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Old Computers. Grid Computing Info Centre. GLITCH ART. Journal of Architecture and Computation. [Nullpointer] Info[at]nullpointer[dot]co[dot]uk 33 Towngate / Thurlstone / S36 9QY / UK Mailing List(closed) Projects QQQ > A modified game environment rand()% > generative internet radio CCTEX > A covert-observation game environment WebTracer > 3d website visualizer AvSeq > An abstract sound-sequencing game PeaceKeeper > A modified-warzone game environment BitMapSequencer > GFX to Audio sequencer Q > an experimental game mod (with download) FSKN > experimental game demo mod DVD Painting by Numbers > flexible, traditional digital art Vendor Refill > Experimental electronic music Weevil > Wayward pop?


Dividebyzero > Auto-generative website Audiopool > Self sequencing/sampling audio sound toy PD > patches/externs for pure data Pixelmap > A 2d audiovisual tool Red Dragon > projects with experimental choreography Resources Moved to An Introduction to the Theory of Computation. Turing Machine Simulator. Maeda's SIMPLICITY.

039;s Computing Culture group's blog. SCALE Journal. Geographically dispersed grid, Part 1: Aligning computation and. Gallery of network images. These images are drawn from a variety of sources, including my own articles and articles by others.

Gallery of network images

The sources are detailed at the bottom of the page. References: High school dating: Data drawn from Peter S. Bearman, James Moody, and Katherine Stovel, Chains of affection: The structure of adolescent romantic and sexual networks, American Journal of Sociology 110, 44-91 (2004). (The image, however, was made by myself and isn't published anywhere else except on this page.) Last modified: October 8, 2004. Mehack. Uitous Computing. Forum on Ubiquitous Computing. Messages Jim Mitchell: I was shocked to hear of Mark's passing.

Forum on Ubiquitous Computing

Mark and I interacted only a few times per year over the last 10 years or so, but I always found myself resonating with his ideas, which continue to have a profound influence on me in my pursuit of ubiquitous computing at Sun Microsystems in the Java world. Of course, it was also easy to resonate with his drum playing in Severe Tire Damage, but that was a much more physical and visceral "resonating" :-) I already miss him a lot. We needed him in this valley. Hugh Messenger: I first met Mark in about 1984, whilst working for Xerox, deploying "our stuff" to various schools around the world, as part of a university grant program. Five years later I met him at PARC in his new role, whilst I was working for EuroPARC in Cambridge, as a research support programmer ("they think it up, we make it work").

I cannot express the sense of loss I now feel. A decade ago I left the womb, so to speak, and quit Xerox. Eric Saund: Frieder Nake: CityBuilder. Norbert Wiener related links. Norbert Wiener (1894 - 1964) "Wiener’s work before and during World War II led to the publishing of Cybernetics, or control and communication in the animal and machine in 1948.

Norbert Wiener related links

In it, he described a new way of looking at how the world functioned, based on his research on the way in which information is transmitted and processed. He saw a world that focused on information, not energy; and on digital or numeric processes, not machine or analog. His theories not only laid the foundation for this new field of study, they also largely predicted the future development of computers. " Homage to Norbert Wiener "This suite of works, as 'homage', provides a playful cybernetic exercise which touches the very heart of the 'human - machine' dialectic.

Norbert Wiener's Ideas at the Dawn of the Age of Computing "I wish to share with you a bit of the history of computing. Cybug Central "The cybug is intended to mimic life in it's most basic form. The Human Use of Philip K. UCLA Department of Cybernetics. Computing Machinery and Intelligence A.M. Turing.