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Research Material. The more you know, the more you have to learn I would like to thank Vern Atkinson who took the time to scan these book and his kind permission for me to host them.

Research Material

Vern originally scanned these into Microsoft Word. I changed them into various other formats; so more people can access this valuable information. There are four other books which have maliciously used the name of Dr. T. My Visit to Venus - The original manuscript was written by Dr. Dr. Lobsang only ever wrote 19 books and they are listed here in their correct publication order. I recommend e-Books users use Caibre which is a free and open source (Windows - OS X - Linux) e-Book library management application developed by users of e-Books, for users of e-Books. NOTE: If you are downloading with earlier versions of Internet Explorer, ePub files will download as Zip files, so you will have to manually rename the extension from .zip to .epub.

Click book cover to read online. MATRIX V - Quest of the Spirit 6. Jesus Christ – “The kingdom of God is within you” Jesus was once asked when the kingdom of God would come.

Jesus Christ – “The kingdom of God is within you”

The kingdom of God, Jesus replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to. Then came these striking words: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or, lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) With these words, Jesus gave voice to a teaching that is universal and timeless. As Jesus made unambiguously clear, we can experience this inner treasure — and no experience could be more valuable. Aristotle This inner treasure of life has had many names. In every case, it’s understood that this inner, transcendental reality can be directly experienced. Spiritual effects of television and movies.


Spiritual effects of television and movies

Introduction to effects of television Television and movies are a way most people opt to both escape from their everyday problems, seek pleasure, as well as connect to the world in search for information and experiences. Given the universal appeal of television and movies we decided to study their effects at a spiritual level, both on the viewer, and their immediate environment. Among the questions we sought to answer were: Wild Elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of “Elephant Whisperer” Author and legendary conservationist Lawrence Anthony died March 2.

Wild Elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of “Elephant Whisperer”

His family spoke of a solemn procession of Elephants that defies human explanation. For 12 hours, two herds of wild South African elephants slowly made their way through the Zululand bush until they reached the house of late author Lawrence Anthony, the conservationist who saved their lives.The formerly violent, rogue elephants, destined to be shot a few years ago as pests, were rescued and rehabilitated by Anthony, who had grown up in the bush and was known as the “Elephant Whisperer.” The Urantia Book. This is the book cover of The Urantia Book, published by Uversa Press and designed by artist Gary Tonge, ISBN 9780965197236.

The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book (sometimes called the Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation) is a spiritual and philosophical book that originated in Chicago sometime between 1924 and 1955. The authorship remains a matter of speculation. The authors introduce the word "Urantia" as the name of the planet Earth and state that their intent is to "present enlarged concepts and advanced truth. " The book aims to unite religion, science and philosophy, and its enormous amount of material about science is unique among literature claimed to be presented by celestial beings.

A course in miracles

The Urantia Book. Torakosmos - Sacred or Secret? - Occult Dimensions of the Bible. Foundation for the Law of Time Galactic Information Booth. Robert Lanza, M.D. – BIOCENTRISM » Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End. After the death of his old friend, Albert Einstein said “Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me.

Robert Lanza, M.D. – BIOCENTRISM » Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End

That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” New evidence continues to suggest that Einstein was right – death is an illusion. Our classical way of thinking is based on the belief that the world has an objective observer-independent existence. But a long list of experiments shows just the opposite. We believe in death because we’ve been taught we die. Until we recognize the universe in our heads, attempts to understand reality will remain a road to nowhere. Consider the weather ‘outside’: You see a blue sky, but the cells in your brain could be changed so the sky looks green or red. In truth, you can’t see anything through the bone that surrounds your brain. Cassiopaea.

Qabala (Kaballah)

The Book of Aquarius - Alchemy and The Philosophers' Stone. Cancerous entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy (cause) and Universal Hierarchy arriving Judges (effect) As G.H.REES has revealed through the Netrino-Naser technology capabilities, the reincarnation process here on earth is done with advanced Dragonian-Cronian technology in the "second" dimension of matter rarification (invisible to our eyes) with the use of "soul traps"-"LUNA PARKS" devices-platforms that are scattered around earth on Geostationary orbits.

Cancerous entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy (cause) and Universal Hierarchy arriving Judges (effect)

Those devices capture the souls of the decarnated(dead) beings that travel upwards, as souls being lured to the trap with "Sounds and Joyful Lights of Party and Joy (Luna Park)" that the trap-device uses. Then the souls are carried to the moon where they are being processed and programmed through hypnotism and also through an electroshock procedure they erase the soul's memory.

After that they usually send the soul back to earth to incarnate to another body. As for the arriving Judges just watch those from planet Saturn. The day is coming. Further read:G.H.REES message to David Icke and his followers "Fairy Tale" for ...adults! Welcome to Angelic Gate. The Secret Initiation of Jesus at Qumran. Psychedelic information - Simple Guide To Brewing Ayahuasca.

The Ra Material

Spirit Science Splash Page Beta 3. NEW MEMBERS. Wholeness and Balance Vibrations and thank you for joining the Resistance Website.


Allow us to introduce ourselves. Our faction consists of wide array of people with a common goal of assisting all Species with expansion. This we feel can be done by building bridges to all levels of sentient life showing commonality through a microcosmic and macrocosmic perspective. We thought it of value to list the fields of expertise contained within the Members of our immediate think tank also known as the Astral Quest Crew. This includes Adepts of Esoteric Knowledge, Cymatic Linguists, Alpha Numeric Cipherist, Bio/Geo Energetic Specialists, Frequency Researchers, Vortex Imprinters, Subtle Energy Field Analyst, Whole Brain Operators, Symbologist, Breathologist, Naturopathic Physicians, Ayurvedic Masters, and Deprogrammers of brainwashing and MK-Ultra based mind control.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ® Central on-line resources for the Golden Dawn System of Magic. Wayki Wayki; books, blogs, and retreats; freedom, evolution, consciousness, authenticity. Welcome to The Key of Solomon. The Forbidden Religion: Gnostic Book.