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Interview Questions on Git, Github and Gitlab. 15-05-2017 Hits:131 SVN(Subversion) Mantosh The old way of software development where the release engineers ran from one mates to another mates to keep track on Developers to know which module they are working and...

Interview Questions on Git, Github and Gitlab

Read more. 3 Leading Enterprise Low-Code App Development Platforms – BestDevOps. Source – It’s no secret that enterprise mobile and Web app development is being transformed by a new class of tools enabling non-programming “citizen developers” to meet the insatiable demand for apps amid a shortage of coding pros.

3 Leading Enterprise Low-Code App Development Platforms – BestDevOps

These tools have many names — such as rapid-application development (RAD), low-code and even no-code — but they typically feature functionality such as model-driven development, point-and-click programming, drag-and-drop composability, wizard-based workflows and similar techniques. In comparing the top tools, we’ll go with the term “low-code,” used by Forrester Research Inc. for a series of “Forrester Wave” research reports, such as this one published last year. Another major research firm, Gartner Inc., recently chimed in with its own study of the tools. Both reports feature a “Leaders” category in their reports, and the only companies that were deemed Leaders by both firms were Inc., OutSystems Inc. and Mendix Inc. Trends in DevOps: Security – BestDevOps. Source – we’re pretty focused on being involved in the DevOps community by providing perspectives on where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re headed as a community — and of course hearing from the community as well!

Trends in DevOps: Security – BestDevOps

And, if you follow this blog you probably saw an earlier post recapping our Predictions and Trends in DevOps webinar, which brought together four DevOps thought leaders to give us their perspective on what’s happening in 2017 and beyond. If you haven’t already watched it, you can still catch it on-demand! In the first half of the discussion, we discussed the mainstreaming of DevOps and its adoption in the enterprise. For the second part of our conversation, we looked at two other key questions, specifically: Install Atlassian Jira using Docker. Best 6 Tips to Achieve Agility in DevOps. Source – DevOps is one of the key factors in a growing number of large companies and organizations to bring agility, reduce time to market, high quality products.

Best 6 Tips to Achieve Agility in DevOps

Successful adoption of DevOps model needs dedicated investment, resources, cultural shift and is continuous journey. DevOps has become key to enable Continuous delivery and Agility in organizations. It helps scale organizations to deploy solutions rapidly and consistently. Useful tools for web developers. 15-05-2017 Hits:12 SVN(Subversion) Mantosh The old way of software development where the release engineers ran from one mates to another mates to keep track on Developers to know which module they are working and...

Useful tools for web developers

Read more. DevOps Classroom Training. DevOps Concept, Foundation, Culture, Best Practices and Learning Problem That DevOps Solves Implement DevOps - Organization & Culture Continous Integration and Delivery Process Explore the DevOps background, approach, and best practices Integrate test automation with DevOps Implement continuous testing Discover the major steps required to successfully implement delivery pipelines DevOps Transition to a Project Operating Systems Windows Linux (CentOs & Ubantu) Version Control Management Tools Using Git.

DevOps Classroom Training

DevOps teams have poor security practices – BestDevOps. Source – Many organisations don’t enforce proper security measures in their DevOps environments, putting both the company and the product at risk.

DevOps teams have poor security practices – BestDevOps

This is according to a new report by Venafi, looking into security practices among DevOps. Using the same passwords for multiple machines, or not even bothering to secure communications between machines are some of the most common issues, usually among organisations in the middle of adopting DevOps practices. However, even organisations that say their DevOps practices are ‘mature’, still make these rookie mistakes. Just over half (53 per cent) of respondents in the middle of adopting DevOps claim security measures are enforced consistently. Among mature DevOps organisations, 62 per cent consistently replace development and test certificates with production certificates when code rolls into production. DevOps Role for Operations Team. First of all, we should know what Operations Team does.

DevOps Role for Operations Team

So, I will start with responsibilities of operations team and will move forward to see DevOps role in Operations at different level and than most important is skill sets for an operations guy and also in elaborated way. So, a very Quick view on Responsibilities Operations Team - Reviewing how various departments within an employer have interaction, share facts, deal with customers, and do things like make joint purchases of elements or outside offerings.

Candidates' education could sway voters: HC. Source - NEW DELHI: A voter may be "swayed" by the level of education of a candidate and prefer to cast his vote in favour of someone with a higher qualification, Delhi high court said.

Candidates' education could sway voters: HC

The observation by the court came in its order dismissing a plea by former BJP MLA Karan Singh Tanwar seeking setting aside of AAP legislator "commando" Surender Singh's election on the ground that he admitted to have furnished incorrect details of his education in the nomination papers. While dismissing the application, Justice Hima Kohli kept pending the main election petition against Singh, saying that it shall have to go through the rigours of a full-fledged trial for a decision. Classroom Training by scmGalaxy. About GitHub is a web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service.

Classroom Training by scmGalaxy

It offers all of the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features. It provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project. Objectives Single Repository Workflows Best practices for collaborating in a single repository. Hypervisor tools : Top 5. 18-04-2017 Hits:8 Incident and Bug Tracking Systems Mantosh Just imagine a situation when you put so much efforts to build a software or application and release it and after that users get error or issues in it on...

Read more 18-04-2017 Hits:8 General roushan First of all, we should know what Operations Team does. Read more. DevOps Tools Collections by scmgalaxy. 26-03-2017 Hits:169 Virtualization Mantosh Software developers are busier now than ever before. They want to do more work in less time with quality. But, as we all know it's not possible without right set... Continuous Delivery: 4 Ways to Improve. Source:- Apps used to be so large that they came on CDs. Today, software updates are small enough to download in the background of our smartphones. As our expectations for technology have increased, engineers have kept pace by continuously delivering smaller enhancements and feature upgrades to the end user. In a recent Atlassian survey, 80% of respondents used agile processes to build products faster and 65% of respondents relied on continuous delivery shorten their release cycles.

Continuous delivery requires teams to develop a “test early and often” mentality. Testing early and often can be challenging for QA teams. Build and Release Certification Training by scmGalaxy. Concept and Process Software Configuration Management overview Elements of Software Configuration Management Introduction of Version management / Source Code Management Overview of Build management Overview of Packaging management Build and Release Concept and Process Overview of Release and Deployment management DevOps Concept and Process Continuous Integration and Delivery Process Operating Systems Introduction of Linux Operating System Linux User Commands Linux Admin Commands Windows Administrator fundamental.

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Top 5 Code Coverage Tools. Today we will talk about code coverage tools which are used by developers for measuring the quality of the software testing. 5 Tips for a Trouble-Free Cloud Migration. Source:- If you’re considering migrating to the cloud, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, companies run 79 percent of their workloads in the cloud. It’s easy to see why: in a cloud environment, you benefit from redundancies that bring you as close as possible to 100 percent uptime.

It may sound ideal, but there are hidden roadblocks to migrating to the cloud. Before you make the move, ask yourself these five crucial questions: How Much Downtime Should You Expect? The exact amount of time will vary from one business to the next. Is Your Software Up To Date? After the migration is complete, your applications will be running on different equipment. Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Outsource or In-House? Instead, consider outsourcing the project to a company with experience in cloud migration.