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The Turing Phone Is Built to Be Unhackable and Unbreakable. SYL Chao opens his silver briefcase and lays it on the table. He deftly puts on white gloves and begins to unwrap white cloths from three rectangular devices in front of him. It’s like being in a Marvel movie: This is the scene where the bad guy reveals his grand plan for world/universal domination/destruction.

Chao cuts a perfect genius-supervillian figure, too: expertly tailored blue suit, thick dark glasses, perfectly coiffed brunette hair, and a mad-scientist vibe. He’s the CEO of Turing Robotic Industries, which sounds like a place Tony Stark interned. And the device Chao is unwrapping, the three colors of the Turing Phone, are big, blocky, and sharply designed, unlike anything else. As he unwraps it, Chao explains his vision. The Turing Phone is a 5.5-inch smartphone, running Android 5.1, but it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. The phone has no USB port, and no headphone jack. Turing won’t market the phone this way, but the phone is designed with security very much in mind. Buy Backpacks At Cheap Prices Use Dr Jays Coupon 20% Buy Sneakers and Other Kinds of Footwear Online With Dr Jays Coupon 20% Development Of A $200 WiFi Router Geared Towards Whistleblowers Was Just Suspiciously Cancelled.

In the world of whistleblowers, any packet of revealed identifying information means game over. ProxyHam, a $200 WiFi router aimed at those seeking the utmost in anonymity, promised to mask users’ IP addresses and place their geographic coordinates miles away from their actual locations. Plans to create the device, set to be unveiled at August’s Las Vegas Def Con convention, were mysteriously axed Friday and the company behind its production, Rhino Security Labs, is giving no further statement.

Ben Caudill, a researcher at Rhino Security Labs, was set to unveil full hardware specs at the conference but has since been removed from the list of speakers at the conference. The device was described by Caudill on the Def Con events page: From the US to China and beyond, anonymity on the internet is under fire – particularly for whistleblowers. “While it is pure speculation on my part, since no one can speak on record,” Steve Ragan wrote for CSO Online.

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