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The opera-loving sisters who 'stumbled' into heroism. Between 1934 and 1939, two "nervous British spinsters" were regular visitors to the opera houses of Germany and Austria.

The opera-loving sisters who 'stumbled' into heroism

But the trips also served a greater and more dangerous purpose - saving Jewish lives. Ida and Louise Cook risked their own lives dozens of times by smuggling out valuable goods for those those attempting to flee the Nazi regime, as well as passing on messages and meeting contacts, some of whom were active in the underground movement. This is what happens when an AI-written screenplay is made into a film. Artificial intelligence has recently been trying its hand at various human creative endeavours, from cooking to art, poetry to board games, but nothing is quite as surreal as a robot writing the script for a science fiction movie – until now.

This is what happens when an AI-written screenplay is made into a film

The script and movie were the product of director Oscar Sharp and Ross Goodwin, a New York University AI researcher. A so-called recurrent neural network, which named itself Benjamin, was fed the scripts of dozens of science fiction movies including such classics as Highlander Endgame, Ghostbusters, Interstellar and The Fifth Element. From there it was asked to create a screenplay, including actor directions, using a set of prompts required by the Sci-Fi London film festival’s 48-hour challenge.

Prove it. Pension Freedom - Martin Lewis’ 5 minute briefing. The 6 April 2015 saw the most radical changes to private pensions for a generation.

Pension Freedom - Martin Lewis’ 5 minute briefing

The political spin is it was for ‘freedom and choice in pensions’. This sounds like an unmitigated plus. Indeed there are many more options, and for those who know what they’re doing it’s great, but it also means it’s easier to make a mistake. If you’re about to take your pension, our free 40-page 'What to do with your pension at retirement' booklet has detailed help. Yet if you just want to be up-to-date with what pension freedom means, here’s my five minute briefing to take you through it.

Pension freedom sounds like something from Braveheart – what’s actually happening? I suspect George Osborne does picture himself as a financial freedom fighter. This is all about how you use your pension savings. Yet for decades most people have effectively needed to use the remainder of the money to buy an annuity – a product that pays you an income each year until you die. Walter Irving Scott. Early life[edit] Born in Providence, Rhode Island on July 1, 1895 he was the son of a British engineer, Edward Augustus Scott, and his Scottish wife Jessie Barnes Smith.

Walter Irving Scott

In 1899 Jessie left her husband, after enough of his self-indulgent ways, with her four children, Jesse, Edward, the 4-year-old Walter and his sister Florence. The young Scott showed no natural qualities and drifted around with no particular purpose in mind. Then one day he found himself baffled by a neighbors card trick. He began studying card sleights and magic and entered some talent contests when he was 12. Aged 17 Scott began to travel the states to find out "what the cardsharps actually do".

Music career[edit] Scott gave up working with cards in 1924 to focus on his love of music. Louis Malle Questions British Cuisine in 1975. Study Plan for Intermediate Players: The Opening! Target Skill Range: Intermediate (Rated 1400-1799) Acquire the knowledge you need to approach the opening with confidence and achieve success!

Study Plan for Intermediate Players: The Opening!

Tasks: Intermediate players should be taking the steps to develop a consistent approach, and see that "planning" in chess begins as early as move one. 1. Extend Your Base Knowledge of "Tournament Openings" An intermediate player should be able to recognize most "main line" chess openings, even if he/she hasn't yet mastered them. Use our Game Explorer and Book Openings features to learn the first 7-10 moves of the following list of openings, commonly played by Master-level chess players.

Learn 1.e4 Openings: 100 funny jokes by 100 comedians. Sorry, David Cameron, but your British history is not mine. The people confront the king in the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, 'when ordinary folk rose in rebellion at a poll tax.

Sorry, David Cameron, but your British history is not mine

Women such as Johanna Ferrour played a key role.' Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis The government's crusade to embed "British values" in our education system is meaningless at best, dangerous at worst, and a perversion of British history in any case. It's meaningless because our history is the struggle of many different Britains, each with their own conflicting sets of values. For example, the values of many post-Thatcher Conservatives are predominantly neoliberal, drawn from an ideology that champions the extraction of commercial value from everything and that has little respect for national boundaries. My own values, on the other hand, are inspired by a variety of Welsh, Scottish, English and foreign socialists.

Where the government's agenda becomes dangerous is if one side claims its values are those of the nation as a whole. Tehran street style – in pictures.


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