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Un meuble de rangement grâce au Ikea Hacking.

Office Design

101 Epic IKEA Hacks for Your Home. Moon Glass Set. The Moon Glass is a clever cup design from Seoul's Tale Ltd that mimics the phases of the moon as you drink.

Moon Glass Set

Fill it up with a nice rice wine (or any other beverage of your choice) and watch as each sip you take brings the moon from full to three-quarters, half, and crescent. The trick is achieved by a slope inside of the cup and the sleek black glaze creates a fantastic contrast with opaque or cloudy beverages. The Moon Glass set includes two cups in your choice of either 80ml or 170ml. Details Each set includes two cups.Large cups are 2.25" tall and hold apprx. 170mlSmall cups are 2" tall and hold apprx. 80ml About Tale Ltd.

M.fastcompany. If your apartment is in a dense urban environment, chances are natural light and air are in short supply.


Designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia recognized that one way to greatly enhance a small space without a major overhaul is to rethink windows. What if they could become occupiable spaces that capture sunlight instead of existing as two-dimensional apertures on the facade of a building? Garcia explores how three common window typologies—casements, hoppers, and awnings—could be adapted into niches.

Etagère Readers Nest – David Design. Wis Design a été crée en 2006 par Lisa Widén et Anna Irinarchos, deux designers indépendantes suédoises qui venaient tout juste de terminer leurs études.

Etagère Readers Nest – David Design

En très peu de temps elles se sont imposées dans le monde du design en créant des meubles et d’autres objets de décoration d’intérieur. Elles ont gagné de nombreux prix grâce à leurs idées innombrables et géniales. Lisa Widén et Anna Irinarchos ont un style personnel poétique et ludique qui contraste avec la conception industrielle. M.fastcompany. Lamps: excellent at mood lighting, much worse at being transported.


Luckily, a few innovative designers have come up flat pack options, like this 3-D printed shade and this easily assembled reading lamp. The Swedish design firm Kovac is entering the market with their own solution to the clunky lamp: a lovely wooden lantern that packs flat and fans out. Named the 25Lamp for its 25 wooden pieces, Kovac's lamp works sort of like those Chinese sandalwood fans. When not in use, the parts fit firmly together in a half-moon shape; when opened up, they spiral around the light bulb like a shell. A cord and plug attached to the top makes it simple to hang the lamp just about anywhere. Buy the whole thing for around $280 or just the shade for $256 at Kovac's online store. Black and White Icons Inspired by Studio Ghibli Films.

Des idées pour faire soi-même un abat-jour DIY. Luna: Bring the moon along with you. When was the last time you looked up at the moon?

Luna: Bring the moon along with you

Divine and serene, the moon is a resting place for our heart. Paper. Build 3D paper letters from a nifty font. Speaking of Fontstruct, I found something cool over there.

Build 3D paper letters from a nifty font

Punched Out is a free font that allows you to type letters, print, cut, fold, and glue to make 3D forms. Created by Tobias Sommer, it's available for download at Dafont or Fontstruct. I gave it a try while watching TV. It's a little tedious, but the result is fun! I printed the letters in gray, scored along the center of the dashed lines, and folded so that the printing ended up on the inside of each letter. Daily Spoon - stiankorntvedruud.

About — Silvia Song. Silvia Song is a Bay Area based artist and designer devoted to discovering forms in function and beauty through simplicity.

About — Silvia Song

Her aesthetic is matched by a steady hand, turning chosen timbers into timeless creations. With a background in architecture, her explorations in woodturning as a means to form-making and study became a meditative exploration in the natural and temporal beauty of wood. Silvia's pieces embody the spirit of the maker, whether it is the tool mark left on the inside of a vessel form or the hand finishing and sanding of each turned bowl. Her unfinished pieces are meant to naturally patina and amber over time through use and touch. It leaves the mark of the users and adds to the continual history of what was once a beautiful tree.

Born in Saõ Paulo, Brasil, and raised in Los Angeles, Silvia Song received a Bachelor of Architecture at California Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2002. Ce n'est pas juste une enceinte, c'est votre nouvelle amie ! Étagères modulaires pour votre salon. « Blanches, noires, rouges et vertes, mes étagères sont aussi colorées que mon métier » Quand on entre dans ce loft, on ouvre des yeux ébahis : ici, le studio de cinéma, le salon et l'atelier ont fusionné en une seule pièce.

Étagères modulaires pour votre salon

Diana est styliste et travaille à son compte à Cologne, un haut lieu des médias. Pour accessoiriser les décors de plateaux TV, elle se repose sur ses propres fonds. La gamme va de minuscules vases jusqu'aux mannequins de vitrine surdimensionnés. Tous les objets sont rangés de façon bien visible et surtout à portée de main dans ses étagères en bois modulaires.

Les étagères en MDF sont non seulement utiles, mais également belles Qu'est-ce qui vous a séduite chez Cubit? Couche de laque de couleur pour plus de fun dans la déco « Blanc, noir, vert, rouge et gris : ce sont les couleurs que j'ai finalement choisies.