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Minnesota Bird Songs. Stella By Starlight. As you all have probably noticed I haven't spent much time blogging lately.

Stella By Starlight

My life has been so busy something has to receive less time and attention. I decided to open a second antique booth in another small town close to Kansas City. Keeping two booths stocked and pretty is very time consuming and I also have to find things to add to my booths. One thing I have found while doing this is I love to adopt and restore orphan furniture.

My youngest son has been aiding and abetting me in my quest by picking up curb side finds. Since the only place I have store all this bounty is my front porch it now looks like a used furniture store. Really, they all do have potential for being beautiful, useful pieces that someone is going to love. I know it's hard to see the beauty in this piece. Before it became furniture storage my front porch used to be decorated for every season. Spring saw her decked out in lime green. On the 4th of July she shined. Christmas. Perry Como croons Oh Holy Night right in our very own living room.


Mom and Dad, not completely convinced the newfangled invention called television is here to stay, have moved the trusty old radio only as far as the dining room. “Truly a miracle," Mom murmurs, enchanted with the black and white snowy screen. “Where do you want it? " Dad, stomping snow off his boots and hanging onto a freshly cut, sweet-scented, green spruce, hollers from the kitchen. As Mom shows him the selected spot for this year's Christmas tree, I whip on my winter jacket, hat and mittens, speedily lace my figure skates, and flee—sailing down the street to the Dober Mining Location ice rink next to Trebilcock's house—making my getaway. Love Potion No. 9 by Jeanine Henderson. Romantic kiss sms messages. FunSMS.NET - The Largest Collection of Funny SMS Messages & Free SMS. Sweetest Day Card Messages. Our love is awesome.

Sweetest Day Card Messages

That's what I hear in my heart and my mind all day long!! Happy Sweetest Day! Rated: 0 | Email or SMS: 0 times | Favorited: 0 times | Click here to send SMS/Email message One of the sweetest parts of Sweetest Day is sharing it with you! St Patricks Day email stationery (stationary): Four Leaf Clover. Love Messages. I have something from you that make me smile and fills my life with happiness...Love!

Love Messages

Rated: 3.5 (1 votes) | Email or SMS: 5 times | Favorited: 3 times | Click here to send SMS/Email message The only thing that I want to see on you is the beautiful is not an option. St Patricks Day email stationery (stationary): Four Leaf Clover. Collages Wallpapers and Backgrounds - Page 18. Christmas Ornaments Paper and Spun Glass Postcards and Menus. These are, I think, gift cards in the shape of a clog.

Christmas Ornaments Paper and Spun Glass Postcards and Menus

They have been made by children in the "Lieve-Vrouwebewaarschool, Opgeeistenstraat 62, Ronse" a nursery school in Ronse, a town in Belgium. Texts are in Dutch, here is translation: Two are for "Blessed and Happy New Year", dated 1958, "Blessed and Happy Year" (forgot the "new") for 1959, while the one for 1960 says "Blessed Christmas". On the inside are texts "Peace on earth", "Merry Christmas", "Blessed and Happy New Year", while one has no text, and two have a picture of Jesus. They were together with self made crèches and ornaments. Christian_Hoff. Christian Peter Alfred Hoff blev født d. 9-8-1884 i København.


Christian Hoff døde d. 26-9-1964 i København. Forældrene var Litograf Peter Martin Hoff og Marie Sofie Frederikke, f. Jørgensen. Chr. Hoff blev gift med Ellen Mary Øllegaard d. 16-2-1912 i København. Chr. Chr. Tinywhitedaisies. Genine Z via the red thread. The red thread :: create, inspire, share craft tutorials, DIY, design, interiors genine Z via the red thread If you like this post, you may also like these...

genine Z via the red thread

New photographic prints from Kara Rosenlund LOVING :: Tinker by Printink Studio. Transfer your Writing, Drawings & Doodles into Chalkboard Graphics & Printables Using Photoshop! I've had so many of you ask me to do tutorials on how to work with chalkboard backgrounds in Photoshop, and I've been working really hard developing some awesome new hand drawn digital graphics that I'm going to be sharing with you all soon. Ever try "drawing" or "painting" in paint?

The result usually makes me look like I have the skills of a two year old.... Drawing by hand is SO much easier! Today, I wanted to show you how you can convert your drawings into digital graphics. Victorian Graphic - Dove with Roses. Friendship Pictures, Images, Graphics, Comments, Scraps for Orkut, Hi5, Myspace. HTML Code for Orkut, Myspace, Hi5, Tagged, Friendster: <p><a href=" src=" alt="Friendship Graphic"></a></p><a href=" | <a href=" | <a href=" target="_blank">Forward this Picture</a>

Friendship Pictures, Images, Graphics, Comments, Scraps for Orkut, Hi5, Myspace

Myspace Good Morning Comments, Orkut Scraps, Graphics. Good Morning Send this comment to your friend in E-mail This picture was submitted by Jay G.

Myspace Good Morning Comments, Orkut Scraps, Graphics

HTML Code for the graphic: Myspace Friendship Comments, Orkut Scraps, Graphics. The Quote Garden - Quotes, Sayings, Quotations, Verses. Quotes to re-read every day. Quotes & Poems. Quotes & Comebacks. Soul Quotes. Quotes. Fabric.

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