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Build your own brain stimulator. OpenStim is a community that aims to develop a magnetic brain stimulator which you can build and use in your own home.

Build your own brain stimulator

The technique is known as ‘transcranial magnetic stimulation’ or TMS. In essence, TMS is a powerful computer controlled electromagnet that sends focused magnetic pulses into the brain. The magnetic field induces a current in the neurons, which then become stimulated as a result. This can be used to alter the brain in specific ways, either activating or deactivating certain areas of the cortex. This is often used for neuroscience research. Existing research has used this technique and has shown that stimulating certain areas improves mood or, in some instances, cognitive performance. The OpenStim project states their aims as: 1. Although they aim to build a “safe” device, I can’t actually see anything on their site which specifies exactly what they define as safe. However, a significant danger is that with enough pulses, a seizure is triggered. In other words, builder beware! BIZARRE NECESSITIES » The Effect of Solar Flares on Our Pineal Gland.

Tone Generator Software - Audio Test Tone and Sound Frequency Generator. Morgellons Group - Free PC Software & Rife Frequencies. Here is a very cool product that may or may not be of any use at all?

Morgellons Group - Free PC Software & Rife Frequencies

Lol It is: The NCH Tone Generator You only need the lite version of this software… and though its not free if you want a few of the features in the software… you can continue to use it for free without these features… and in my opinion these features are not needed for what we might be using this software for… And that would be to generate free Rife frequencies right out of your computer… Now, I have no idea how well this will work if it will work at all?

I think it will… What you want to do is choose the frequency you want and then set it for square / block radio waves… I am only trying to help here… If in fact this is a stupid idea and will not work like a Rife machine then I sure someone will let us know soon… that being said, I would do your own research to see if this will work as a rife machine rather than taking someone’s word for it that might just be a seller of the expensive machines… Acne vulgaris - 564. Super Zapper Deluxe 2006 Biowave Generator review « Zappers, Dr. Hulda Clark and parasites. Review of the Super Zapper Deluxe I have decided to focus on the Dr.

Super Zapper Deluxe 2006 Biowave Generator review « Zappers, Dr. Hulda Clark and parasites

Clark Research Association’s “Super Zapper DeLuxe 2006″ zapper for this review. I’ve had mine for quite a while now, and it is a solidly constructed unit. Physically, the size is just right for portability. Compared to most other Zappers the Super Zapper Deluxe is quite difficult to use, and for best results the manufacturer recommends using their very expensive Program Driver chips. I first got the idea for reviewing devices based upon the work of Dr. First Impression Out of the box this is an excellent looking Zapper. This Zapper comes complete with a very nice carrying case and yellow Wrist Cuffs. The Super Zapper DeLuxe 2006 Biowave Generator (Refurbished) Updated Frequencies As Reported. A researcher in Texas reported that 20,000 Hz. is a extremely effective frequency for general use and especially anti-aging purposes.

Updated Frequencies As Reported

Newly discovered gating frequencies for cancer: run Rife's primary cancer frequencies of 1,604,000 Hz. and 11,780,000 Hz. using a Gating frequency of 1300 Hz. or 1330 Hz. with a Gating Duty Cycle of 27%. Morgellons Frequency as reported by researchers: 2114 Hz. - This may be used as a "Gating" frequency Borrelia (Gulf War Syndrome): Sweep 378,000 Hz. to 382,000 Hz. and also use 378,500 Hz. Q: What are the frequencies of the human brain? Beta waves range between 13-40 HZ. The beta state is associated with peak-concentration, heightened alertness and visual acuity….. 40HZ beta frequency may be key to the act of cognition.Alpha waves range between 7-12 HZ. Recap of known flu virus frequencies. Unknown pathogens 384.3: 387.2 KHz 367.9-375.05 KHz 326.95: 331.5 KHz 293.2.. 297.4 KHz Plaque The following is a listing of the known MORs as compiled by Dr.