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21st Century Creative Resources. Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons. EMAZE - Create Amazing Presentations. Must Have Chrome Apps for The New School Year ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. A Step by Step Guide on How to Record A Screencast on Chromebook Using Google Plus Hangout. October 6 , 2014 In a post I shared a few days ago, I featured three web tools to use to create screencasts on Chromebook: These are Screencastify, Snagit for Chrome and Google Plus Hangout on Air.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Record A Screencast on Chromebook Using Google Plus Hangout

Following this post I received a couple of emails from some teachers inquiring about how to use the last option which is Hangout on Air. So I went ahead and created this visual step by step guide to help you create a screencast via Hangout on Air. This method works in all devices including Chromebook. 1- First, make sure you are logged in your Google account then head over to YouTube home page and click on the "upload" button. 2- Next, click on "broadcast" in Google+ Hangout On Air 3- Type in a name for your Hangout and then click on "share". 4- To start broadcasting and recording your Hangout click on "start". 5- Hover your mouse over the left side of the window until the task bar pops up then click on "Screenshare" 6- Choose the screen you want to share.

Edusight - Simple, beautiful tools for K-12 teachers. The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) PowerSchool Learning: (Previously Haiku Learning.) This is a full learning management system (LMS) that I’m trying to get our school to adopt. It’s multiplatform and robust, which makes it a great fit for our BYOD environment. It also works on top of Google Classroom, so I have all those features too, plus my grade book. Google Classroom: Teachers are moving in droves to Google Classroom. While it doesn’t have all the features of a full-scale LMS, teachers are giving students assignments and so much more with this awesome tool. There are many other content-sharing platforms, like Moodle, Canvas, and CourseSites. Screencasting and Capturing What Happens in Class If you’re going to share and interact with your students in the electronic and physical spaces (as you should), you must learn how to screencast.

In some exciting news, Apple has announced that iOS 11 (out later this year) will include screen recording capabilities and new screenshot features. Presentation Software that Inspires. Create and Explore Educational Content Online. Create and share visual ideas online. Write About This. Mobile Test Taking, iPhone Testing App, Interactive Exam Grading App, Wireless Interactive Scanning Examination, The Wise App. GradeNinja - Gradebook - Multiple Choice Scanner App. App Kickstart Guides from Google Play for Education.

Kickstart Guides are designed to build your Android app-titude for specific apps in Google Play for Education, by getting you up and running in as little as 15 minutes with videos, best practices, and much more.

App Kickstart Guides from Google Play for Education

More info about kickstart guides, including who they are for and how they might be used. Please let us know if you have any feedback. Get the app. Get the guide. You're good to go! Book Creator The simple way to create your own beautiful ebooks, right on your tablet. ClassDojo. Explain Everything

Explain Everything™ Tech For Teachers. Visible Tweets – A Twitter visualisation for displaying at events. EDpuzzle - software for adding questions & quizzes to videos. FOLD - write a story, find pictures and links that are a propos. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder. CloudConvert - convert anything to anything. Lesson Builder - use with PBS videos and links. Google Expands Its Educational Platform “Classroom” With A New API, Share Button For Websites. Google Classroom, the company’s educational initiative that launched last year to allow teachers and students to communicate and collaborate with each other using Google tools and services, has today received a number of new features, the most notable being a new Classroom API for admins, and a Classroom share button.

Google Expands Its Educational Platform “Classroom” With A New API, Share Button For Websites

The latter lets developers or schools simplify sharing content – including links, videos and images from around the web – with the Classroom platform. It’s being launched alongside 20 educational content and tool providers such as PBS, Quizlet, the American Museum of Natural History, Discovery Education, Duolingo, and TIME for Kids, among others. Classroom, a part of Google’s Apps for Education product lineup, first debuted in 2014 just ahead of the start of the school year.

Today’s news is about making it easier for admins, developers and schools to integrate and extend the use of Classroom.