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Sierra trading post coupons. The US Navy is reinstating the ancient art of celestial navigation to fight a very modern threat. Around 220,000 investors in China stand to lose billions of dollars following the mysterious suspension six months ago of all trading at the Fanya Metal Exchange, a trading platform-turned-asset manager.

The US Navy is reinstating the ancient art of celestial navigation to fight a very modern threat

One of them is Zhou, a 30-year-old urban planner from Hangzhou, in the southeastern Zhejiang province. She and her husband, Chen, invested 90% of her family’s savings, or about 2 million yuan, in Fanya. Their account has been frozen since Fanya said in April it had run into liquidity problems. To add insult to injury, their income, which totaled around 40,000 yuan ($6,327) a month, has halved because China’s property market is cooling.

The couple has decided to put their home on the market and move in with her in-laws to make ends meet. Equally distressing for Zhou and other investors who Quartz interviewed for this story is the near total absence of any official action. Fanya, after all, was no risky fringe investment. Government links and zero risk How China’s big banks played a part. Sierra trading post coupons on cycling. The Dodge Viper Is the Last Great American Car. ​This is the way the Viper's world could end: not with the bang of obsolescence or defeat at the hands of its megabuck Eurotrash competitors, but with the whimper of a union contract that just happens to close one small-scale manufacturing facility.

The Dodge Viper Is the Last Great American Car

The supposed end of the Conner Avenue plant in 2017 would also be the end of the Viper. There's just no case to be made for restarting production somewhere else. It might impact FCA's ability to turn out more crossovers or something like that. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Sierra trading post coupons on Marmot Clothing.

Swatch Links With China Bank Giants for Mobile-Payment Watch. Swatch Group AG is linking up with China’s banking giants to sell a timekeeper that can make payments at retailers across the country, posing a challenge to Apple Inc.’s and Samsung Electronics Co.’s smartwatches.

Swatch Links With China Bank Giants for Mobile-Payment Watch

The timepiece will allow users to make payments at stores that have China UnionPay Co.’s point-of-sale machines, according to the Biel, Switzerland-based company which is also teaming up with Bank of Communications Co., one of China’s big-five banks. Retailing for 580 yuan ($91), the device called Swatch Bellamy will be sold in China at Bocom and Swatch outlets from January next year and later rolled out in Switzerland and the U.S., Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek said at a briefing in Shanghai on Wednesday. A near-field communication chip beneath the dial lets the device function in a way similar to a bank card. Game Not Over Watch-Straps Cie. China’s mobile payment transactions jumped 134 percent to 22.6 trillion yuan ($3.6 trillion) in 2014, according to the central bank. Pacsun coupons. Solar Impulse plane begins Pacific crossing. Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg has begun his bid to cross the Pacific, from China to Hawaii, in the zero-fuel Solar Impulse aeroplane.

Solar Impulse plane begins Pacific crossing

The experimental aircraft, which has a wingspan bigger than a jumbo but weighs little more than a large car, left Nanjing at 02:39 (18:39 GMT). It is likely to take Mr Borschberg five to six days of continuous flight to reach his central Pacific destination. He will try to stay awake for much of that time, taking only short catnaps. His progress will be monitored the entire way from a control room in Monaco. Meteorologists and flight strategists will constantly update him on the best route to follow. The journey is the seventh leg in the single-seat, propeller-driven aircraft's quest to circumnavigate the globe using just the energy of the Sun. The project made steady progress after starting out from Abu Dhabi in March, but was held up for more than a month on China's east coast waiting for the right weather conditions over the ocean.

LEG 1: 9 March. Can Ecstasy Replace Xanax? The last major decision on Obamacare.

Can Ecstasy Replace Xanax?

The future of same-sex marriage. A potentially huge setback for civil rights. Even if you’re no law junkie, this June will be riveting. One month from now, several core principles of civil rights and governmental power will not be the same as they are today. That’s because the Supreme Court, as it usually does, has saved its most contentious cases for last and will announce its decisions between now and the end of June. Three cases have attracted the most attention, but three others are sure to be contentious, however the court comes down. First, King v. But King, of course, is about much more than Obamacare.

In part, it’s the nature of this court: divided, increasingly engaged in lecturing one another, and concerned both about its own legacy and the way American society and government appear to be headed. This makes King a virtual referendum on Obamacare. The second most prominent case left on the docket is Obergefell v. Or maybe not.