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6 Tips for Launching a Product on Facebook. Businesses rely on Facebook to increase brand awareness, build community and strengthen customer service (for starters).

6 Tips for Launching a Product on Facebook

But how can companies effectively leverage Facebook to amplify new product launches? We spoke with some companies — large and small — that used Facebook to effectively introduce products to the marketplace and generate new sales. 1. Build a Targeted Audience To ensure that time spent online is time well spent, businesses must focus on building and cultivating a targeted audience. As sneakpeeq co-founder and president Henry Kim says, “We learned that if you get the right audience to share your product in the beginning — and getting this audience excited about your company is a giant step — you can do this with little money. A growing Facebook community is also an evolving community. 2. In addition to giving away a small number of golf balls, Nike Golf also offered a free shipping promotional code as a “consolation prize.” 3. Account for design restrictions. 4.

Social-Media-For-the-Career-Minded.png (600×4840) Social Media Explorer - Social Media Marketing And Social Media Consultant Jason Falls. Seth's Blog. Marketing+social media - Dave Duct Tape Marketing. QR-Code Generator. Facebook. Social media. SHOCKER: 3% To 7.5% Of Fans See Your Page’s Posts. If you have a business fan page, you want those fans to see your posts, right?

SHOCKER: 3% To 7.5% Of Fans See Your Page’s Posts

Well, the chart above shows that fan page owners are grossly overestimating how many people they’re reaching through posts. (Note: That chart based on pages that together represent more than 400 million fans; it was complied by PageLever, which is in beta and growing its data set. The PageLever charts rock (they’re much cooler than my lame MS Powerpoint table above), and if you want better Facebook Page insights, you should sign up for their beta. The “approximate % of fans seeing posts daily” and “total daily impressions per fan” columns are daily, so these numbers are affected by pages that are not posting daily.) It’s more of a shocker than you thought, isn’t it? I’ve been told that HubSpot recommends a 0.5 percent feedback rate as a goal.

If you aren’t thinking about how to get more likes and comments, you probably don’t understand how EdgeRank is reducing your visibility to your fans. The End of Demographics: How Marketers Are Going Deeper With Personal Data. Jamie Beckland is a Digital and Social Media Strategist at Janrain where he helps Fortune 1000 companies integrate social media technologies into their websites to improve user acquisition and engagement.

The End of Demographics: How Marketers Are Going Deeper With Personal Data

He has built online communities since 2004. He tweets as @Beckland. Marketers have built a temple that needs to be torn down. Demographics have defined the target consumer for more than half a century — poorly. Now, with emerging interest graphs from social networks, behavioral data from search outlets and lifecycle forecasting, we have much better ways of targeting potential customers. The rise of mass-produced consumer goods also brought the rise of mass-market advertising.

Marketers created that buy-in by bucketing people into generations. But now, that entire system has broken down. Fragmentation is now the norm because the pace of change is accelerating. Marketers have responded by adding more demographic information to the mix, but even that is a losing battle.