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A few findings that show how Pearltees is a great tool for use in academia as well as real world curation situations, like art galleries.

How I use Pearltrees to organize my homeschool bookmarks. Pearltree, a new platform for exhibits? Pealtrees, a free and collaborative tool that helps you to organize and curate your work online, has been publishing recently online exhibits.

Pearltree, a new platform for exhibits?

Three French major museums; the Centre Pompidou, the quai Branly museum and the musée des Arts et Métiers (Arts and Techniques Museum) have decided to upload some of their collections. The musée des Arts et Métiers is inviting visitors to discover its latest exhibition “TV Culture” directly on Pearltrees. In the museum’s account, it is also possible to browse from collections on the history of the museum to previous exhibitions. Julia, from the museum, explains that they presence on Pearltrees is quite natural: “This has been created first to organize our monitoring related to our collections and our programming (including conferences and exhibitions) and to create a sort of web press review.

This also allows us to explore new themes and ideas, browsing in Pearltrees community Screenshot of Pearltree – credits Pearltree. Tool for Referencing and Teaching. Education Technology - theory and practice: Pearltrees for teachers. Year 2012 last post is a guest post from Finnish teacher Tommi Viljakainen.

Education Technology - theory and practice: Pearltrees for teachers

He is a teacher in Elimäki lower and upper secondary school. He teaches English, French and P.E. He is also interested in social media, iPad and the future of education. You can find Tommi also in Twitter under name @tommiviljaA (Finnish) teacher's dive into social media - "I discovered pearls in Pearltrees! "Tips for teachersThis time I thought I could write about Pearltrees from a teacher's perspective. 10 tips for teachers: 1. The new social media tools make it possible for us to take the learning to the next level. Links:The program: app (iPad, iPhone) Effective Education Use of Pearltrees. EduTips. EduTip: Content Curation with Pearltrees by Linnea Sudduth Ward Content curation tools—or tools designed to collect, store, and share ideas on a particular topic—are great tools for allowing your students to delve more deeply into a given concept.


Perhaps the most well-known content curation platform is Pinterest, which boasts 1.36 unique visitors a day. A less popular tool, though perhaps a more useful tool for education, is Pearltrees. Indeed, Pearltrees is such a useful platform that the Department of Academic Innovation & eLearning created an entire project (the Instructional Design Core Toolset) with this platform.

Like Pinterest, Pearltrees users create a “collection” (i.e., “board”) around a given topic and add pearls (such as relevant websites or photos) to it. Yet, Pearltrees’ capabilities exceed that of Pinterest’s. Perhaps the most useful feature that separates Pearltrees from Pinterest is its advanced organizational capabilities. Math Pearltree. PearlTrees is a collaborative website to store thoughts, links, videos, and notes.

Math Pearltree

Teachers can easily post an idea or "pearl" on a specific topic or a post a series of topics in a unit of study on their "tree". Using PearlTrees is an excellent way to collaborate professionally with other teachers in Ohio and beyond because all “trees” are public unless you have the premium account. For every “pearl” anyone can post comments and collaborate with other professionals. People can also join together to form a team so they can contribute to a common topic. Resources, or "pearls," can be duplicated and added to multiple “trees.”

Click through each of the different pearls to find more information and resources on each of the various topics. For iOS users who are unable to view the flash-based preview, the Ohio Math Pearltrees web address is Using Pearltrees to Differentiate Instruction. How can I use Pearltrees to differentiate content in the classroom?

Using Pearltrees to Differentiate Instruction

Pearltrees offers a great way to organize, share, and acquire resources in a very user-friendly format. In my classroom I would use Pearltrees to differentiate instruction by making a pearl tree into an assignment with the assignment being connected to a variety of resources and web 2.0 tools for students to use to complete the assignment. Giving students choices when doing assignments allows students to learn and create giving students creative freedom.

So if the assignment was to learn about a certain concept and make a model or visual representation of that concept, students could be given resources and tools as pearls that the students could pick from to complete the assignment. I need to develop this further as I am not exactly sure how to manage this with students.