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Galerie de cosplayinamerica. Portrait and Landscape Photography Tips. Two weeks ago (I know, I’m slow…) on the Improve Photography Facebook fan page, I asked our community what photography tips they wish they would have learned sooner.

Portrait and Landscape Photography Tips

I was looking for lessons that many photographers procrastinate learning and it ends up keeping them back from progressing as photographers. Over 96 photographers commented on that facebook comment with their hard earned lessons, and I grabbed the most popular lessons from the group to share here. I hope that this article teaches you many ways to save yourself from making rookie mistakes (like I still seem to do every day!). Lesson #1: Envision, plan, and then create There is nothing–at all-wrong with looking at great photography to get creative inspiration. Lesson #2: The histogram is NOT optional Spending just 5 or 10 minutes to learn how to use the histogram can make a huge difference in your photography. This photo would be pretty dull without great off-camera lighting... Lesson #4: Learn to change the active focus point. 106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2010. More info.

106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2010

More info. More Banksy on Poor Rhinoceros. Lies Artists Tell. AT-110805-colorful-ants-03.photoblog600.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x442 pixels) Browser-wars.jpg (JPEG Image, 698x501 pixels) A Guide To Being A Pirate. Before The Love.

58423_474298787951_591722951_6679534_2659247_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 450x326 pixels) 230982260_b20b898455_b.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024x711 pixels) - Scaled (81%) MiscPix on each Click! Bolivia salt desert after the rain by Guy Nesher. Smiles_and_hugs.jpeg (JPEG Image, 550x344 pixels) Funny Pictures, Really Very Funny Pics & Images. Cute animals videos too. Talk to Yourself - Unfriendable - Public Displays of Fail (from Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Answers)

1600x1071_5170_Starry_Night_2d_illustration_stars_night_picture_image_digital_art.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600x1071 pixels) - Scaled (54%) Radiant: Photo by Photographer Iftikhar Ahmad. Photographer's Request for Critique --Iftikhar Ahmad Trying a new Lens Nikkor 60mm @3.2 ISO 400, 1/250, Indoor with SB-600 bounced with Gary Fong diffuser.

Radiant: Photo by Photographer Iftikhar Ahmad

Love to hear from you. Lawrence Paiken , December 11, 2008; 09:23 A.M. Beautiful presentation, Ifti. Is this comment helpful? Bill J Boyd , December 11, 2008; 08:39 P.M. Very nice. Diego Ravalico , December 12, 2008; 02:55 A.M. Wonderful! David Orea , December 12, 2008; 11:26 A.M. Lovely composition, Iftikhar. Marta Eva LLamera , December 12, 2008; 04:37 P.M. Delicate tones and beautiful definition and composition. Catalin Nastase , December 13, 2008; 08:53 A.M. Awesome picture! Great composition! Sheryl W (Blue Mt.) , December 15, 2008; 10:42 A.M. Oh My... The color of the petals draws me to the image, Iftikhar.... beautiful composition ;-) Ana Luthi , December 16, 2008; 02:53 A.M. Beautiful colors and details, very well captured, congrats, and best regards. Pano4.jpg (JPEG Image, 1500x761 pixels) - Scaled (76%)

1286l-cheveche-d-athena-athene-noctua.jpg (JPEG Image, 850x568 pixels) Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water. Laurie McCanna's complete list of Photoshop tutorials. Verio Offerings Create the site you want with Verio hosting plan options.

Laurie McCanna's complete list of Photoshop tutorials

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