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Reliability and Validity. Classroom Assessment. The values for reliability coefficients range from 0 to 1.0.

Classroom Assessment

A coefficient of 0 means no reliability and 1.0 means perfect reliability. Since all tests have some error, reliability coefficients never reach 1.0. Generally, if the reliability of a standardized test is above .80, it is said to have very good reliability; if it is below .50, it would not be considered a very reliable test. Validity refers to the accuracy of an assessment -- whether or not it measures what it is supposed to measure. Even if a test is reliable, it may not provide a valid measure. There are three ways in which validity can be measured. So, does all this talk about validity and reliability mean you need to conduct statistical analyses on your classroom quizzes? Reliability and Validity. Rubrics for Assessment. SAS - Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards Aligned System.