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Scientists Managed to Teleport Data over Three Meters with 100% Accuracy. Dutch scientists achieved accurate teleportation of quantum information over a distance of three meters.

Scientists Managed to Teleport Data over Three Meters with 100% Accuracy

This is a great achievement, but is still far from the famous phrase “Beam me up, Scotty!” From Star Trek where people were teleported into space. However, it is another step in this direction. Many scientists now believe that once teleportation of people from one place to another will be possible. Quantum Switches Controlled By Single Photons. Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize computing by exponentially increasing speed, computing power, and security as single atoms would be capable of performing tasks.

Quantum Switches Controlled By Single Photons

Though quantum computing is probably overkill for the typical person, it holds a great deal of promise for researchers and others who need ramped up computing. A team of researchers led by Mikhail Lukin of Harvard University have demonstrated an ability to use single atoms as gates that can block the flow of electrons and can be operated with one photon. What would a warp-drive ship actually look like? Artist Mark Rademaker has unveiled a set of concept images imagining what a spaceship capable of traveling to other stars in a matter of months would really look like.

What would a warp-drive ship actually look like?

Although it may look like something from the next science fiction epic and is unlikely to lift off anytime soon, his IXS Enterprise design is actually based on some hard science. View all Interstellar travel is one of the most frustrating buzzkills of the space age. Since launched in 1977, the Voyager 1 spacecraft has traveled about 116 astronomical units (1.08 x 1010 mi, 1.7 x 1010 km). Warp drive looks more promising than ever in recent NASA studies. "Interstellar travel may still be in its infancy, but adulthood is fast approaching, and our descendants will someday see childhood's end.

Warp drive looks more promising than ever in recent NASA studies

" The Starflight Handbook View all The first steps towards interstellar travel have been taken, but the stars are very far away. Voyager 1 is about 17 light-hours distant from Earth and is traveling with a velocity of 0.006 percent of light speed, meaning it will take about 17,000 years to travel one light-year. Fortunately, the elusive "warp drive" now appears to be evolving past difficulties with new theoretical advances and a NASA test rig under development to measure artificially generated warping of space-time.


Graphene. VION to strengthen its Food activities. 15 | Jun | 2012 Food producer VION Food Group has gone through an intensive review of its long-term strategic vision of “Balancing the Future” in recent months.

VION to strengthen its Food activities

This was triggered by the disappointing results delivered by VION in 2011, and the economic prospects for the years to come. This review has resulted in the strategic vision being reconfirmed, and the decision being taken to bring forward planned changes and investments. In 2011, the strategy and activities of VION Ingredients delivered satisfactory results. The strategy of adding value and of making the processing of raw materials more sustainable was achieved. The Rise of Growth Markets.