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Youth Self Employment Foundation - Who We Are. Altemius Milinga, Executive Director and Co-Founder Altemius Millinga is an economist and entrepreneur with 20 years experience in microfinance and small enterprise development.

Youth Self Employment Foundation - Who We Are

Mr. Millinga was one of the founders of YOSEFO in 1996 and became executive director of the organization in 1998. Mr. Before joining at YOSEFO Mr. He is a founder and Board Member of the Mbinga Community Bank, a regulated regional bank. Solar HOPE for Tanzania - rsadle's Photos. Ayúdanos a ayudar. Loans that change lives.

Kiva Friends - Summary spreadsheet. * "Kiva loan data" - Kiva's API seems to return the 16th of a month instead of the 1st as "Date First Repayment Due".

Kiva Friends - Summary spreadsheet

Is there any apparent reason for this or do the engineers simply don't know or care that the Due Date has been shifted forward? Is that happening on all your loans, or only on the ones prior to Kiva changing to a 1st of the month due date? * "Loans" - The "Expected Paid Back" today seems to already include what is expected to be returned on the 15th of this month (or am I imagining things?).

Is there any reason for this? It looks like I haven't correctly handled the fact that there is now a period between the previous due date and the next "expected" repayment date. In the old days we would expect the repayments on the 15th of one month for amounts due on the 15th of the next month, so it was just a case of saying that everything that was due up to the next due date was currently "expected". Looks like v2.01 will have to come out soon. Loans to Tanzania residents. Tanzania > Tujijenge Tanzania Ltd. September 11, 2011 As part of an ongoing effort to fully migrate risk ratings to our new and enhanced risk rating system, Kiva has conducted a re-assessment of the level of risk posed by this institution.

Tanzania > Tujijenge Tanzania Ltd

During this re-assessment, our analysts were able to gather updated operational and financial information about the institution, as well as speak with key members of the staff. The information gathered during this process, together with the Kiva's new risk rating system and half-star support, has led us to revise Tujijenge Tanzania's risk rating from 4 to 3 stars. The analysts have found that Tujijenge Tanzania's risk variables, reviewed in the new risk rating model, were most representative of a 3-Star rating.

Tujijenge Tanzania has been informed of our analysts’ findings and their corresponding change in rating. Original Partner Description Tujijenge Tanzania is a micro-finance company limited by shares based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Kiva Lending Team: España - Spain. How Kiva Works. KIVA - presentation leaflet.


Kiva Chronicles. Matt began developing Kiva in late 2004 as a side-project while working as a computer programmer at TiVo, Inc.

Kiva Chronicles

In December 2005 Matt left his job to devote himself to Kiva full-time. As CEO, Matt has led Kiva's growth from a pilot project to an established online service with partnerships across the globe and hundreds of millions in dollars loaned to low income entrepreneurs. Matt is Skoll Awardee and Ashoka Fellow and was selected to FORTUNE magazine's "Top 40 under 40" list in 2009. In 2011, Matt was chosen for the The Economist "No Boundaries" Innovation Award. He graduated with a BS in Symbolic Systems and a Masters in Philosophy from Stanford University. Articles Videos AMBITION Wed, April 9, 2014 Ambition.

Opening Plenary 2008 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship Thu, March 27, 2008 The 2008 Skoll Awards ceremony. 2008 Skoll Awards For Social Entrepeneurship Sessions Thu, March 27, 2008; 17:30 - 19:30 2008 Skoll Awards For Social Entrepeneurship. Kiva. The 50 Top Microfinance Institutions - Microfinance Publication. The 2009 MFI Benchmarks are based on the most recent data from microfinance institutions throughout the developing world.

Microfinance Publication

This data set includes information from more than 1000 MFIs reaching over 85% of known microfinance borrowers. MIX produces benchmarks and trends reports covering the microfinance markets in the developing world, using the most recent financial and performance data available. All reports and studies are available for free download at The benchmarking data set is available in 6 languages – English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Spanish, French and Russian. Additionally, you can view each indicator in the benchmarks data set across a broad range of metrics that capture the distribution of performance levels: Median, 25th Percentile, 75th Percentile, Maximum, Mean, Minimum, and Standard Deviation. Microfinance Tanzania.


Service Providers. Networks. MFIs. Microfinance in Tanzania. Microfinance in Tanzania began with NGOs and SACCOs (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations) in 1995 and has continued to grow with the increased success of microfinance internationally.

Microfinance in Tanzania

Microfinance is still a relatively new concept in Tanzania. Beginning in 1995, it was mainly linked to women and poverty alleviation. The government tried to convince commercial banks to support small and medium businesses. Once the National Microfinance Policy was implemented in 2001, microfinance was officially recognized as a tool for poverty eradication and with its increased use and exposure to the country, banks have taken an interest in offering microfinance.