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Campismo y articulos

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Scouts_de_Guatemala_-30_juegos_nocturnos.PDF. Easy Paracord Drawstring Pouch! How to make a Paracord Leatherman Pouch. Multi-Color Paracord Can Koozie. For this project you'll need: - two strands of paracord - 23-25ft each - you'll need at least 45' total to finish a typical can.

Multi-Color Paracord Can Koozie

When selecting your length keep in mind that it's better to have more than less. You can always trim off 2' of cord, but it's hard to add on an extra 2'. Paracord Wrap Bottle. Paracord wrist lanyard made with the snake knot. VIZ Retroreflective Safety Panel. The Problem: Drivers often have a hard time distinguishing cyclists, runners, wheelchair users, and motorcyclists during low light conditions.

VIZ Retroreflective Safety Panel

Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit. How To Make A Paracord Dog Leash Using The Seesaw Knot. FREE Paracord Rattlesnake Keychain + DIY Instructions. Paracord Cobra Stitch Pattern: make bracelets, keychains, lanyards and more. Making the snake knot. Guide to Paracord. Multiuse paracord hammock in a Nalgene. Tentsile Suspended Camping Tent. FloorLiner DigitalFit Product Education Center. In the quest for the most advanced concept in floor protection, the talented designers and engineers at MacNeil Automotive have worked tirelessly to develop the most advanced DigitalFit® floor protection available today!

FloorLiner DigitalFit Product Education Center

Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces offer a consistently perfect fit. A patented tri-extruded composition allows for a rigid core for strength while offering surface friction to the carpet, as well as tactile feel to the surface. The FloorLiner™ advanced surface design has channels that carry fluid and debris, away from shoes and clothing, into a lower reservoir. The lower reservoir uses additional channeling to minimize fluid movement while driving. IPX8 standard explained!!! Blog: Cool Tents for Chic Camping Vacations. DON'T MISS OUT….. ?

Blog: Cool Tents for Chic Camping Vacations

Get our latest discoveries straight to your inbox Spending time in the great outdoors is one of our favorite things, if you couldn't tell from the articles we've written on glamping, tents, and ultra-chic campers. A quick look around the web shows that we're far from the only ones who've fallen in love with all aspects of camping, especially when it comes to tent design. The humble tent has gotten a designer upgrade and now comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Haglöfs Petasus 2-Lagen-Jacke Herren im Online Shop von SportScheck kaufen.

Waterproof Ratings: What do the Numbers Really Mean\? - Waterproof Ratings: What do the Numbers Really Mean?

Waterproof Ratings: What do the Numbers Really Mean\? -

Why does your snow jacket soak through when it rains? Why does your rain jacket soak through if you lean against a rock? Why does one jacket seem to handle everything and another turn into a wet towel with any precipitation while both claim to be waterproof? Hopefully the information below can clear up a bit of this ever-confusing issue. While almost nothing is standardized in the outdoor industry, two waterproof ratings are commonly used: Pounds per Square Inch (psi) represents the amount of water force a fabric can handle before it starts to leak. Millimeters show the volume of water a fabric can handle over a 24-hour period before it stops being waterproof. Since psi and millimeter ratings reflect different fabric properties, they cannot be accurately compared to each other. So, what does all this mean in the real world? It’s all pretty simple, right? Camping Tips - how to video tutorials Camping Tips (Most viewed) HEIDER Super Torch. Your Camping Essentials - What You Need.

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Your Camping Essentials - What You Need

Like YourCampingExpert on Facebook to stay up to date with new posts and take part in our fun, games and competitions. When you love the outdoors, camping is a fun way to experience and appreciate the wonders of nature. To make sure you get the most out of your trip and enjoy it fully it is important to have checked through your camping essentials list. Winter Hammock Camping. By Derek Hansen, author of The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping Learn more about hammock camping at Just a few months after converting to hammock camping, I found myself on a winter trek with the Boy Scouts in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia.

Winter Hammock Camping

It was mid-February and very cold. Up to this point I had only used my hammock in the summer time and I absolutely loved it: extremely comfortable, low impact, and lightweight. Packing like a Pro. How to choose a travel backpack. Choosing the right backpack for your trip is probably the single most important travel purchase that you will make before leaving home.

How to choose a travel backpack

Your backpack will be your companion, your house, and the most important piece of gear accompanying you around the world. There are many brands and styles out there, so apart from a few important considerations, the rest is up to your style of travel and preference. Style First, you will most definitely want an internal frame travel backpack. Campismo y Caminata. Todo sobre Campismo. DÓNDE ESTABLECER EL CAMPAMENTO 1.

Todo sobre Campismo

El suelo debe ser permeable con ligero declive para lograr un rápido desagüe en caso de lluvia. 2. Es conveniente que haya árboles para obtener reparo, sombra y leña. Se debe tener presente que los árboles altos (álamo, pino Carolina, eucaliptos, tipa y otros) pueden desgajarse durante una tormenta y provocar un accidente. Los bosques formados por pinos, acacias, jacarandá, algarrobo, etc. son excelentes para campamentos. 3. 4. COMO HACERLO 1 Limpiar y nivelar el terreno. 2.Extender sobre el suelo el piso de la carpa 3.Colocar la estaca en una de las equinas y tomando la esquina adyacente estirar el piso y colocar la estaca de ese extremo. 4.Repetir la operación con las esquinas opuestas. 5.Fijar las estacas laterales del piso.