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Look at us on the Behance Network. 2wEW1.jpg (998×580) How to Build a Queen Size Bunk Bed. How To Turn An Old Pair Of Jeans Into The Perfect Home Concealed Handgun Location. How To Build The World's Best Paper Airplanes. 10 Really Cool DIY Gadgets That Will Take You no More Than 5 Minutes.

Do-it-yourself is a popular topic online: there are hundreds of tutorials and how-tos. But most of them are too hard to replicate and require too much time, effort and skill. This collection shares 10 cool things you can do at home with no more than 5 minutes spent: great ideas for DIY gifts and fun gadgets. Enjoy! 1. Old TV Book Shelf Looking for some home decor inspiration? Estimated time needed: 3 minutes (to find the old TV in the garage) 2.

This one will come particularly in handy during these long winter romantic nights! Estimated time needed: 2 minutes (to cut the plastic) 3.  Email Junk. How to Build the CMoy Pocket Amplifier. Chu Moy designed a very popular headphone amplifier that’s easy to build, and it can be built small enough to fit in a pocket, power supply and all.

How to Build the CMoy Pocket Amplifier

It’s powerful enough to drive very inefficient headphones to thunderous volumes from even weak sources, and it sounds excellent considering that you can build a bare-bones CMoy amp for just US$20, and a pretty nice amp for under $50. Considering that the cheapest of the worthy commercial amps is $100 and most of them are in the $200+ range, this is a very worthwhile cost difference. For these reasons, I think that the CMoy pocket amplifier is an ideal project to get started in audio DIY. This article is written for the beginner DIYer, though if you just want a guide to building this particular amp, you can skip to the parts or assembly sections.

If you are a raw newbie and don’t yet have any tools, see the companion article, Getting Started in Audio DIY. Self-defense nightstand. Thing in a Jar. Thing in a Jar 7 inches by 4 inches, mason jar Pictured above is the Thing in a Jar that's usually sitting in my office at work.

Thing in a Jar

The coolest thing about the Thing is that everyone responds to seeing it by asking questions. Where did I find it? Is it an internal organ? The Thing in a Jar is made out of Sculpey, acryllic paint and rubber cement. This is the third Thing in a Jar I've made. Here's a conceptual sketch I made of this Thing before I sculpted it. 1.5 by 2.5 inches, ballpoint pen Usually when I make a Thing in a Jar, I try to keep the shape ambiguous enough so that the viewer cannot really pin down exactly what they're looking at. The glass jar acts as a physical barrier, preventing the viewer from directly accessing its contents. I think this is much cooler than, for example, a painting, which basically has this big implicit sign hanging off of it that says, "I am just a painting of an object, not the object itself.

Ingenious DIY Idea: How to Declutter a Desk or Workspace. It happens to the best of us: we get seduced by some sleek ultramodern furniture design and forget to factor in what it will look like when we add cables, cords and other peripherals that have become essential in this age of electronic and digital technology.

Ingenious DIY Idea: How to Declutter a Desk or Workspace

This idea solves the problem from the other direction: rather than boasting an initially simple design, it relies on your actions after-the-fact to transform a messy desk into a brilliantly clean workspace. Van Mardian may have been the first to publicize this simple DIY desk organizing idea, but many people have since (and likely before) come to the same conclusion: a simple piece of composite pegboard mounted underneath a work surface makes it easy to use wire, zip ties or whatever other fasteners you may have handy and attach all your necessary-but-ugly essentials so they are not seen from above.

Best 10 Sites for Tips and How-To’s — TechnoZeast. Internet is filled with information and there are many site through which we stumble across whole day and night to find the right info about any particular thing.

Best 10 Sites for Tips and How-To’s — TechnoZeast

There are so many sites which share tips and How-To’s and many internet users wonder to find accurate information to help them here we have listed best 10 sites for tips and How-To’s check them out below. 1. instructables 2. eHow 3. About 4. 5. 6. 5Min 7. 8. 9. 10. The online room planning platform - GET THE IDEA! Light Switch Time Capsule. I get nostalgic when I move out of a home, especially if it’s one I’ve lived in awhile.

Light Switch Time Capsule

Leaving a secret treasure or two, stashed here and there, seems to help me get closure. Unlike, say, dropping a note down inside the wall, a note on the back of a switch plate is likely to be found sooner or later, but not right away. I’ve included a PDF template with a tiny font that makes it easy to fit a 500-word message on the back of a standard light switch plate. Update: Thanks to reader Cornflower who created an OpenOffice version of the template for those of you who prefer it.

Also, his version automatically wraps text across the openings!