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Keith Diplock

Part-Three Architecture Student From London



Dr. Bunsen / Building A Weather Station. Summary This post describes a project I created to solve several problems I had with weather.

Dr. Bunsen / Building A Weather Station

The project is comprised of weather sensors, monitoring hardware, and a webapp I built. The webapp manages weather data streaming from instrumentation I have setup at my house. These tools allow me to monitor the current weather conditions, visualize salient data, and receive custom alerts when certain anomalies are detected by my sensors. The MagPi. Cloud-Connected Weather Station with the Arduino Yun & Temboo. How to Crowdsource Your Wedding Photos with Instagram A Practical Wedding: Blog Ideas for the Modern Wedding, Plus Marriage. It’s crazy to think how much technology has changed the way we interact with our weddings.

How to Crowdsource Your Wedding Photos with Instagram A Practical Wedding: Blog Ideas for the Modern Wedding, Plus Marriage

I’ve only been married a few short years, but thanks to iPhones and…well, let’s face it, iPhones, the landscape now is completely different than it was then. In some ways this is not so great (ever been to a wedding where the guests spent more time recording the ceremony than experiencing it?) And in other ways, it’s kind of awesome. In the time since we ran our first ever How To DIY Your Wedding Photography post, advancements in technology and user-friendly social media platforms have made wedding photography even more accessible than ever. So today I’m excited to introduce Mallory, who crowdsourced her kick ass wedding photos through Instagram.

—Maddie Crowdsource Your Wedding Photos (With Instagram) Early in our planning, we agreed that we didn’t want hundreds of posed wedding photos. Free Retro Vectors. Here’s a collection of display faces.

Free Retro Vectors

There are thousands of fonts to be found online ~ these are the cream of the retro crop and are the result of many hours trawling the internet. Most of these are free for both personal and commercial use and some invite contribution. A good font takes many hours of development and even a few dollars would be appreciated by the developers where the option is provided. Check licence details of all fonts before commiting them to commercial design.

Browse. Soft and fury house architecture - Google Search. Post-Works. Launch 20 megapixles 20 miles high. Last week we introduced you to the High Altitude Balloon experiment.

Launch 20 megapixles 20 miles high

The project is getting closer to completion, watch the video to see the progress. “Make: is going to space.Have you ever wanted to go up into space? Well, you don’t have to try and win a golden ticket, be a millionaire, or an astronaut… you can send your own payload into space! In this Make: Video Podcast, you’ll learn all the details of how to put a weather balloon up into space! The weather balloon will make it up to about 100,000 feet. Imagining a Drone-Proof City in the Age of Surveillance. Shura City (image: Asher J.

Imagining a Drone-Proof City in the Age of Surveillance

Kohn) As drones become increasingly common tools of war and surveillance on the battlefield and in our cities, how are architects and designers responding? The DIY spy-in-the-sky: From kites to octocopters. Last week, we offered a brief history of aerial surveillance , with a promise to give a few pointers to the budding DIY spy-in-the-sky. Interest in airborne photography has skyrocketed in the past few years, driven by the availability of lightweight cameras packing plenty of pixels at bargain basement prices. Such kit allows kids to grab hi-def images of Hello Kitty in the stratosphere, while grown-ups are strapping miniature vid grabbers to model aircraft. Our own Paper Aircraft Released Into Space ( PARIS ) helium balloon mission deployed two cameras - a Canon PowerShot A560 and Kodak Zx1 - selected for affordability and weight.

We've also got a FlyCamOne and, for our forthcoming Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator ( LOHAN ) launch, a GoPro HD HERO. The FlyCamOne, Canon PowerShot A560, Kodak Zx1 and GoPro HD HERO. Derbyshire Wildlife Photography - Images and Inspiration from Nature. Discovering the TriggerTrap precursor.

Derbyshire Wildlife Photography - Images and Inspiration from Nature

Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students.

Developmental singularity

Santiago Calatrava : Selected works > Architecture > Valencia 1. Christina's business plan. Lighting systems, led lights iGuzzini. Design Portfolio. Honda c70. Eco design. Arduino. Grasshopper. Architecture research. Tile design. - rudygodinez: Fabrice Le Nezet, Measure, (2012) ... Rhino. InShare18 FXFOWLE’s installation at the Miami Project Fair.


(Moris Moreno) At Miami Basel, a digitally fabricated pavilion marries classic origami techniques with advanced technology For this year’s inaugural Miami Project Fair, the design team at FXFOWLE Architects, led by Sarah Gerber, created a temporary architectural pavilion, the FXFOWLE Lounge, from both cutting-edge technology and good-old-fashioned manual labor. The 24-foot-long pavilion embodies the “duality of this very high-tech and sophisticated fabrication and this very low-tech material and assembly process,” said designer Lucio Santos.

In past years, architects such as David Adjaye, Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY, and Rachely Rotem and Phu Hoang (now of Modu), have designed temporary pavilions for Miami Basel—introducing their work to a wider audience. Continue reading after the jump. How to Start a Furniture Line. DocumentViewer.


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