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Bee Pollen as a Yeast Nutrient. As with grape wine, the fermentation and maturation process of mead can vary considerably due to multiple factors.

Bee Pollen as a Yeast Nutrient

Yeast has specific nutrient requirements for reproduction, with nitrogen (particularly yeast-assimilable nitrogen; YAN) being one of the most important. Other major factors that influence mead fermentation are low pH and low mineral content (lighter honey). If these factors are not properly managed through the use of various supplements, the results could be a prolonged or stuck fermentation. For this post, I will focus on the efficacy of using bee pollen as a primary supplement of YAN, as well as other vitamins and minerals, required for a successful fermentation.

Specifically, I will summarize some of the results of a research paper titled Influence of pollen addition on mead elaboration: Physicochemical and sensory characteristics. Bee pollen is one of the several products that are collected from beehives. Here are some highlights from the study mentioned above: Methods. Imagine & Create – Make & Do. Show Promoter Information: Daylight Artworks, Inc. Show-Me Rockhounds Kansas City. Have you ever seen dyed agates and wondered how they get such brilliant colors?

Show-Me Rockhounds Kansas City

The process is more simple than you might think. A company buys banded agates in bulk and soaks the slabs in certain chemicals for a certain amount of time (in a fume hood of course). Heat treating may also be required. But how do they preserve the white stripes that make the agates look like agates? This is simply because some bands are porous and will absorb the dye, but the denser layers and the quartz crystals will remain white because they are too dense to absorb the dye. (Note: To discourage you from trying this at home, I’m not going to specify the concentrations.) Red: Iron (II) nitrate for several weeks folllowed by heating to 300 C Green: Potassium chromate followed by ammonium carbonate plus heating to 440 C Blue: Potassium ferrocyanide followed by ferrous sulfate.

Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: How to Do Herringbone Wire Weave with Beads: Free Tutorial. As a follow up to the basic herringbone wire weave link tutorial, here is a tutorial for the variation with beads.

Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: How to Do Herringbone Wire Weave with Beads: Free Tutorial

I used silver 20 gauge wire for the center and 24 gauge wire for the herringbone wraps for a two-tone metal effect. One thing I really like about adding the side beads with a large center bead is that it looks like an evil eye. I think that look could probably be played up a little more in the design with your choice of beads. How much wire you need will depend on the sizes of the beads you are using. The center bead for this project is a 12mm aqua faceted round bead and the sides are 4 mm faceted crystal beads. I recommend you make a practice component using craft wire instead of sterling silver or gold filled.

Cut a piece of 20g wire for the center - at least 3 inches long. I just want to point out, some people will make wrapped loops on either side of the center bead before starting the herringbone weave. Slide the coil tight aginst the bead. How To Wire Wrap A Bead. Wire wrapping a bead is a simple wire wrapping technique but just needs a little perseverance to produce neat and consistent results.

How To Wire Wrap A Bead

Once mastered you will be able to create a wide range of beautiful gemstone jewellery. The following step by step instructions show how to create this technique which is particularly suited to using with gemstone beads that have small holes. This is because the 0.3mm (28 gauge) wire is very fine and flexible and is great for wire wrapping. However, you can create the same effect with larger holed beads and thinker wire, it will just be a littler more difficult! We recommend starting small so that you can master the technique with ease. Tools Needed Side Cutters Round Nose Pliers Snipe Nose Pliers Components Needed Metal Wire - Preferably 0.3mm. Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: How to Do Herringbone Wire Weave with Beads: Free Tutorial. Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: How to Do Herringbone Wire Weave with Beads: Free Tutorial. Free pattern for necklace Evita. You can now decorate your Christmas tree with delightfully festive vulva baubles.

Nothing says Christmas joy quite like vaginas.

You can now decorate your Christmas tree with delightfully festive vulva baubles

Vaginas are brilliant. Just like Christmas, they bring delight, festive feelings, and the scent of roasted chestnuts.* *Not really. We can’t think of anything more fittingly Christmas-y to deck your halls with than vagina and vulva themed decorations. 19 penis-themed products for anyone who just loves dicks Because Christmas is all about happiness, the spirit of giving, and togetherness. So we were delighted when we discovered that one wonderful crafter is finally giving the world what it’s so desperately been waiting for: handmade vulva baubles, crafted out of felt. Feltmelons makes glorious vulva baubles in a wide range of jazzy colours (pink is fitting, but green feels more festive), all hand-crafted with wool-blend felt and lovingly embroidered. The clitoris is a jingling Christmas bell, that you can happily tap and stroke for festive fun.

Plus Feltmelons is Canada-based and the vulva baubles may take a little while to be shipped. BB-8 Architectural Desk Lamp. Canned Unicorn Meat.