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User Guide - Customise:themes:designing-themes. Designing a theme for The Secretary is very straightforward.

User Guide - Customise:themes:designing-themes

Themes consist of a CSS file, layout files and templates, which are a mix of HTML and PHP template tags. The best way to design a theme is to copy the default theme, Aplonis, and begin editing from there. Welcome. Box Follow. The Secretary / Home. Web Designer?s Guide to PNG Image Format. Once upon a time, there was the mighty GIF image format, the most popular type of image compression for web graphics.

Web Designer?s Guide to PNG Image Format

Then, it was announced that software programs using GIF would require a license (this was because of the Unisys patent for the LZW compression method used in GIF). This change sped up the development for its successor: the PNG format. CSS Tools: Reset CSS. The goal of a reset stylesheet is to reduce browser inconsistencies in things like default line heights, margins and font sizes of headings, and so on.

CSS Tools: Reset CSS

The general reasoning behind this was discussed in a May 2007 post, if you're interested. Reset styles quite often appear in CSS frameworks, and the original "meyerweb reset" found its way into Blueprint, among others. The reset styles given here are intentionally very generic. There isn't any default color or background set for the body element, for example. .hpd files - FILExt Forum. HP had a document imaging software application that shipped with some of its printer/scanners.

.hpd files - FILExt Forum

Unfortunately it wasn't very popular and got practically no support in the sense of other applications handling that format. Even HP doesn't support it. You can search their site and find practically nothing about it.