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Meritime Archaeology. Computers and the Humanities, Volume 35, Number 2. History - Games. Archaeological Institute of America - Archaeology - Site Preservation. The Archaeological Conservancy. Notice: The Archaeological Conservancy's online services do not use OpenSSL, therefore we are not affected by the Heartbleed Bug.

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Your information is secure. RECENT NEWS: In a stunning display of community, conservation organizations joined forces on the evening of March 18, 2014 to try their hand at the winning bid for the Junction Group Earthworks, a 20 acre tract of land containing a 2000 year old earthwork complex of at least eight earthen enclosures. The archaeological site was auctioned as a large farm field, and its desirable location increased the chance the land would be converted to residential development.

The project was an emergency acquisition and failure would result in a loss of irreplaceable cultural material. The conservation coalition offered winning bids on four parcels totaling 192 acres - including a forest and the earthworks. Interactive Dig - Archaeology Magazine's Online Excavations. UK Archaeology Map. Open Archive > Home. Cambridge Journals Online - Archaeological Reports.

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