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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Creating A Beautiful Classroom Infographic in A Matter of Minutes. April 28, 2015 Piktochart is one of our favourite web tools for creating posters and infographics.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Creating A Beautiful Classroom Infographic in A Matter of Minutes

We have reviewed it here in EdTech and mLearning in several posts in the past.And since then, Piktochart has added some really cool features and functionalities that make it super easy for users to easily design and share visually appealing infographics. The video we have for you today will walk you through the process of creating a beautiful infographic in less than two minutes. 10 Creative Pre-assessment Ideas You May Not Know. Pre-assessment is a powerful instructional tool.

10 Creative Pre-assessment Ideas You May Not Know

Conducted prior to new learning experiences, the process empowers students as much as it empowers teachers. I became acquainted with pre-assessment during the early years as a classroom teacher. PLN Starter Kit. Being a Better Online Reader. Soon after Maryanne Wolf published “Proust and the Squid,” a history of the science and the development of the reading brain from antiquity to the twenty-first century, she began to receive letters from readers.

Being a Better Online Reader

Hundreds of them. While the backgrounds of the writers varied, a theme began to emerge: the more reading moved online, the less students seemed to understand. There were the architects who wrote to her about students who relied so heavily on ready digital information that they were unprepared to address basic problems onsite. Giving Students Meaningful Work:Even Geniuses Work Hard. Moving From Decoration to Documentation. I've been thinking a lot about first impressions lately and about what our physical spaces say about the work that goes on in the library.

Moving From Decoration to Documentation

Five conversations to avoid this year.

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My Big Fat Secret to Holding Kids Accountable for Reading. “Does he really want us to read every day?”

My Big Fat Secret to Holding Kids Accountable for Reading

I overheard one of my rambunctious boys ask the kid next to him. It was only the first week of school. My Big Fat Secret to Holding Kids Accountable for Reading. What Does "Gamification" Mean? Editor’s note: last week, the glossary blog team brought you a post on informal learning – the multifunctional, always-useful, Little Black Dress of the learning world.

What Does "Gamification" Mean?

6 Learning Methods Every 21st Century Teacher should Know. After writing about the 14 techy concepts every teacher should know about, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is providing you with a list of learning methods together with their definitions.

6 Learning Methods Every 21st Century Teacher should Know

Knowing about these methods and employing them in your classroom will definitely make a difference in your teaching practics. _May_June2012. Lesson Plans. Art & Culture » Find lesson plans related to different media, including architecture, music, and visual arts, as well as subjects, including anthropology, philosophy, folklore, and more.

Lesson Plans

Foreign Language » Find lesson plans related to ancient languages, including Latin and Greek, as well as modern languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, and more. History & Social Studies » Find lesson plans related to AP US History, World History, groups of people, eras throughout history, and themes, including civil rights, globalization, immigration, and more. Literature & Language Arts » FREE/copyright clear sites for pictures and photos.

Absolutely free stock photos websites. The web is awash with free stock photo websites.

Absolutely free stock photos websites

Some are generic submit-your-own sites such as photo monolith Flickr, whereas others cater for specialised niche markets such as high quality travel photos, landscapes, people and macro photography. Many stock image providers such as charge per image download. However there are some hidden gems that offer absolutely free stock photos in return for the publicity generated.

Most other stock photography websites fit somewhere in between. Photos free for personal and commercial use. Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit. Exactly What The Common Core Standards Say About Technology. The Common Core Standards, the national academic standards for K-12 schools in the United States, have now been adopted by 47 of the 50 states in the U.S.

Exactly What The Common Core Standards Say About Technology

This makes them the pre-eminent source of what is being taught in the vast majority of public schools in America. Much has been made in the blogosphere and across social media of the changes compared to former academic standards that were dictated at a state level. Reactions usually involve the added demand these standards place on text complexity and general rigor. WES Media Center Infographic - Reflective Practice. My snapshot of the current school year isn't focused on circulation statistics, but my accomplishments and objectives for the remainder of the year. We often overlook the importance of reflection, focus on what our students are reading, and fail to plan beyond the required classroom lessons. This leaves little time and energy for growth, sharing and development of ourselves and our peers, which results in a lack of creativity and focus. It's important to note our successes and pitfalls and share them with others, promote lifelong learning and reading by our example and be bold in the setting of goals.

Do you agree? Have you experienced this? The infographic was created with Piktochart. What is PBL? To help teachers do PBL well, we created a comprehensive, research-based model for PBL — a "gold standard" to help teachers, schools, and organizations to measure, calibrate, and improve their practice. In Gold Standard PBL, projects are focused on student learning goals and include Essential Project Design Elements: Practical PBL: The Ongoing Challenges of Assessment. 5 Things Every Teacher Should be Doing to Meet the Common Core State Standards.

The following blog post was written by Eye On Education's Senior Editor, Lauren Davis. To read more newsworthy blog posts from Eye On Education, subscribe to our Insights eNewsletters . At the NCTE convention in November, everyone was buzzing about the Common Core State Standards . Teachers wanted to know how the new standards will alter what they teach and how they teach it. Differentiation - tools, tips and resources. Differentiation is an important aspect of education.