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Obama to announce executive actions to help prisoners rejoin society. Barack Obama will announce a series of executive actions to help current and former prisoners re-enter society on Monday, as the president continues his campaign to wind down the war on drugs and reform a “broken” system.

Obama to announce executive actions to help prisoners rejoin society

Obama’s plans include millions of dollars in education grants for current prisoners, new policies to help former inmates find housing, a “clean slate clearing house” to help former prisoners clear their records where possible, and a call to Congress to “ban the box” – the space on a job application that asks about criminal backgrounds. Effect of Flowers Freshness. Gift personalized flowers for your dear ones at exceptional discounts through 1800flowers coupon 30% MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key. Stay prepared – without rocking a tool belt.

MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key

The multipurpose MyKee may look like a simple key, but can open boxes, pop tags, peel vegetables, remove staples, work as a screwdriver and wrench, and open, pop or cut just about anything else you need on the fly. Choosing the Right Sympathy Flowers to Send to a Bereaved One With 1800flowers Coupon 30% Send Same Day Flowers In An Easy And Reliable Way With 1800flowers Coupon 30% Somebody Just Claimed a $1 Million Bounty for Hacking the iPhone.

Apple devices are widely considered extremely secure and hard to hack.

Somebody Just Claimed a $1 Million Bounty for Hacking the iPhone

But as the internet adage says, everything can be hacked—even the new iPhone. Over the weekend, somebody claimed the $1 million bounty set by the new startup Zerodium, according to its founder Chaouki Bekrar, a notorious merchant of unknown, or zero-day, vulnerabilities. The challenge consisted of finding a way to remotely jailbreak a new iPhone or iPad running the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS (in this case iOS 9.1 and 9.2b), allowing the attacker to install any app he or she wants with full privileges.

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sierra trading post 40% off

One great way to save a lot of money is buying clothes at outlet stores or outlet malls. You can also order clothes from discount mail order catalog and one of the most popular one is Sierra trading post. Sierra trading post coupons 30 % vouchers are quite popular. Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Vaccine—And America Wants It. Click to Open Overlay Gallery Cuba has for several years had a promising therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer.

Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Vaccine—And America Wants It

Lotteries: America's $70 Billion Shame. This floored me: Americans in the 43 states where lotteries are legal spent $70 billion on lotto games in 2014.

Lotteries: America's $70 Billion Shame

Seventy billion? I thought. Make an adventure of discounts with sierra trading post coupon code 40% More Consensus on Coffee’s Benefits Than You Might Think. Rounding out concerns about the effect of coffee on your heart, another meta-analysis examined how drinking coffee might be associated with heart failure.

More Consensus on Coffee’s Benefits Than You Might Think

Again, moderate consumption was associated with a lower risk, with the lowest risk among those who consumed four servings a day. The 9 Strangest Flying Robots from the World’s Biggest Drone Show. Top Selling Brands at fewer prices with sierra trading post coupon code 40% US Faces Scathing UN Review on Human Rights Record. The United States was slammed over its rights record Monday at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, with member nations criticizing the country for police violence and racial discrimination, the Guantánamo Bay Detention Facility and the continued use of the death penalty.

US Faces Scathing UN Review on Human Rights Record

The issue of racism and police brutality dominated the discussion on Monday during the country’s second universal periodic review (UPR). Country after country recommended that the U.S. strengthen legislation and expand training to eliminate racism and excessive use of force by law enforcement. NFL Suspends Tom Brady For Four Games. NEW YORK -- The NFL has suspended Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady without pay for the first four games of the season, fined the New England Patriots $1 million and taken away two draft picks as punishment for deflating footballs used in the AFC title game, the league said in a statement Monday.

NFL Suspends Tom Brady For Four Games

The NFL also indefinitely suspended the two equipment staffers believed to have carried out the plan, including one who called himself "The Deflator. " Brady will miss the season's showcase kickoff game Sept. 10 against Pittsburgh, Week 2 at Buffalo, a home game against Jacksonville and a game at Dallas. He will return the week the Patriots face the Colts in Indianapolis. Buying guides with sierra trading post coupon code 40% for extra discounts. Could ancient laws help us sue the internet? A medieval law could help us bring to book all those responsible for algorithms that run – and ruin – our lives… There's always a camera you don't know about (Image: Niall McDiarmid/Millennium Images, UK) Conference: Theorizing the Web 17/18 April, International Center of Photography, New York City THIS century's next great legal challenge will be to make those responsible for complex systems accountable for their actions, says Kate Crawford, who works for Microsoft Research.

The Real Story of Benghazi. On September 11, 2012, I was in Amman, Jordan, part of my routine international visits as deputy director of the CIA. I had already been to Israel and was due the next day to depart for Saudi Arabia. I had dined that night with the head of the Jordanian military and the head of Jordanian intelligence, and upon returning to the hotel I checked in with Washington and caught up on e-mail before going to bed. Earlier in the day I had seen reports about an incident in Cairo that, although troubling, seemed to have ended without too much damage and with no injuries. It wasn’t long before I was woken from a sound sleep by a knock on the door from one of my assistants, who told me that another incident had taken place, this one at the State Department facility in Benghazi, and that CIA security officers had responded in order to assist. Vast discounts for the home with sierra trading post coupon code 40% Why Is There A Hole In Airplane Windows? What “MySpace Tom” Thinks of HBO’s Silicon Valley.

“Have I ever met anyone as ridiculous and disgusting as these characters? Not quite. Close, though.” The debut season of HBO’s hit comedy Silicon Valley mercilessly lampooned every aspect of tech culture. Great deals on royal Robbins with sierra trading post coupon code 40% Journey To The Center Of The United States. This flag, on a private ranch in Butte County, South Dakota, was first placed there in 1962, as the "real" center of the country. (Photo: J. Stephen Conn/Flickr.) It’s a question that seems so simple as to be stupid, and yet it’s been the focus of debate among American government scientific agencies for over a century: Where, exactly, is the center of the United States of America?

Who Funds The Future? On a bright October morning, Suhail Doshi drove to Silicon Valley in his parents’ Honda Civic, carrying a laptop with a twelve-slide presentation that was surely worth at least fifty million dollars. Doshi, the twenty-six-year-old C.E.O. of a data-analytics startup called Mixpanel, had come from San Francisco to Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, where many of the world’s most prestigious venture-capital firms cluster, to pitch Andreessen Horowitz, the road’s newest and most unusual firm.