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Utvecklingsedare, Viadidakt Katrineholm/Vingåker och ordförande i Nitus - Nätverket för kommunala lärcentra

The Flipped Classroom! I förra veckan fick jag en inspirerande länk av min chef, och länken ledde mig till en illustration som beskriver tanken bakom "The Flipped Classroom", ett begrepp som idag dessutom dök upp på Twitter då @danielbarker skrev ett intressant inlägg om det i sin blogg, barkersthlm.

The Flipped Classroom!

Folkbildning. Projekt Digital egenmakt. Nätverket för IT i högre utbildning » OER-resurser. Wikipedia_i_skolan.pdf (application/pdf-objekt) Viadidakt. IT-Samordning. Digital delaktighet. Olika tankar runt det digitala lärandet. Internetguider. Digidel 2013 - En kampanj för digital delaktighet i Sverige. Digital delaktighet. .SE tror att internet kan bidra positivt till såväl individers som samhällets utveckling.

Digital delaktighet

Projekt Digital egenmakt. Skolan. Lä Digitala whiteboards. Learning Net. I debatten brukar andelen distansstudenter lyftas fram som en faktor som drar ner högskolans effektivitet.

Learning Net

Men distansstudenter vid Karlstads universitet presterar över rikssnittet. Lena E Johansson, utbildnings- och forskningssamordnare, och Lars Haglund, professor i ekonomi, har undersökt hur distansstudenterna upplever sina studier och vilka resultat de gör. Undersökningen visar att programstudenter på distans hade 85 procents genomströmning och att siffran för fristående kurser på distans var 55 procent 2009.

Collaborative writing software online with Writeboard. Write, share, revise, compare. Hello, We launched Writeboard back in October of 2005 as a stand-alone service.

Collaborative writing software online with Writeboard. Write, share, revise, compare.

A few years later we integrated Writeboards into Basecamp Classic and Backpack. Today, the vast majority of Writeboards are created inside those two products. As part of refocusing on Basecamp, we’ve decided to retire You’ll still be able to create Writeboards inside Basecamp Classic and Backpack, but you’ll no longer be able to start new stand-alone Writeboards here at But don’t worry — any Writeboards you already created here at will continue to work.

Thanks to everyone who used over the years. 10 Internet Technologies Educators Should Be Informed About – 2011 Update. These Technologies Are Changing Education.

10 Internet Technologies Educators Should Be Informed About – 2011 Update

Are You Familiar With Them? It’s been nearly two and half years since the publication of the first “10 internet technologies that educators should be informed about” article on this site and given the fast paced evolution of technology it’s time for an update. The start of new school year is the perfect time to refresh this list! Below you will find updated information for 5 of the technologies from the original posting, and 5 new technologies that have earned their rightful place in the list (displacing 5 other types of tech, that while still worthy, are not quite as relevant today, IMHO).

This is not intended to be a definitive listing, but rather an informed resource that provides insights and raises awareness. 1. Webb, data och flexibelt lärande. Webb, data och flexibelt lärande.

Ipad i utbildning

Samarbeta online. iPads. All About Apps for (Special) Education. I keep finding more and more excellent resources around using iPads, iPods and Apps in (Special) education and wanted to share some of my favourite links with you.

All About Apps for (Special) Education

The first comes from the great Victorian Government site called Ipads for Education . There are a number of resources in the support section, including the handout ‘iPads in Special Education’ . Special Education Apps for iPad. Add In my classroom , I was blessed to have students from amazingly diverse backgrounds and with an array of skills and strengths. I worked relentlessly to build in supports and foster an inclusive community for all of my students. This meant cutting, laminating, velcro-ing, washing, re-making, and constructing what felt like a million supportive learning devices for my students with and without special needs. 10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone. This post is part Five of the Special Needs iPad & App Series.

10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone

In only one year the Apple iPad has revolutionized the tech industry. 15 Million iPads have been sold and estimates are that within the next 3 years over 115 million tablets will be shipped. Dozens if not hundreds of applications have been created that enhance the quality of life for individuals with all types of disabilities. This has lead Apple to create a special education section in the App Store. To try and make sense of all of this we have put together a nine part series on the iPad and useful applications. In part four we discussed 11 Social Skills & Life Skills Apps in iPad App Store.

- iPad apps for children with special needs. 0 Comments March 25, 2011 By: Guest Blogger Mar 24.

- iPad apps for children with special needs

Handheld learning. Personalize & Unpersonalize iPads All In Same Class Period.'s on Education Pearltree. Mobile Learning. Digital Delights. Digital Delights for Learners. Search. Corridor of learning. Utbildning på nätet. We are pleased to announce the Learning Revolution Conference, online and free, April 21 - 24, 2014.

Utbildning på nätet

Our goal is to bring together people who are thinking about learning from our important learning places: the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional, and home learning worlds. We want to explore and bridge the conversations about learning that are common to these worlds, including: learning theory, learning practice, learning science, learning space design, and technology for learning. What are we "learning about learning? " The Internet is shifting the boundaries of these worlds and we believe that they will increasingly overlap and integrate. We also believe that conversations across these boundaries are critical to framing and preparing for the learning revolution starting to take place. Via Kim Flintoff. Nitus - Nätverket för kommunala lärcentra. Re:flex » Nättidning för folkbildningens flexibla lärande.

Re:flexbloggen. Reflexfbrs kanal. Folkbildningens öppna lärresurser 2010. iPad Resources. Lärcentra. Startsida. Startsida - Högskoleverket. Free Books Online.