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Sketchdaily: Your daily sketch! Create a Cross Stitch Effect in Photoshop. Learn how to create a cross stitch effect in Phtoshop that you can use to make creative text effects using fabrics and other cloth textures.

Create a Cross Stitch Effect in Photoshop

This effect is only for text and numbers, so if you want to turn images/shapes/clipart to cross stitch you will have to do it using the cross stitch brush and the process is very slow. Hanging Punctuation in InDesign and Illustrator. Hanging Punctuation in InDesign and Illustrator This week, we’re getting into a nitty gritty aspect of type: hanging punctuation.

Hanging Punctuation in InDesign and Illustrator

For those who do not know, hanging punctuation is a method of typesetting punctuation marks (and bullet points) to preserve the ‘flow’ of a body of text and avoid breaking the margin of alignment. Let me show you what I’m talking about. While there are options that include hanging punctuation in InDesign AND Illustrator, I’ll show an example in InDesign. (Don’t worry, I’ll touch upon Illustrator towards the end.) As you can see, the quotation marks are tucked inside next to the “M”, throwing off alignment. (Side Note: I decided to use pirate ipsum for my copy. You’re going to want to go to Type>Story. Check the box next to “Optical Margin Alignment” and change the value below until you’re happy with the alignment.

There we are. For Illustrator, it’s actually one option, which is Optical Margin Alignment – right under “Type” in the top menu. ‘Star Wars’ and the Power of Editing – Film School Rejects. We’ve talked before in these virtual pages about how important editing is to powerful filmic storytelling, how it is just as vital as cinematography at conveying unspoken emotions and progressions of plot.

‘Star Wars’ and the Power of Editing – Film School Rejects

Good editing can make a film as surely as poor editing can break it, and if you don’t believe me, check this out: Notice how clunky and confusing the scene is, each cut blink-and-you-miss-it and seemingly coming unattached to anything before or after it. The result is a blur of action with no real coherence to it, the scene is just a melee of grunts and clanging metal. If only the filmmakers of Doomsday had seen the following handy and brief video from Studio Binder that reveals three simple editing tricks as used in The Empire Strikes Back: character eye contact, shot length, and shot pacing.

Vintage Packaging – Paul Rand. April 21, 2010 | No Comments Designed by Paul Rand | Country: United States Packaging design created for IBM, cigars, scarves and gin by iconic graphic designer, the late Paul Rand.

Vintage Packaging – Paul Rand

Found Typography. Search: found type. Found Type. David Jablow. Noosh Studios - Home. Turn Your Room into a Walk-In Camera. What could be better than a shiny new camera?

Turn Your Room into a Walk-In Camera

How about a walk-in camera? How To Convert Your Room Into a Giant Camera Obscura. A Huge Abandoned Bowling Alley in Santa Fe Has Been Turned into an Immersive Art Environment Now Open to the Public. In the gutted shell of an abandoned bowling alley in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a 150 member strong artist collective called Meow Wolf has just thrown open the doors to a new immersive art environment.

A Huge Abandoned Bowling Alley in Santa Fe Has Been Turned into an Immersive Art Environment Now Open to the Public

The group was started nearly ten years ago by both artists and fabricators in order to plan events that were situated in-between large scale art exhibitions and massive parties. The home of the group’s latest environment, a role-playing installation titled The House of Eternal Return, was purchased by Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin with the express purpose of turning the space into Meow Wolf’s large-scale vision.

The transformed and sprawling 20,000 square foot world serves as an unique combination of art exhibition, fantasy world, jungle gym, and children’s museum. Unlike a sterile museum however, you’re allowed to touch everything, go anywhere, push unlimited buttons, and crawl inside of anything that strikes your interest in the boundless environment. Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator. Art with Kids: printmaking. Printmaking is a process of creating an image on one surface, called the plate, and transferring that image to paper or cloth.

Art with Kids: printmaking

With gelatin prints the artist starts in the kitchen and makes a plate from gelatin and water. Gelatin is the stuff that gives gummy candies and marshmallows their chewy texture. It’s sold in little orange and white boxes at the supermarket and can be found in the aisle with the jello. Once the powdery gelatin has been mixed with water and chilled in the fridge (simple directions below) you will have a slightly rubbery surface that responds well to printing with textures that you can find outside. Ingredients to Make a Gelatin Plate 6 tablespoons gelatin powder (6 packets, boxes generally have 4 packets per box) 1 1/2 cup cold water 1 1/2 cup hot water, almost boiling 9x12 inch shallow baking pan Pour the cold water into the baking pan. Directions Squeeze some paint or ink onto gelatin plate and spread it out with your brush, sponge or brayer.


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