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You, your mom, or that random guy down your block will all soon be able to join the ranks of startup investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission voted this past week to approve so-called equity crowdfunding rules for investors, an effort spawned by the passage of the JOBS Act way back in 2012. What that means is that startups or small businesses looking for investors can go through brokers or online platforms to find them—and those investors can now be, well, anyone.

This is a pretty big deal. It marks a shift in the kinds of capital that startups and small businesses can raise. 'Even if you're truly invested in investing in a startup, the odds are against you.' Now, entrepreneurs can turn to the crowd. So, You Want to Invest In the past, only so-called accredited investors have been able to invest in startups.

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These devices, broadly known as streaming media players, connect your television set to the internet and offer sensible ways to navigate most of what you might call TV these days: subscription services like Netflix, videogames, live sports, and who knows what else might be coming in the future. TL;DR version of this review The good news is that you really can’t go wrong. But if I had to recommend just one, it would be the new Apple TV. Make an adventure of discounts with sierra trading post coupon code 40% Vast discounts for the home with sierra trading post coupon code 40% The yearslong quest to make the ‘Star Trek’ tricorder a reality.

In one of QuantuMDx’s laboratories, a two-minute walk from its offices, O’Halloran becomes animated, shuffling quickly back and forth, oblivious to the stunning view of sun-streaked Victorian city-center architecture outside his window as he demonstrates the various pieces of kit that make up the Q-POC’s different iterations.

He first turns to a large box a couple of feet wide, under which sit a series of bottles. It’s an early version of the device, which breaks open and splits up DNA from a sample. From there, using a process called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), it multiplies the sample like a molecular photocopier. That copying creates enough DNA to subsequently carry out genetic testing for specific ailments or immunities to drugs. Traditionally PCR has been done in labs with big clunky machines: “For the rest of the world, it’s two hours,” he explains. “Everybody thought I was the mad professor, just hanging out and playing.

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Users are attracted to visuals much more than they are plain text. However, sharing an image that isn’t the right size can be terrible for you or your brand. SurePayroll has created an infographic (featured below), giving you the inside scoop on making sure your image is perfect, no matter where you choose to share it. From Twitter and Facebook, to Pinterest and Tumblr, this infographic has guidelines for getting your image sizing right on the seven most popular social media sites. The next time you have an image you’d like to share, double check the size before posting to ensure that your picture isn’t too big – or too small – to make an impact.

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