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How these social robots are helping autistic kids. At the Duck’s Nest preschool in Oakland, Calif., a fluffy blue robot asks a group of toddlers, “I want to be your friend.

How these social robots are helping autistic kids

Will you please be my friend?” Robotics experts are testing this low-cost and affable robot, called Romibo, at schools across the country. AWESOME Robots that can Help People. Robots Rule! Bionic robots!

Robots Rule!

Furry robots! Robots that can play soccer, ride a bike, and climb walls! You can see them all at a new exhibit called Robot Revolution, at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The exhibit, which opened October 8, explores the capabilities of 40 amazing robots. Upon entering the exhibit, robots and humans alike were there to greet me. Robots and the Environmental Future. A robotic float looking for clues for Global Warming Photo Source: Robotic innovations are helping scientists understand and combat environmental threats such as pollution and global warming.

Robots and the Environmental Future

From gathering data, to conserving resources, and eliminating hazardous materials, robots are on the move to save the planet. Robots for Kids - Games, Facts, Quizzes, Ideas, Robotics Online, Science Reso... Drones Take Off. Downloads - Explore - VEX IQ. Top 5 Green Robots. Youth create robots to solve disaster problems in Lego competition. News, views and everything robotic. Download (PDF, 20B) Background Robots are an increasingly common sight in U.S. police departments.

news, views and everything robotic

Robotics. How Robots Are Revolutionizing Our World - presented by T. Rowe Price and SlateCustom. Photo by iStockphoto/Thinkstock Images MCT via Getty Images We're all familiar with images of lurching robots performing rote tasks on the factory production lines.

How Robots Are Revolutionizing Our World - presented by T. Rowe Price and SlateCustom

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NASA Robotics - Robotics Alliance Project.