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Ignition Strategies: How to Launch a Platform Business. Getting a new product off the ground is one of the great challenges in business.

Ignition Strategies: How to Launch a Platform Business

That’s well documented for entrepreneurs. VCs don’t get any return from more than 40 percent of their first-round investments and get back less than they put in for two-thirds. I haven’t come across any stats for major companies that launch new products but my experienced guess is that a lot of really new products go bust too. Google Video, Microsoft Kin, and the Apple Lisa are just a few that come to mind. The start-up problem is really hard for firms that are based on multi-sided platforms as I’ve explained in the previous posts in this series. Blast Off! How Two-Sided Platforms Ignited.

Facebook wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg and his partners made it look easy.

Blast Off! How Two-Sided Platforms Ignited

The social networking platform ignited almost immediately after it was introduced at Harvard College. It didn’t take many friends seeking friends and guys seeking girls and vice versa to create enough “fissionable material” as I discussed in the last entry. Within a week, more than half of the undergrads had signed on. Defining "Platform" and "Platform-as-a-Service" - ReadWriteCloud. A couple of weeks ago, Alex Williams asked on the ReadWriteCloud weekly poll what people thought were the "worst terms" in cloud computing.

Defining "Platform" and "Platform-as-a-Service" - ReadWriteCloud

The results were inconclusive. Or rather, there are a number of terms we dislike.