kotiom Blog for Sterling Silver Jewelry & Trend - Benefits to wear Sterling Silver Earrings and Gemstone with its Trends. There are various kinds of Sterling Silver earrings available in the market.

Kotiom Blog for Sterling Silver Jewelry & Trend - Benefits to wear Sterling Silver Earrings and Gemstone with its Trends

They may be little and reasonable in price that's the reason jewelry wearers have numerous of earrings in their jewelry collections. Wearers rotate their collection at any time to coordinate their clothing since this little jewelry can work with sunlight hours outfits, executive apparel, or formally put on. Aquamarine Quartz Pear Ring in 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver. Handmade Jewelry as a Gift – KotiOm. Kotiom. Kotiom Jewelry. Kotiom. KotiOm is an Online Jewelry Store which has launched its huge range of Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry like Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles, Necklaces and Body jewelry.


Kotiom. Semi-precious gemstones come from a single unified source is mother earth each gemstone has an energy field in it which is influenced by color, forms, and subtle energetic vibration.


Gemstone’s color plays an important role in stone’s healing energy and because this stone is made with minute crystals which have constant motions thus emitting energy. Gems and human beings' relations are from the beginning of the civilization, civilization like Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Sumerians, Romans placed these stones on the body for healing and in ceremonies or rituals. Kotiom. Kotiom. Chalcedony Stone Formation Chalcedony is a stone which comes from quartz group of minerals.


Quartz in cryptocrystalline form is called chalcedony. Chalcedony can occur in different colors, sizes, and patterns. The gemstone Chalcedony is distinguished by translucency and its solid and lighter color, ranging from bullish to white or gray.As we know cryptocrystalline quartz is a compacted form of silica, so we can say it has very fine crystallization even these distinct particles cannot be seen with the help of a microscope. Chalcedony can be easily identified from other minerals through its composition (silicon dioxide), hardness, hexagonal crystal. Chalcedony Origin and Naming Chalcedony name originated from the latin word “Chalcedonius” which was derived from “Chalcedon” an ancient seaport of Asia Monor, Now Kadikoy, Turkey. Sapphire Quartz Hexagon Ring in 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver.