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TUTORIAL: How to Set-Up Your Website on Incapsula. The Complete Flat Website Design Guide. Flat website design is steadily becoming popular replacing the commonly known intricate designs that are dominated by drop shadows, gradients and brushes. Flat websites is the new trend with a rising design style that incorporates flat shapes and icons. A flat design basically revolves around the use of triangles, circles, rectangles and other shapes without the need to use other design elements like gradients, strokes or shadows as seen on Microsoft’s most-recent computer operating system Windows 8.

A flat design is specifically based on two principles- readability and simplicity which guide designers in coming up with flat yet stylish software designs, web layouts, posters and other key applications. Simplicity Flat design refrains from the use of intricacies with the absence of drop shadows, strokes and other design elements. This is because more and more people are now embracing simple and easy to recognize website design styles. Readability Simple Elements Typography Color. Why your business should be blogging. If a web designer has a website, he most likely treats it as a resume that showcases his portfolio of work.

This can be particularly true of web designers who are constantly preoccupied with searching for leads and bidding on projects to secure their next client, preventing them from investing the time to develop content for their blog. Unfortunately, this short-sighted approach can lead to a never-ending struggle to grow a web design business. Here's why your web design business should be blogging and how content marketing can offer you long-term growth and stability. 01. Trust and credibility It's one thing to tell potential clients you're trustworthy and experienced, it's another to prove it. Web designers can achieve this by sharing industry knowledge, best practices, insightful analyses, and pre-emptively addressing common questions, problems, or concerns clients may have. For example, I recently created to teach beginners how to build a blog. 02. 03. 04.

Final word. 100+ Blogging Tools For 2015, Categorized (+ Expert Tips) - free quality website monitoring. Experiments on Google+ and Twitter Influencing Search Rankings. The mystery began on July 3rd when Google Realtime Search went dark. The next day we learned that the underlying cause was Google losing access to its special Twitter data feed.

The source of the disagreement is unclear, but the effects have been immediate. Realtime Search disappeared - all of it, not just the part that relied on Twitter. This included Realtime results from Google News, Blog Search links, Facebook fan page updates and more. No Realtime results? What if it took the world hours, instead of minutes, to learn about the tweet below? To gain perspective on what's at stake, consider the example of journalists and protesters staying abreast of current events during the recent government upheavals in the Middle East. Yes, this s#&t matters. For the past two years Google used Twitter not only to power Realtime results, but also for faster indexation of content and, we believe, to calculate Author Authority for use in their ranking algorithm. Test 1: Firehose On Test 2: Firehose Off 1.

Why Content Matters in Social Media Marketing - D6 Interactive: Dallas Web Design | Fort Worth Web Design. Making use of social media for a company’s marketing efforts isn’t unheard of, especially in a time and age such as this one where communities have stopped being exclusively used to pertain to a locality or residence, but have now become present even online. Social media is currently being used to reach out to a wide variety of people globally, and not only that - social media is also being used to set up a place where people can regularly interact with each other.

One way to greatly establish customer interaction is through generating content. But content generation is a lot more than just talking about who you are and what you offer. In fact, your content shouldn’t always be about you. To make content in social media pave way for customer interaction, it should always highlight your customers.

Your content should also be clickable. Another thing to consider when posting content for your social media marketing efforts is making sure that it reaches your target audience. Imagine that? Digital Marketing Resources. Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik - Digital Marketing and Analytics Blog.